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Few professional women have done more than Helane Morrison to remove barriers for women who serve as top leaders in business and government. In fact, Morrison has actually shattered the glass ceiling in both arenas. And she did it by playing by the rules, with strong ethics and a goal of fixing the corruption on Wall Street. She has now landed at Hall Capital Partners as their General Counsel, Managing Director, and Chief Compliance Officer. She joins a firm that is completely managed by women, a top investment firm in California, with her office situated in San Francisco.

Helane has been through the fires of her own trials, managing the investigation and prosecution of Wall Street white collar robbers who caused the corruption that brought down many of the financial houses of Wall Street in 2007. She was instrumental in the prosecution and conviction of Bernie Madoff, the Ponzi scheme thief who stole millions of dollars from hard working Americans. She was the Northern California and Northwestern Region officer at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) who brought the rules back to life, and thus confidence in the ethics of Wall Street.

Morrison’s career started in journalism before she was recruited to work for the U.S. Federal Government. And, every place she as worked has noted her strong and incorruptible stand against corruption and for good ethical and moral business practices.

Helane Morrison has longed worked with businesses in their dealings with the SEC and litigation in business. She spent a decade honing her legal chops at the law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. Before that, she had been a law clerk for Associate Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. She also clerked for Richard Posen, a U.S. Court of Appeals Judge. Morrison was the chief editor of the California Law Review at the University of California at Berkeley, where she earned her J.D. She also has a BS in Journalism gained at the Northwestern University in Chicago.

Since learning how few women were functioning as leaders in the financial industry, she has dedicated herself to make a difference on that score. She specifically left her high-level position at the SEC to accomplish her mission to elevate women’s roles in corporate America. So, not only has she demonstrated very well how a woman can shatter the glass ceiling that once dominated American business culture, she is also dedicated to helping other women do the same.

Marc Sparks is a renowned entrepreneur and venture capitalist based in Dallas, Texas. His career has not only influenced economic change, but has also touched the social life among many people. Marc is a philanthropist and an inspiring author who has sold thousands of copies of his book They Can’t Eat You.

He has owned a series of business and most of his energy has been invested in the telecommunications industry. Marc has championed the creation of programs that have helped to inspire emerging entrepreneurs to set bigger goals. Read more: Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads

In the spirit of encouraging financial growth and entrepreneurial culture, Marc Sparks has emerged as a successful venture capitalist. He has been giving startup capital to businesses that hold big prospects for the future.

The path to success

In his book They Can’t Eat You, Marc Sparks describes his rugged journey to success and how clinging on to the never-say-die attitude has helped him to achieve his goals. His main goal in this publication is to motivate others to enter the business world if one has a solid idea that can be implemented.

He also points out some of the drawbacks that trigger failure among upcoming entrepreneurs and how to handle such challenges. Marc Sparks concludes that anyone can succeed if the right path is followed. Read more: Marc Sparks – Profile – Disqus

Extending a hand of love
Marc Sparks believes philanthropy is an action that supports the uplifting of others in the society so as to achieve overall growth in a community. He does not believe in keeping all wealth he earns for himself. Therefore, he is an active donor in Dallas and he supports a program that helps the needy to pursue diplomas. Marc Sparks not only donates money to these programs, but he also offers his time to mentor young individuals who he believes will be the future entrepreneurs.

About Spark Tank

Lynne, who has been working with Marc Sparks in many projects, brought up an idea to create a program that would harvest ‘out of the box’ suggestions from social service entrepreneurs. This idea was advanced to form Spark Tank, which has been seeking applicants in the social service industry to present their unique ideas that can trigger social success.

The program is open and the application window will close on July 15, 2016. The program is structured like a competition that will be looking for the strongest idea. There are several panelists who will review all applications to determine the finalists.

The finalists will get a chance to present their ideas before the Spark Tank panel on a date that will be communicated later.

Learn more about Marc Sparks:

There are a lot of different makeup companies that are available today. You may be wondering how Lime Crime can be the best for you and your needs. That is why it’s so important to know what you want with your makeup.

Picking Colors

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Glitter and More

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In a recent issue published by PR Newswire concerning Global Tel Link who provides inmate communications services has been involved in several integrity breaches and wrongdoings. This will be further emphasized by Securus Technologies through the release of findings at various press releases over the next 6 month period. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith is appalled by the actions of Global Tel Link, as there should not be a tolerance of such actions within the industry. Neither by the customer nor the industry at large.
A formal investigation was launched by the Louisiana Public Service Commission or (PSC)regarding the outbound telecommunication service they provided to the Louisiana Department of Corrections and their inmates. The investigation found several discrepancies including over billing, double billing and artificially inflating tariff charges without authorisation. According to PR Newswire’s reports, these malpractices allowed Global Tel Link to overcharge Louisiana taxpayers by $1,243,00.

Securus Technologies and it’s current CEO Richard A. Smith believe that this type of behaviour should not be tolerated and the correct actions should be taken. Although the industry is there to make money they should do so with integrity as well as keeping the customers best interests at heart.

Securus Technologies launched ConnectUS in January of 2015 which is known as the most advanced inmate facing operating system. This software allows several great applications to the inmates while automating critical operations necessary for its functioning for the corrections agency and its staff. This operating system is the first of its kind and is the future of corrections technology and the way inmates will be communicating with the outside world.

Securus is active on social media! visit their Crunchbase page at

Investment banking is a special branch of banking that plays a very major role in the world of investment. Various entities that include governments, companies, financial institutions among others turn to investment banks when they need some form of capital investment. However, investment banks do not take customer deposits or provide their clients with commercial loans.

Apart from their role in providing capital, investment banks provide assistance and guidance in merger and acquisition transactions, the sale of securities, underwriting new debt and equity securities and the issue and placement of stock.

To work in the investment banking sector, one needs to have adequate training as an investment banker. An investment banker should be well versed with the latest on the current investment climate. They should be in a position to offer their clients the right kind of advice and provide them with recommendations that accurately fit the current state of economic affairs.

More people are training to become investment bankers as the career is considered very prestigious in today’s world. However, it is not as simple as many people think. The career is heavily dependent on various virtues such as patience, and skills that include observation, communication, problem-solving and interpersonal skills. These skills go a long way in ensuring the success of an investment banker.

Among the most successful bankers is Martin Lustgarten. Lustgarten is a Florida-based investment banker and entrepreneur. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of a successful investment banking firm, Lustgarten Martin. His leadership skills have helped propel the company to the top of the list of the best investment banking firms in the country.

Martin has a wealth of experience in the industry and has come to be one of the most trusted investment bankers. Apart from his role as a leader, Lustgarten is a lover and collector of vintage items. He collects items such as watches and cars, which he later sells.

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