How Hair Influences Beauty

“Hair actually has a lot of influence on the perceived beauty of a person” says beauty blog Allure. Among the many aspects of hair that influence the beauty of the individual is the length, the style and the overall condition of the hair. If one has very clean and healthy hair, then she is more  Continue reading → How Hair Influences Beauty

The Truth About Wen

By now, we’ve all seen those infomercials for WEN Hair. You know the one that features beautiful women shaking their full heads of hair around. Wen hair care product, which was developed by professional Chaz Dean, claims to help those with fine hair bring some volume to their mane. For those that don’t know, WEN  Continue reading → The Truth About Wen

FreedomPop Funds Fuel Expansion

A story was recently reported in RCR Wireless about FreedomPop’s expansion plans. FreedomPop is the mobile network that provides free services to customers. Stephen Stokols is the co-founder and CEO of FreedomPop. He revealed interesting news that will probably stir up a lot of interest in consumers that are looking for a way to lower  Continue reading → FreedomPop Funds Fuel Expansion

Benefits of Wikipedia Pages that are created by Experienced Wikipedia Writers

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia composed of informative content prepared by experts. Currently, it ranks as the most popular websites across the globe. The site is edit enabled, hence users correct minor or major errors made by the articles or blogs that are posted. After Leonardo DiCaprio had won his first Oscar, a fan invaded his  Continue reading → Benefits of Wikipedia Pages that are created by Experienced Wikipedia Writers