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Are you having trouble getting through your to-do-list? Then you are going to learn a lot of different techniques on how to spend your evenings and plan your daily undertakings. Let’s look at ten steps that can help you get stuff done.

Prepare your to-do-list early

Learn to write down your tasks on the previous night instead of on the D-day. You will use the morning hours for your most demanding work.

Capture everything in your to-do list

It is important to write everything down, even you don’t have a problem remembering things and you can work without reminders. When you write down your tasks, it gives your brain the freedom to forget about the items and use the time at hand to concentrate on what you are doing.

Write your list in one place

For most people, there are different places where tasks are written. It can be in Slack, a project management software, paper notes, and other attractive apps in the App store. When you have different sources, you cannot track what is on all the systems you are using. To keep track of your tasks, use one tool to make life easier.

Define your priorities

For sure, it is highly likely that your day will not go according to plan. The best way to counter unforeseen situations is to perform task priorities. Each time you create a task, prioritize it.

Place time attributes

Instead of only writing what is important, add a time attribute to it. Write down when you will start the tasks, when you will work on it, and the time it will take to complete it. This will help you to plan your execution.

Re-evaluate your tasks

Set some time to re-evaluate your tasks, e.g. at the end of the week. Focus on the tasks that matter and delete the ones that do not matter.


Create a task and assign it to someone so that you do not forget to do it on time.

Zone in and out

Break the tasks into smaller subtasks (zooming in). Evaluate the task in the bigger picture. Avoid creating tasks for no reason, and ensure that each task has a parent project.

Assign energy levels

Some tasks require more focus than others. Dedicate your morning hours for highly demanding tasks, and plan the rest of the tasks to the remainder of the day.

Batch process

Prepare list templates of tasks that recur and that you can put together; this will help you save time.

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