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Matt Badiali is dedicated to bringing investment opportunities to the public. It is actually his job. As a investment analyst for Banyan Hill Publishing, Badiali is charged with keeping tabs on the natural resource market. His secret is that he pays attention to numbers, and knows what the outcome of those numbers mean. He realizes that a drop in Middle East oil means a rise in U.S. oil. This also brings more profit to U.S. based oil and natural gas companies. This means investing in such companies will yield good returns. Very simple and straightforward if you know what to look for. Such investments are even sweeter considering many natural resource companies use MLPs. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

Badiali has talked about MLPs often, in commercial for what he calls freedom checks. Freedom checks are actually master limited partnerships. These are percentage stakes that resource companies sell investors to generate capital. Freedom Checks also qualify such companies for huge tax exemptions. As a large amount of companies take part in these perks, over 500 according to Badiali, there is a huge mass of money about to be available. This money comes from a statue that requires said companies to dispense 90% of their revenue to stakeholders. As over 500 companies are taking part that released profit will total in the billions of dollars. Investors who have purchased stakes will get a percentage of this huge payout. The payout will also be influenced by the rise in U.S. oil consumption. According to Badiali, this is due to recent legislation that changed the dynamic. As the U.S. moves away from Middle East oil more money will surge into U.S. oil. Badiali projects this in his commercials, which is why he merits freedom checks will be worth so much.


MLPs are legitimate investments. They operate much like a stock but do not require the parent company to be publicly traded. The stakes sold to the public have no controlling interest and are only for investment purposes. Participating companies have to divvy out the profit to stakeholders before taxes are take, so the investment will yield a monthly to quarterly payout. These payouts are freedom checks. Read this article at

End Citizens United has been making quite a name for itself since its inception in 2015. Created to fight against large, conservative, political funding groups that pay for elections to go a certain way, this organization is financed completely by grassroots donations. As their name suggests, End Citizens United is dedicated to getting rid of Citizens United, but their work does not stop there. This organization also campaigns to get pro-reform candidates elected. While most of these candidates have been Democrats so far, the organization states that they will back any candidate that is willing to fight for significant campaign finance reform, including Independent and Republican candidates. Read more about the group on Wikipedia.

Another service that this grassroots organization provides for the American public is unbiased polls during key elections, such as the upcoming 2018 Texas senatorial election. An End Citizens United poll showed that Ted Cruz, the incumbent senator, was leading only by a narrow margin of 45 to 37 percent. This election is one that has people all across the United States watching; Ted Cruz is running against newcomer Beto O’Rourke, who has virtually zero name recognition. What seemed to be an easy race for Cruz in a Republican stronghold has become a much closer race than anyone could have imagined. Not only is the margin rapidly closing between the two candidates, but O’Rourke is seemingly doing the impossible. Based on the End Citizens United poll, 61% of Texas voters don’t know enough about O’Rourke to form a strong opinion on him, but 49% of Texas voters view Cruz in an unfavorable light. Beto O’Rourke has also been relying on a largely grassroots campaign; visiting every single county in Texas to get his name out to the public. His refusal to take on donations from any PAC is a testament to the power of grassroots political work. This refusal is echoed in other organizations like End Citizens United, that work tirelessly to prove that it is possible to make political change without accepting money from large conservative organizations.



Are you having trouble getting through your to-do-list? Then you are going to learn a lot of different techniques on how to spend your evenings and plan your daily undertakings. Let’s look at ten steps that can help you get stuff done.

Prepare your to-do-list early

Learn to write down your tasks on the previous night instead of on the D-day. You will use the morning hours for your most demanding work.

Capture everything in your to-do list

It is important to write everything down, even you don’t have a problem remembering things and you can work without reminders. When you write down your tasks, it gives your brain the freedom to forget about the items and use the time at hand to concentrate on what you are doing.

Write your list in one place

For most people, there are different places where tasks are written. It can be in Slack, a project management software, paper notes, and other attractive apps in the App store. When you have different sources, you cannot track what is on all the systems you are using. To keep track of your tasks, use one tool to make life easier.

Define your priorities

For sure, it is highly likely that your day will not go according to plan. The best way to counter unforeseen situations is to perform task priorities. Each time you create a task, prioritize it.

Place time attributes

Instead of only writing what is important, add a time attribute to it. Write down when you will start the tasks, when you will work on it, and the time it will take to complete it. This will help you to plan your execution.

Re-evaluate your tasks

Set some time to re-evaluate your tasks, e.g. at the end of the week. Focus on the tasks that matter and delete the ones that do not matter.


Create a task and assign it to someone so that you do not forget to do it on time.

Zone in and out

Break the tasks into smaller subtasks (zooming in). Evaluate the task in the bigger picture. Avoid creating tasks for no reason, and ensure that each task has a parent project.

Assign energy levels

Some tasks require more focus than others. Dedicate your morning hours for highly demanding tasks, and plan the rest of the tasks to the remainder of the day.

Batch process

Prepare list templates of tasks that recur and that you can put together; this will help you save time.

Sussex Healthcare has led the the market when it comes to operating their south coast of England facility. Their specialty is to help elderly people and care for those that suffer from traumatic brain injuries, dementia or Alzheimer’s. This facility gives residents a chance to enjoy a state-of-the-art gym, top of the line dining and residential activities. Both of the Chairmens, Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina, had a vision to bring this type of care to the millions of elderly people who needed it. The two men are strong-minded businessman with experience in hotels and being a renowned dental surgeon.

They also treat younger adults and those individuals suffering from neurological disabilities. Many of Sussex Healthcare residents are there for the long-term and are supported by a committed staff. Employees go through continuous training, learn about new trends and enjoy a competitive compensation package. The business has a vision and belief that everyone in their care deserves to be treated with respect and enjoy the social, leisure and recreational events. Sussex Healthcare using residents and their lives that are definitely worth living.

Sussex Healthcare wants it staff to keep residents occupied and encouraged them to remain active while engaging in the facilities surroundings. Each one of the residential facilities the company has will include skilled chefs and staff who can help residents with nutritious meals. They can also provide assistant when it comes to dietary needs and following doctor’s orders. Sussex Healthcare’s leadership through, Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina, have managed to keep the corporation afloat and become one of the most sought-out long-term living facilities in the area.

Shiraz Boghani was previously a successful entrepreneur owning nearly 20 companies before signing on to run and operate the hospitality organization. His additional success includes receiving the Asian business awards hotelier in 2016. Shafik Sachedina is also very active in the Ismaili area. One of his prestigious roles includes being the president of the the United Kingdom’s Ismallii community. In addition, he continues to be a member of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) Committee. The company continues to grow and soon will be on to its next 20 years of service.