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Avi Weisfogel’s Career



Avi Weisfogel is an established Dental Practitioner who studied at the New York University College of Dentistry. Dr. Weisfogel has specialized in cosmetic dentistry solutions that have brought bright smiles to the faces of several Americans for over 16 years. He is based in East Brunswick, New Jersey and offers specialties in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, dental veneers, and crowns.



Avi has been serving as a Dentist at the Old Bridge Dental Care since January 1996. Old Bridge Dental Care offers exceptional services to patients walking into the facility.



Charity Work of Avi Weisfogel



Weisfogel’s founded the Dental Sleep Masters; a firm with an extensive background in the treatment of sleep apnea and carrying out research in more innovative methods of treating sleep-related disorders. Through the company, Dr. Avi Weisfogel recently began a program to offer support to primary-care and secondary-care practitioners to cooperate in finding medications for sleep apnea patients.


Dr. Weisfogel is on the forefront of leading the cause in diagnosing and aiding professional treatment for sleep apnea sufferers. Many patients have remained unattended to due to low levels of diagnosis (90% remain undiagnosed).



The company organizes medical missions every year to reach out to different parts of the country. Depending or the specific needs of a region, the firm sends out medical staff, medical supplies, and equipment to enable free surgical procedures for the locals. This is a critical charity cause that Weisfogel is dedicated to, and hopes to bring more stakeholders on board.



Avi Weisfogel Videos



When not in the office, Dr. Avi Weisfogel spends time following his favorite hockey team- the New York Rangers hockey team. He funded this year’s youth hockey camp for the team’s smaller fans. The 2016 camp involved a week-long training program covering players aged between 7 and 15 years. The training was carried out at the team’s official training ground and ran from 8 am to 5 pm every day. Weisfogel covers most of his activities on video and shares on his social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

IAP Worldwide is a strong, global-scale facilities management team with stellar logistics, program management, and technical support. There are over, 2,000+ brave men and women, employed by IAP. They are up before the sun, every morning, in an attempt to meet the specifications of your contract. They’re the first ones on the job, and the last to leave. In fact, IAP Worldwide is currently hiring men and women that have a passion for helping others, along with great benefits. You can learn more about their career opportunities, by visiting their easy to read and navigate website and searching for current positions.

A recent acquisition with DRS Technologies and Tactical Communications Solutions will allow them to double the amount of people IAP Worldwide send on a mission. However, you control your project, by deciding how many people and what kind of outcome that is expected. Both corporations, will lend additional logistics, advanced communication, and program support. The goal is to improve their response time and improve their long-term growth. IAP is committed to working with other corporations and industry professionals to improve the quality of life around the world.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.
IAP Worldwide Services Division Develops Afghanistan’s Air Traffic Control System

IAP recently, contracted with the U.S. Navy, on a $170 million dollar contract. The project will be based in Dallas, Texas and require IAP, to work closely with the program manager. They will also provide base operating services, during their contract. This will be an indefinite contract, with a high security clearance. IAP Worldwide is professionally trained and qualified to handle highly classified and top secret missions, for the government, around the world. Your privacy is a top priority for IAP, along with their client’s complete customer service satisfaction.

They can be dispatched to any place around the globe, in a moments notice. During Hurricane Matthew, IAP was there with outstanding crisis relief that included power experts, disaster relief, and engineering services. They were able to work with the states that were hit the hardest including Pittsburg, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Massachusetts. Their power experts at IAP, were able to start thousands of generators for customers affected by the hurricane. IAP Worldwide is a name that thousands of professionals, corporations, and government agencies can depend on in a critical crisis situation.

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The career and life of Bruce Levenson have seen the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks take on a number of challenges over the course of recent years he hopes will make positive changes to the world around us all. Levenson has sought a new way of exploring the World War II Holocaust through his funding of the U.S. Holocaust Museum that he took the Hawks to soon after the Museum opened.

Bruce Levenson and his fellow members of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC sold the franchise and the rights to operate Phillips Arena in June 2015 just days after the contract of General Manager Danny ferry had been mutually terminated; Levenson’s legal team had already discussed making a claim against a workplace based insurance policy with AIG in the buildup to the termination of Ferry’s contract. Since the claim was made Levenson’s attorney’s claim they have had no contact from AIG and have now brought the case to the Superior Court of Fulton County.

Lawyers from Barnes & Thornburg are acting on behalf of Bruce Levenson’s group in this case and believe AIG should complete the agreed financial settlement plus a 50 percent penalty and all legal fees; Bruce Levenson and his lawyers believe the claims made by Danny Ferry prior to the sale of the Hawks can be classed as constructive dismissal and triggered the policy.

There is much to admire in the life and work of Bruce Levenson, including his willingness to place his own reputation on the line as he searches for a brighter future around the world. Levenson joined a group of prominent business leaders of the Jewish faith who have been working to influence Israeli government officials to work towards a peaceful end to land disputes across the Middle East he believes are threatening the future of the planet as a whole.

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Chaz Dean is a dedicated hair care professional. He has committed his professional life to caring for women’s hair. Dean realized that woman put quantities of unhealthy chemicals into their hair that can cause severe damage. He proposed products and ways of cleaning hair as a first step in caring for and protecting their hair.

Dean developed the commercial shampoo brand Wen that carries his name and along with his name his reputation. In fine salons, the name of this product is Wen by Chaz Dean. Since he established a salon in California and began caring for and creating the hairstyles of famous and glamorous actresses, Chaz Dean’s reputation and brand, Wen, have soared. He was even featured on a recent reality TV program.

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As his status in the world of hair care professionals has risen, Chaz Dean has redoubled his early obsession with removing the excessive chemicals and the damaging products that women shampoo into their scalp and hair. The Wen hair care product line was designed to offer quality hair care materials to softly clean and condition women’s hair. His dedication to the study of hair care can not be denied. He is a true professional who desires to make a remarkable difference in regards to women’s hair care and styling.

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Handy home cleaning has survived a lot of ups and downs from its beginnings in Massachusets. Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua founded the company when they were roommates and fellow students at Harvard Business School. They had a third roommate who was a very untidy person. They came up with the idea of an on-demand cleaning service powered by the internet. The market was fresh and the country was emerging from the recession. Venture capital started to flow again and there was little competition in the field.

Handy, at the time called Handybook, immediately began on-boarding professional cleaners. In time, the company saw the potential to do more than just cleaning, and they expanded to other types of services such as light repair and furniture assembly. Their main competition was Homejoy. In 2015, Homejoy went out of business and the market share for Handy increased. But this caused problems for the company,

the increase in demand for their services meant the company needed a larger supply of trained contractors. They attempted a 100% online onboarding process for new professionals and it failed. At the same time, poor reviews for contractors was skyrocketing for shoddy work and missed appointments. Handy had been in a growth stage of development but now it was time to focus on customer satisfaction and profit. scaled back plans to expand beyond the 28 markets they already established. They established a customer care center to handle complaints and outsourced customer care services to Florida and Missouri.

The strategy worked, Handy saw a decrease in the amount of money they spent to bring on new customers, customer satisfaction has increased, and they strengthened their influence in current markets.

Hanrahan and Dua know they aren’t done expanding, but by scaling back growth and focusing on core values,they’ve increased Handy’s reputation and marketability.