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Yeonmi Park is a unique individual as she is one of the few individuals who has been able to become a North Korean defector. As a young woman, Ms. Park has shown ample amount of courage and has the current mission of helping those who wish to flee from the border of North Korea. As having to live through this experience, Ms. Park is sympathetic to the horrors and the starvation that can be experienced during this dangerous journey. In recent news, Ms. Park has written a new book called In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom that recounts her life as a North Korean defector and all the sacrifices that she has made over the past ten years to get to where she currently is.
In Ms. Park’s recent published book, she is able to communicate to people all around the world of the horrors that she faced while in North Korea as well as during adventure across the border. Ms. Park was born in 1993 to a North Korean family that was respected within the community. Though her family started well off, the economic collapse in the late 1990s encouraged Yeonmi’s father to become involved in the black market as she admitted on News.Au, in order to feed his family. Ms. Park’s father was eventually thrown into prison as a result of smuggling metals into China.

The starvation and isolation that were experienced by Ms. Park and her mother are what encouraged the two to flee from their former country. Though they were able to cross the border, Ms. Park also talks about her enslavement in human trafficking. This involvement motivated Ms. Park to become passionately involved in making sure individuals who are fleeing from North Korea, make it safely across the border. Ms. Park’s current mission according to her Reason TV statements, is to unite all North Korean defectors in order to educate the world as well as international organizations on the brutality and injustice that the citizens experience in North Korea.




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The economic crisis currently drowning Venezuela has added another depressing facet to the crisis in the form of a shortage of medicine. In recent reports, cancer drugs are showing up on the black market and items such as soap and medical gloves are being stolen from hospital.
Dr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez says infant death mortality has risen to just over 2% in 2015, a hundredfold increase.

Such relatively simple procedures such as dialysis are ending with patients having their feet amputated because the machines are not functioning and the hospitals do not have the funds to have them repaired.

Unfortunately according to Dr. Manuel Gonzalez, Venezuela failed to save during the fiscal boom that it enjoyed while oil prices were high. Now that those same oil prices have fallen, the country is in a persistent state of poverty with no ending in sight.


Imagine the terror of growing up in a place where survival was your first priority. Yeonmi Park, lived a horrifying life of starvation and fear while trying to escape to South Korea for a better life.
Yeonmi lived with her father, Park Jin Sik, mum, Byron Keom Sook, and older sister, Eunmi in North Korea. Her father, who was formerly a prosperous and respected civilian, was sent to prison for smuggling to provide for his wife and two daughters. With starvation at their doorstep, Yeonmi, along with her mum and sister, were forced to plot their escape.

South Korea has been a place of freedom to the people of North Korea for over twenty years, and sounded like Utopia to Yeonmi and her family.

Determined to find Eunmi and escape the regime of Kim Jong II, the two found themselves coaxing a man to smuggle them across the Yalu river to China.

Sadly, this man had a different plan in mind and immediately changed his intentions of helping them into controlling them for his pleasure. After demanding that Yeonumi, only being thirteen, to have sex with him, her mum, Byron, relinquished her own body instead. In time, under new circumstances, Yeonmi was once the mans mistress and was forced to give herself to him at his request.

Eventually the trafficker agreed to smuggle Yeonmi’s father across the border, which led to a remarkable outcome, the man liberated the family.

Shortly after their release from the traffickers control, Yeonmi’s father passed away from an underlying cancer that had been left untreated. Now, Yeonmi and her mother were alone again and decided that they had to continue on. This time, with the help and blessings from a Christian missionary group, they headed out across the Gobi Desert for their last hope of a new life.

After safely crossing the Gobi Desert, Yeonmi and her mother finally made it to freedom in Mongolia. They were immediately taken to South Korea where they could live a normal life and Yeonmi could go to school. After two years of living quietly, they were reunited with Eunmi.

Yeonmi is now an Amazon best selling book writer sharing her voice that was once unheard.