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Real estate developer Hussain Sajwani of DAMAC Properties says that his country, the United Arab Emirates, always benefits from news in the Middle East whether it’s good or bad. When a crisis hits a country in the Middle East wealthy people will usually flee to the UAE, he says. The UAE has established a reputation for stability and safety which other people in the region really appreciate.

His company builds luxury residential properties so he says DAMAC Properties also benefits when high-net-worth end up in the United Arab Emirates as they become potential customers of his. Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties is the UAE’s leading high-end property development firm. He started this company in 2002 and continues to lead it as the chairman.

The UAE is one of the main hubs in the world which has helped this country be so stable. It’s one of the world’s top free trade centers, is an aviation transport hub, and is a leader in global tourism. Hussain Sajwani wishes the Middle East could be more peaceful but he doesn’t concern himself with the volatility entering his country.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani has partnered with the Trump Organization on two of his latest property developments. DAMAC Properties built and sells the villas and apartments that surround world-class golf courses managed by the Trump Organization. It was because of this relationship that when Hussain Sajwani’s daughter got married that Eric and Donald Jr Trump were in attendance. Also attending was the Crown Prince and other high-level officials. His daughter, Amira Sajwani, is also DAMAC Properties chief financial officer.

He was born in either in 1952 or 1953. His hometown is Sharjah and his father was a spice trader who also sold items like pens and watches that he would import from China. Hussain Sajwani was able to get his college education in the United States paid for by the UAE government. His degrees are in economics and industrial engineering and his alma mater is the University of Washington. Find out more about Sajwani’s property development projects on YouTube.

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The emigrant story of Doe Deere is one that is found to be most intriguing. Her family had to overcome hardships that formed an unformidable bond contributing to their strength and success for the American Dream.

Doe Deere, born as Xenia Vorotova from Izhevsk, Russia loved American culture as a child and would dream of someday living there, and at the age of 17 her dream came true. Her mother moved her and her sister to New York in hopes of attaining a better life. However, they found that starting a new life was not so easy and they faced a number of hardships the first few years. Deere’s mother had a difficult time finding a job as an accountant because of her educational records not transferring from Russia, and no one would allow her any positions before receiving them.

Despite all of their efforts to try and make ends meet, Deere and her family had no choice but to go live in a homeless shelter, and for the next six months they continued to struggle. Their current situation had a deep impact on Deere, and to help cope, she would escape from her reality and daydream of one day becoming a fashion designer. Her thoughts became so vivid that she began putting her ideas to paper and created sketches.

In 1999 her family’s misfortune took a turn for the better when a social worker directed them to a non-profit organization called Sanctuary for Families. Deere’s mother got a job as an accountant, and Deere, using the sketches she created, got help to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology too. By 2000, they were able to leave the homeless shelter.

Later Deere became an Entrepreneur and launched a makeup and hair color brand called Lime Crime in 2008 and Jewelry Boutique called Poppy Angleoff in the fall of 2018. Within a month from her opening, she brought into the world her daughter, Lorelei Elita. Her story represents the true meaning of triumph through hardship and an inspiration for women in the U.S. of both natural birth and immigration.


The story of contemporary EDM is incomplete without mentioning the Chainsmokers. For the last seven years, the group has been consistently working on projects, which by industry standards they are exceptionally great and futuristic. They have collaborated with some of the big names in the pop industry such as Coldplay and other talented and young artists such as Halsey. For Chainsmokers, musical chemistry is important when working with another brand.

They are the pioneers of writing and singing their own songs as opposed to relying on songwriters. This approach has set them aside. The reception to this new musical approach is amazing and they have two songs with over a billion views. They can either write a song or produce it individually or they can collaborate in writing the song with the featured musical group or artist. This approach gives them a deeper connection with the song and with the audience. ‘Something just like this’ for example was an intimate project to them. Currently, the song is 1.3 billion views.

