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When you are in the middle of a career and you have nothing in your personal mindset that encourages personal fun and freedom, then it can be an unexpected loop when you wake up one day thinking about your personal family and how to grow it larger. However, that is exactly the case that occurred in Dr. Jennifer Walden’s life when out of nowhere she went from being a one hundred percent career minded doctor to thinking about having a family almost overnight.

However, while this may not be the norm, Dr. Jennifer Walden was completely comfortable with the fact that IVF allowed her to have two children despite not having a man act as her spouse or significant other. This process not only was something she considers a scientific miracle, but it is also something that she is able to get that many people may not be able to have. When you consider the pure option and opportunity of just being able to grow your family if and when you choose to do so, then there is more than enough reason for anyone to be optimistic.

On the one hand she did have to make the transition of moving back home to Austin and away from New York City so that her little ones could be around friends and family as they are raised. However, other than the physical move, a surgeon who is ranked as one of the best in the world at her craft truly is able to have it all with both her family and her career.

When you consider the amount of people who would dream to be in the shoes and have the life of Dr. Jennifer Walden, then you should also realize she is definitely living the dream of having it all. The only question is what she will take on next.


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Stephen P. Murray was born August 2, 1962 in New York City and was destined from the start for a successful career in business. Murray graduated from Boston College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and later completed his Master’s in Business Administration.

With a solid educational background and an entrepreneurial spirt Steve Murray entered his professional career as a credit analyst with a company called Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. The company underwent several mergers but Murray stuck with the company and eventually landed a spot as the lead of buyout business at JP Morgan.

Eventually Murray co-founded CCMP Capital and was named CEO of the company where he served until leaving in February of 2015, one month prior to his death.

While serving as the head of CCMP Capital, Murray relied heavily on his private equity background and garnered billions of dollars of business for the organization. Under his guidance, the company dealt in investments between one and five million dollars in equity per transaction. Learn more about Steve Murray:

The company focused on investments in the healthcare, consumer, and energy markets and garnered transactions with high profile companies such as Quizno’s and Cabella’s.

Additionally, Steve Murray offered his expertise and advice as a member of several Boards. He served on the Board of Directors for well-known brands such as AMC Entertainment, Vitamin Shoppe, and Aramark.

NYPost said that Murray was also highly involved in several philanthropic initiatives. He worked closely with the Make-A-Wish Foundation in greater New York and the Lower Food Bank of Fairfield County. He also volunteered with his alma mater at Boston College.

Murray’s career was cut short when he died at age 52. His survivors include his loving wife and four sons. He is remembered for his business acumen as well as his charitable contributions.

Overall, Steve Murray is remembered in a positive light and will be sorely missed by both his company and his community.

WEN by Chaz is an Amazon available brand that provides some of the most well respected top of the line hair care products in the world.’s Emily Mcclure provides a clear cut review of the product to provide a visual and reliable way to prove that this product works and deliver. Of course, there were several side effects that showed this product wasn’t entirely perfect, but it did showcase the way the product worked and what it can do for your hair. Bustle’s Emily Mcclure can help you think about whether this product is what you need or not.

Emily tried out the unique Fig version of all the cleansing conditioners that are offered from WEN by Chaz. She gave fig a chance because it focused mainly on different parts regarding bounce and brightness. It was best for her to consider getting this since her hair lacked a lot of genuine volume. She found her hair being a bit sticky and slightly overly moisturized on certain days, but she realized that her hair was beautifully and naturally designed to help provide your hair with what it needs. Wen by Chaz crafted their conditioning cleansers because of the fact that it is meant to give life and volume.

WEN by Chaz is a hair care line that strives to provide a reliable and unique opportunity that can help you look your ultimate best. Bustle is a well respected site that showcased this review very well to help showcase the truth about both the ups and the downs of this specific product. Be sure to check Wen’s YouTube channel.

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People Magazine applauds Kate Hudson on her exercise line known as Fabletics. She is the co-founder of Fabletics and launched a new line for the fourth of July holiday that modeled the colors of the flag! She debuted her fourth of July themed outfit on Instagram with her 4.7 million Instagram followers. She launched the new outfit with the caption, “from my airbrushed ass to yours’ Happy fourth!!!” The top of that bathing suit goes for $34.95 and even has a built-in bra for added support. The bottom goes for $29.95 and offers a silky, comfortable seat no matter where you decide to sit down. Read more at

The Krazy Coupon Lady’s killer review was founded in 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson. The amount of fitness wear that is obtainable is extraordinary, and it has an exceptional price to go along with it for every item. They recently released their swimwear line, just in time for summer. Their swimsuits are made for anyone who uses swimming as a form of exercise, or for those who just like to lay on the beach and catch that summer glow.

So if you are ready to get some new swimwear or exercise wear, Fabletics is a great place to start. There is no way to be disappointed with the amount of clothing they offer, for an affordable price. And the best part is, their swim line is delivered right to your door so you do not even have to leave your house. Well at least until you get your cute new outfit, then you can leave the house and show it off! It will not only save you money, but it will save you time and effort not having to go to the store to buy new clothes. Ordering online is a huge fashion trend in today’s society so you want to make sure you keep up with this hot new trend!