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Madison Street Capital, an international investment banking firm, has recently been selected as a finalist for the 15th Annual M & A Advisor Awards. Madison Street Capital has been selected for its accomplishments in the financial industry. Specifically, Madison Street Capital is to be commended in making negotiations and being an outstanding leader in the finance industry.

Specifically, Madison Street Capital is one of the finalists for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year for the International and Industrial Deals of the Year. The award recognized Madison Street Capital for helping with a financial acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. with Dowco.

This acquisition was one of Madison Street Capital’s many accomplishments. The investors at Madison Street Capital worked around the clock in multiple locations to deliver the expected and promised results. They worked extensively in order to help long time client Dowco achieve optimal success and growth. The acquisition of Acuna & Asociados was a collaborative, international effort.

Madison Street Capital will be officially recognized for their nomination at the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala. The winners of this prestigious financial nomination will be recognized at the New York Athletic Club on Wednesday, November 9, 2016.

Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm based in Chicago. The firm specializes in acquisition, mergers, financial opinions, financial advisory services, and valuation services. Madison Street Capital works closely with their clients, building strong relationships in the process. It is Madison Street Capital’s goal to make sure that their clients succeed. If their clients succeed, then Madison Street Capital succeeds as well. Madison Street Capital has a strong commitment and dedication to their clients and their projects. Their excellent reputation is undoubtedly one of their most valuable assets. You can find more information on Madison Street Capital can be viewed on their website at

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Medicare advantage plans are part of a health insurance program that provides managed healthcare schemes to citizens who pay a monthly premium.

Despite the fact that, Medicare Advantage plans are different from the original Medicare, all Medicare schemes cater for part A services and Part B services that were provided by the original Medicare. Other beneficial services such as vision care, dental care, and ear care may be provided on

Health services covered under Medicare Advantage include;

• Inpatient services

• Hospice and skilled nursing services

• Physician and surgeon services

• Specialized services such as diagnostic tests, X-rays, laboratory services

• Other benefits such as physical examinations.

The services are provided using differing rules depending on the type of Medicare Advantage scheme and the insurance provider. However as compared to the original Medicare, Medicare Advantage plan addresses a broad range of health issues.

Besides, all schemes have a limit on the yearly out of pocket spending. Once a client reaches the limit, the insurance organizations will take charge of additional medical expenses. The out of pocket spending for 2016 is set at $6700.

While using Medicare Advantage plans, clients will be required to use in- networks service providers only. The client will not be allowed to use an out of systems provider till they get permission.

Due to an enhanced service delivery, Medicare Advantage plans have grown to care for an estimated number of 17.5 million beneficiaries as by 2015. The numbers are expected to grow even more.

Despite the remarkable growth, customers face a challenge when deciding on the kind of Medicare Advantage plan to enroll. For this reason, it is suggested that a customer seeks advice from Medicare Advantage plan providers who will guide them in choosing a better plan.

InnovaCare health, a Medicare Advantage plan provider based in North America is amongst the leading service providers that one can always consult. InnovaCare Health offer services that address the unique needs of each client.

InnovaCare is managed by experienced health professionals who have worked in the healthcare industry for a long time. Rick Shinto, M.D is the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health. He has been an administrator in the health care industry for over 20 years. Rick Shinto is also a seasoned clinical officer.

Dr. Shinto collaborates with Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare’s Chief Administrative Officer. Ms. Penelope is a seasoned administrator and is highly skilled at handling managed health care services and health programs sponsored by the government.

Since first being released, Evolution of Smooth has exploded and has millions of followers and likes on the nets social media sites, making it one of the top lip balm products for men and women. The company’s unique lip balm design and great flavors that make the product appeal to nearly everyone.
Headquartered in New York, Evolution of Smooth ( has personally had a huge impact on the overall lip balm demand. They have also been successfully published in many well-known magazines as well as being advertised by different celebrities. The level of exposure they have gained from social media has helped the lip balm spread far and wide and earn even more praise than the company anticipated.

One of the greatest features about Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms, is there price. With the number of fans and high level of status it has achieved, they still only charge a few bucks for the product, which can be found right on Walmart and online shops like ULTA. Many of EOS’s competitors sell their products at a higher cost, and do not come with the same advantages that Evolution of Smooth has. The product has be dermatologist tested and is free of petroleum, parabens, and is hypoallergenic. It is made up of natural ingredients, containing different nutrients and vitamins to help take care of the lips and keep them moisturized.