Before they met as a group, each member was pursuing music differently although not commercially. For Alex Pall, he was playing on different occasions even though he has a regular job at an art museum. On the other hand, Andrew Taggart, he was already playing as a DJ too but he also had interests in playing musical instruments. With this musical background, the duo had a musical connection, which is still strong. Due to their musical backgrounds, the duo can play and produce music. Currently, Andrew Taggart is fully in charge of production while Alex Pall is an exceptionally great DJ.

The Chainsmokers point out that technology is their biggest weapon. With Instagram for example, they can monitor their audience reception to their music. They point out that they are receiving good reception even in countries perceived to have less EDM following. Other musical sites such as iTunes and Spotify also give them more inspiration. Since the EDM world is ever changing, new, and fresh sounds are important. Spotify playlists and experimental sounds from other great EDM artists inspire them to create more artistically.


The First Congressional Seat of Wisconsin has been a safe seat for Republicans after recently being held by House Speaker Paul Ryan. However, Ryan has made the decision to retire from politics following his naming to the “Big MOney 20” list published by the End Citizens United PAC. As far back as September 2017, the race in Wisconsin was shaken up by the arrival of Randy Brice as the Democrat candidate who could not be more of a contrast to the special interest funding and conservatism of Ryan. Follow the group on facebook.com

Randy Brice has not yet received the national attention of another End Citizens United backed candidate, Beto O’Rourke in Texas as he takes on former Presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Ironworker Bryce shocked the world of U.S. politics when he made the decision to take on House Speaker Paul Ryan in the Midterms before Ryan decided to pull out of the race. One of the most important figures on the right stated he hoped to spend more time with his family but many believe the shifting public opinion of politicians with ties to special interest groups played a role in the decision to retire from Washington for Ryan.

Randy Bryce has already declared his wish to win the First Congressional Seat in Wisconsin using a grassroots funding campaign which had average donations of $25 by September 2018. The decision of Ryan to retire from politics after 20 years of holding the Congressional Seat in Wisconsin resulted in Bryce and many on the left believing his chances of achieving an unlikely victory had been improved. The “iron stache” persona of Bryce is polling favorably against Paul Ryan’s protege and former driver, Bryan Steil and giving those on the left hope Bryce will become the highlight of an election night Democrats hope to win.

End Citizens United share the beliefs of Randy Bryce in hoping for a reversal of the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision which allowed special interest groups and corporate PACs to enter U.S. politics. The arrival of End Citizens United is allowing candidates like Randy Bryce to use their campaign experience earned in 2016 to bring success in the Midterms.

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Gareth Henry was recently interviewed for an article published on the Daily Forex Report website titled “An Overview of Private Credit with Gareth Henry.” The article was written by Clara Davis to demonstrate all the risks and benefits of investing in private credit funds.

Gareth Henry reveals there are a variety of different kinds of private credit funds like the mezzanine loan, senior loans, distressed credit, and capital appreciation strategies. Mezzanine loans are generally junior capital funds that are a mix of debt and equity for small and midsized businesses. The mezzanine loans are loans that are made to help companies create room for buyouts. The majority of the return is made from the interest of the payout and can often have returns in the double digits. Senior loans are a more direct lending system that uses a first of second lean for smaller companies. It is similar to the mezzanine loan in the sense that it is used to help finance buyouts and create expansion opportunities. The returns made from senior loans are generally 6-10%, according to Gareth Henry.

Capital Appreciation is more associated with private equity. The investments focus on buying debt or equity when the borrowers are looking to bring in capital but do not want to give up their control over the loan. The borrowers use lenders to create capital while still maintaining control. The returns are higher than average because many want to avoid spreading out the ownership too much. Distressed credit is a private equity investment opportunity for larger capitalized firms that have poor credit. This could be caused by defaulting on their loans or restructuring their loans. To know more about him click here.

Gareth Henry reveals that keeping an ear to the ground in the world of private credit investing is important because it can be a great investment opportunity. Henry suggests that making sure you are constantly in contact with the clients and the companies allows the investor to get a greater idea of the full picture. This can help you understand the client’s needs or investment goals to be able to match them with the perfect private equity investment opportunity.

