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A story was recently reported in RCR Wireless about FreedomPop’s expansion plans. FreedomPop is the mobile network that provides free services to customers. Stephen Stokols is the co-founder and CEO of FreedomPop. He revealed interesting news that will probably stir up a lot of interest in consumers that are looking for a way to lower their mobile expenditures. The good news shared is that FreedomPop received millions of dollars in funds. The funding has led to the mobile company creating expansion domestically and internationally. Fortunately, for FreedomPop the funds also end speculation, rumors concerning a takeover.

About FreedomPop
If you read this review, FreedomPop is a mobile service that is changing the way that mobile companies operate. Their business model is unique in a world that is filled with heavy competition from major mobile phone companies that operate exactly the opposite way. They are one of the first mobile companies to offer the consumer absolutely free mobile service along with free Internet. One of the top advantages is that the customer does not have to sign a long contract with the mobile company. Check availability in your area today to get started with free mobile service that is provided by FreedomPop.


Many people seem to look at investing the wrong way. They view the markets like they are a lottery office. That is why most investors should learn to be more of a long term value and wealth building. Having a commitment to the long term value of an investment is going to allow for the investment to pay off and allow for success. That is the philosophy of successful Brazilian wealthy investor Igor Cornelsen. He and others like him continually harpoon the perception that investing in stocks has anything even remotely to do with gambling. They are well thought out, long term investment opportunity.

In order to create profits that will last a lifetime investing is viewed as a career by Igor Cornelsen and that is why his investments are lasting him a lifetime. In order to create a lifetime flow of capital, you have to do your homework. Investments can be predicted by the use of intense research and understanding of industries, markets and economic opportunities that exist in the world. He sees the chance to gain returns of up to 500% on your original investment, when you dedicate yourself to the life time investment in wealth building.

Cornelsen teaches a first lesson  on by giving new investors the idea to change their view of the stock market. No longer should it be viewed as a playground to turn a quick dollar. The instant wealth philosophy will lead to rash decisions and a loss of capital as high risk options are funded. The stock market is a place for patience and sound investments that will reward their investors with solid and significant financial returns in long term investments. Many investors think that to make a lot of money, you have to invest a large sum of money. Igor Cornelsen said on disqus he follows a different idea by investing in a small number of small investments.

With that thought in mind, it is easy to see another big mistake Cornelsen never makes and that is to over committing your financial support behind one stock in order to get a huge return on your investment. This limits your diversity and makes you vulnerable to the peaks and valleys that a market will naturally provide. Make many investments at a smaller level and your odds of building wealth are significantly increased. That is because in diversity there is a safety and ability to stay away from the lowest points that the market place is going to provide. Successful investors generally build a diverse portfolio and that is the method that Igor Cornelsen used to build his wealth.

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia composed of informative content prepared by experts. Currently, it ranks as the most popular websites across the globe. The site is edit enabled, hence users correct minor or major errors made by the articles or blogs that are posted. After Leonardo DiCaprio had won his first Oscar, a fan invaded his Wikipedia filmography page and informed the world that Leo had finally won an Oscar award.

Professional editors

DiCaprio will be forced to contract a professional Wiki editing service to do the cleanup. The best candidate for this type of job is Get Your Wiki. The firm is comprised of experienced Wiki experts for hire that specialize in creating or editing articles or Wikipedia pages. The editor handles a broad client base ranging from prominent individuals, companies, non-profit organizations, and other entities.

Benefits of hiring Wikipedia editors

The procedure of creating a Wikipedia page is simple, but a bit detailed. For a person who has no background knowledge of Wikipedia writing, the task can be tiresome and cumbersome. The first procedure is to register an account and cite every statement about the company that is posted on the page. Additionally, if a company is suspected of creating its Wikipedia page, the page is deleted.

Approval of the created page is guaranteed

Veteran editors such as those working for Get Your Wiki offer excellent editing services that follow the recommended Manual of Style regulations. Clients are guaranteed that their page will be ranked highly on Google. In the case of creating a business page, the editors ensure the name of the business does not match with other registered business. Information available on the page is properly researched and well cited.

Monitoring service

A reputable editor keeps track on whatever is posted on the clients’ page. The ability to Wikipedia pages to be edited provides an opportunity for users who have ill motives to post malicious information. Negative information may affect the reputation of both the business and its owner. However, hiring a company that specializes in monitoring the content that is posted prevent such uncomfortable situations. The best source of experienced Wikipedia writers is;

The role of Wikipedia in business growth

Wikipedia is a popular site that is highly ranked on established search engines such as Google. Therefore, when the name of business, brand, or person is available on the site, its awareness will be enhanced. The authenticity and credibility of a specific brand are boosted to a top-notch level. Additionally, sales will increase leading to immense profits.