The traditional stick lip balms typically have annoying issues to deal with, such as melting inside of a pocket or a purse. EOS’s lip balms never have this issue, nor can they leak with their screw like design. The competition has been pushed aside by Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms and has become a widely desired product in many areas.

David J. Osio is a reputable businessperson, he tries to impact the world positively through his consistent philanthropic efforts. His reputation primarily lies in his support for art, medical research, music as well as the community. For the last two decades, David Osio, a reputable financial counsel expert, has consistently been collaborating with several non-profit agencies whose cause betters people’s life, art, culture, and music in the communities where he establishes a business.

David J. Osio continues to expand his profound support for charitable causes on an international scale. Noticeably, Osio has been supporting the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MSO) where he has been serving as a board member. Osio, who is the Davos Financial Group CEO, acknowledges how rewarding it is for such iconic foundations to remain operational on his funds to bring joy to the community. Internationally, Osio has been supporting The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation for a long time where he has traditionally been sponsoring EPK events, year after year. Learn more:

Osio believes that even the smallest bit of help counts in regards to children’s medical research. According to him, it would be great if someday those who are fortunate enough will make the financial difference count positively. Osio is well known as the CEO of a firm, which he founded, Davos Financial Group advisory group. Osio, with his excellent leadership skills, has led the company and positioned it strategically in both domestic and global markets.

Osio has also significantly made donations to other organizations such as UMA Foundation, Wayuu Taya Foundation as well as the Fundana Foundation. Osio plays a significant role in supporting the arts by giving funds to the Miami’s Saludarte Foundation of Art. With all these donations and charity activities, Osio has been internationally awarded and recognized.

David J. Osio is the financier who founded the Davos Financial Group (DFG). As the CEO of his firm, David Osio is primarily responsible for both local and global strategies. Over the past two decades, Osio has managed to transform the DFG into a global firm, which has existing offices in the primary financial centers throughout the world. Osio graduated magna cum laude as a lawyer in 1988 with honors from the Caracas’ Catholic University Andres Bello.

Osio made his debut in the career in Venezuela at Legal Desk MGO, as a Director. He strived to provide the multinational clients such as Consolidated Bank and Ferro with reliable legal advice. Around ten years later, between 1996 and 1998, Osio completed a specialization at IESA (Institute of Higher Administration Studies) in Caracas. In 2010, Osio attended the New York Institute of Finance to study Management Investment Portfolios.

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Dick DeVos has earned a lot of money over his lifetime, but his pride in owning that wealth is not merely manifested in what he owns. Rather, his pride is in how much he has given to local charities and non-profit organizations. Dick, along with the rest of the DeVos family, have run businesses very successfully, churning profits even in markets that have been relatively unfriendly. But they have taken the money they’ve made and given it to local organizations such as hospitals, museums, law enforcement agencies, and various political think tanks. While the exact money they’ve given out over the years is unknown, it was recently discovered that they gave out about $94 million in the year 2014.


 Dick DeVos was born in 1955, the son of Amway founder Richard DeVos. Amway was one of the first major direct selling companies to take off, and Dick learned a lot about the family business from his father growing up. After graduating from college, Dick went to work at the business, and soon became a vice president in the executive wing. Dick helped Amway tap into new markets and find open doors overseas, and when he became CEO in 1993, he had set up operations in over 50 countries worldwide.


Dick and his wife Betsy started their own foundation, the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation that has been the driver for local Grand Rapids Charities. Among the organizations that they’ve given to have been think tanks such as the American Family Council, the Education Freedom Fund, and other constitutional organizations. The cause that may be closest to their hearts is education, as they have fought hard for school of choice options, and have even helped establish a charter school in western Michigan.


Both Dick and Betsy have served at the state’s Republican Party, with Betsy being the former chair at one time. Dick DeVos attempted to run for governor in 2006, only to be defeated by Jennifer Granholm, but he had become a known conservative figure following that race. Eventually he was able to get some conservative legislation passed including a right-to-work law in 2012.