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The first McDonald’s restaurant was started in 1955. this Des Plaines, Illinois location was the first of many locations to come. At this time the franchising business model was still very new. The company needed a regional supplier of meat products. Located in Chicago, Illinois was a German immigrant’s family owned meat market business. The sons of the founder of the meat market made connection with McDonald’s. Together, OSI Group McDonald’s was formed and these partnerships allowed both businesses to boom.

OSI Group McDonalds began to grow outside of just having a regional partnership. They became a global force together. For the following two decades, both companies worked to establish relationships, the capital and facilities to grow and tap into new markets. McDonald’s wanted to make sure all franchises had the same burger. This is when OSI Group went to work to create an affordable, consistent meat that all franchises could have. OSI Group was able to transport meats to McDonald’s locations for over a long period of time.

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Globalization became a mission for OSI Group McDonalds. They both wanted to become international corporations. These corporations decided to spread their business operations throughout North America. South American became another market these two companies went after. Asia and Europe came next. OSI Group McDonalds was able to make acquisitions and increase their portfolios by buying up other companies. Though leadership has changed and operations have expanded, the core values of these two brands have never swayed away from the values that first got them started.

OSI Group McDonalds was birthed out of the spirt of innovation. Both separate businesses were started by hard working individuals who had a vision. This vision led to a classic food item that caused McDonald’s to become the powerhouse it is today. A consistent hamburger joined these two forces and put both of them on the map. McDonald’s is still in business today due to the hamburger patty created by a small family butcher shop. Today, OSI Group is a billion dollar brand that has been around for an entire century that continues to push forward in the world of food production.

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Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod are big investors of the healthcare industry, and they have been investing together since Merlin BioMed Group.

Stuart Weisbrod co-founded the Merlin BioMed Group in 1998 as an investment and financial management company specialized in the healthcare industry. The company was focused in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors of the healthcare industry, and Stuart’s group soon became a successful investment management firm of many healthcare professionals.

At Merlin, Weisbrod started to become very successful with his healthcare investments, and he had a lot of experience in the industry, having worked with the Oracle Partners, Harpel partners, and Merrill Lynch, harnessing decades of experience.

Jacob Gottlieb, another expert in the healthcare world, became a part of the Merlin BioMed Group after working as a portfolio manager for Weisbrod in 2000. Jacob, just like Stuart Weisbrod, is an experienced professional in the biotechnology sector, and has contributed to the company with a high percentage of profit.

Jake Gottlieb and Weisbrod worked together for a couple of years before Gottlieb used his experience to inaugurate his own financial management firm: Visium Asset Management. He invested $300 million at the birth of the company, which he quickly recovered with the firm’s profit in a couple of months.

Being the investor and entrepreneur that he is, it wouldn’t take too long for Jake Gottlieb to create another hedge fund management company: Altium Capital.

Altium Capital was founded in 2006, and Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc, which had a first investment stake of 5.61% of the firm, was influencing the healthcare industry with their technology and advanced treatments. One such example is Oracle’s oral insulin capsule, used in patients that require insulin intake without having to inject it. This technique was the first of its kind, and Oracle holds the title of the first company to discover a method of ingesting insulin in a successful way.

Gottlieb, an investment expert, decided to invest in Oramed because of its potential to change the pharmaceutical industry with its advanced techniques and solutions for the healthcare industry. He is interested in finding new resolutions for typical problems of healthcare.

Mark Beer is a godsend for those who suffer from pelvic floor issues. He is pioneering efforts to help people who suffer from pelvic-floor relative issues. Recently, his company, Renovia, has raised about $42 million dollars in an effort to get up funds for more research. They plan on using the money for the development of four life-changing products that will help people in their lives. It took a lot of heads to come together to raise this money.


It is not surprising that Marc Beer has been able to raise all of that money. He has entrepreneurial skills that are hard to match. His skills come from more than two decades of experience as a leader of biomedical companies. The biomedical companies that he has led have taken on a variety of health issues. One of the companies that he led dealt with stem cells. Stem cells have a reputation of coming from fetuses. However, we must not believe the propaganderous claims that ultra-pro-lifers impose on everyone. In reality, stem cells can come from a variety of body parts. They can even be found in the bodies of adult humans. The company that Marc Beer led took stem cells from umbilical chords. Stem cells have shown so much potential, and any company that has dealt with them has really been onto something. Learn more: https://www.slideshare.net/MarcBeer


Marc Beer does not just have a vast resume of work experience, he also has a college degree. His bachelor’s of science was received from Miami University. When people hear the name of the college, they may think of someplace with palm trees. However, the location of his college was quite the contrary. In fact, it was in Ohio—a place that is known for its cold, Midwestern winters.


Mark Beer is proud to know that he is helping people in specific niches, as well as broader categories. He strives to put an end to the problems that his companies are trying to solve. The vast amounts of knowledge that he has gained in his pursuits has aided in achieving his goals. Hopefully, someday, the world will see an end to incontinence and other problems that haunt the pelvic floor.


Richard Liu Qiangdong is a leading entrepreneur and a business mogul who is known all over China and other parts of the world. The owner and the Chief Executive Officer of JD.com, an e-commerce platform that sells different brands has been able to do in China what Amazon has done in the United States. He has been very competitive in an industry that has other online platforms that sell similar products. Here are some few important lessons that upcoming entrepreneurs can learn from him. The first lesson that individuals can learn from Richard Liu is that they should remain in a single position, especially if they are not earning sufficient money and joy. Richard was an employee of Japan Life, an organization that was selling medical products.

Although he was holding some senior positions such as the director of computers and the director of business operations, Liu was not happy about his position, which made him to move out and start his own organization. Secondly, Richard Liu is an innovative entrepreneur who has been able to move with time and the trends in the market. After starting a brick and motor store, he expanded the company to more than 12 branches which were specializing in selling optical and magneto products.However, he realized that there was no future in brick and motor retail outlets, which forced him to go further and start an online platform, JD.com, which has become a daring of many individuals.

Richard Liu Qiangdong has been able to move the company into greater heights to the point where its net worth is more than $56 billion. His innovative strategies have enabled the organization to invest wisely without making losses while at the same time making huge profits that have enabled the organization to move in the right direction. Lastly, young and upcoming great entrepreneurs should invest their energy in ensuring that they can easily understand the trends in the market and invest appropriately. Richard Liu has implemented a new channel that delivers quality goods and services to luxury buyers who are willing to spend much money for quality goods and services while at the same time getting luxury experience.

There are very few people who jump into the entrepreneurial world and immediately find success. There are even fewer people who succeed as entrepreneurs in the world of technology, which is notoriously cutthroat. Jason Hope, founder of JAWA, is one of the more renowned futurists and respected technological entrepreneurs in the industry. Hope jumped into the tech field after graduating from college and before long he had essentially ‘made it’. Now, Hope is setting himself up to guide others through the same process. Let’s go ahead and learn a little bit more about Jason Hope and what it takes to succeed in the tech world.

To get started, having a background in your desired field helps but making sure to stay educated is the most important thing above all, no matter how you get that knowledge. Jason Hope graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in finance before attending ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business in order to lock in his MBA. With those degrees in hand, Jason Hope knew that it was time to get to work. He jumped into the tech field by focusing on mobile technology after monitoring the growth of the industry. That early success allowed Hope to open things up and start pursuing more of his passions. Find out more about Jason Hope on Arizona Capitol Times.

For Hope, the key to success was always about knowing your field and focusing on the intricacies within it. More generally, Hope knows that it is important to keep your working ideas relatively basic so that you can build off of them without becoming too convoluted and caught up in change. Hope believes that over-complicating an idea is one of the key contributors to failures in otherwise promising entrepreneurs throughout the industry. Hope believes in working on an idea ‘one step at a time’ and his slow and measured approach has led to some giant breakthroughs in his career.

As an entrepreneur, Hope knows that you always have to be looking to the future in order to get an idea as to where you want to go. For that reason, Hope advises all entrepreneurs to focus on their longterm goals while they work. Keeping your mind open to your eventual destination will allow you to adjust as needed so that you can get there without sacrificing what you are doing at the moment. With this kind of mindset, and the appropriate skillset, Hope believes that people can prosper in their field.

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