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Malcolm CassSelle was appointed as the president of WAX in 2017. WAX, which stands for Worldwide Assets eXchange is a blockchain platform dedicated to facilitating the trading of virtual assets. While holding the CEO position at WAX, Malcolm CassSelle is also the CIO of OPSkins. Before joining WAX, Malcolm CassSelle served at various positions in different companies. This includes Xfire, a global network for core video game players. He also served as CEO at MediaPass.

OPSkins, for which Malcolm CassSelle also serves as the CIO is the global leader in terms of in-game virtual assets sales. Also, OPSkins a leading firm in bitcoin trade in the world. With the growing number of people who make transactions across borders, OPSkins is facing the challenge in terms of technological capabilities since it’s the leading centralized market place for virtual gaming assets. The intense pressure from huge numbers of customers forces the company to opt for the decentralization of the market in order to survive.

As a way of decentralizing the market platform, OPSkins launched WAX. The biggest problems targeted by WAX are fragmentation and fraud. This has been achieved by the platform giving users a chance to buy and sell virtual products while still having their game on. With WAX, the users are able to tokenize their gaming assets and instantaneously trade assets with other players without logging their out. WAX has broken the geographical burrier to trade between users through the introduction of the WAX Token. Users transact directly without using middlemen since the WAX Token is a globally recognized exchange item unlike sometimes back when the users had to seek the help of middlemen when transacting between countries that use different currencies.

WAX blockchain runs on its DPOS. DPOS refers to Delegated Proof of Stake, this is the fastest, most decentralized, flexible and efficient consensus algorithm. The DPOS utilizes confirming nodes which makes WAX a democratic platform by allowing users to vote for the proposed delegates. The WAX Tokens can be stored and used as smart contacts when purchasing, renting or trading in-game-items. According to Malcolm CassSelle, WAX is going to spark the involvement of the gaming industry into the world of cryptocurrency.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is a board-certified plastic surgeon residing in Dallas, Texas. He is also a member of the widely-acclaimed Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Dr. Jejurikar uses his talent with plastic surgery to help patients achieve the goals they desire, and often helps patients achieve a better outcome than initially planned through his caring and sensitive nature. He mainly focuses on the cosmetic surgery of the face, nose, body, and breasts. The most popular requests include facelifts, mommy makeover, breast lifts and breast augmentation.

His caring nature can be exemplified by the fact that he once won the Patients’ Choice Award, something which only 3% of doctors across America receive. The Compassionate Doctor Certification is awarded to only the most compassionate and caring of doctors. Part of his compassion is made apparent by the fact that he allows and accepts various forms of health insurance. Also, the many votes cast in on his behalf shows that many patients found him to be incredibly valuable.

Dr. Jejurikar got his medical degree from University of Michigan Medical School and has had over 20 plus years experience in the field. He knows how to meet his customers expectations and deliver a safe and satisfying experience with plastic surgery. He takes pleasure in making other peoples’ lives better by helping them see themselves in a new light. This is made evident by him trying to form a deeper connection and relationship with his patients. Dr. Jejurikar makes sure that patients are given extra attention after plastic surgery so that recovery feels more like a collaborative effort rather than something they need to face on their own.

NGP VAN is paving the way in new technologies for the Democratic party and other progressive campaigns; nonprofits included, as they offer clients an integrated platform for fundraising, compliance, and social media networking. Recently MiniVan, NGP VAN’s mobile canvassing app, has been building huge momentum as an effective voter outreach tool. On top of that, NGP VAN made Inc Magazine’s 5000 lists of the fastest growing companies in the United States. In this respect, it’s also a great company to work for.

MiniVAN is an app Democratic volunteer’s use when they are going on the door to door on voter outreach campaigns. Instead of manually writing their results, they use technology, particularly smartphone apps, to log their results. This year alone yielded 218,189 using the app, almost double what it was in 2016. Setting a new single-day record on Saturday the 15th, 18,421 people logged into the app nationwide, beating the previous record of 16,496 set on November 5, 2016. Great progress is being made for the progressive campaign with these innovative new technologies.

NGP VAN has also recently been mentioned as a wonderful place to work. The reason for this centers around the fact that working at NGP is helping further progressive causes, thus providing both balance and meaning in employees professional lives. Reception of NGP VAN’s products has also been outstanding, allowing the company to continue their upward momentum of growth to new heights of success. Since their founding about two and a half years ago, they have grown significantly in size and product development. Employees are challenged to develop new, innovative technologies while furthering some of their shared political ambitions. Even with the stress of developing new innovative technologies, NGP VAN remains a really fun place to work. Holding bi-annual trips to tropical islands, Pi Days with actual pies, and impromptu candy eating contests, NGP VAN practices what it preaches in relation to providing a fun and productive work environment. After all, it is just these types of environments that are known for breeding creativity. For those interested, NGP is currently hiring; if what has already been previously mentioned sounds interesting to you, then visit them on LinkedIn and apply today.

In just under 3 short years NGP VAN has experienced phenomenal growth. This trend is expected to continue moving into the 2020 campaign.


What is carpel tunnel syndrome anyway? What is a syndrome for that matter? How about ergonomics, what are they, or what is it, such as the case may be? The dictionary says: “a symptom, characteristic, or set of symptoms or characteristics indicating the existence of a condition, problem, etc.”, and so the infamous “Carpel Tunnel Syndrome” came into the mainstream with the advent of personal computers. With a vast percentage of the population suddenly using the quintessential “Qwerty” keyboard, common symptoms started coming to light. Well, creative genius stepped in to do what modern medicine could not; cure what ails you! Now, in the interest of full disclosure, there is no “cure” for carpel tunnel syndrome. The phrase “cure what ails you” is a simple facetious quip used to focus attention. However, the “Creative Genius” is for real! Brilliant designers have fashioned a device designed for comfort. Aiming for physical comfort is a brilliant tactic that serves to prevent the dreaded syndrome to begin with.

NewsWatch TV has the unparalleled capacity to seek out and reveal brilliant innovations in the world today. One of the wonderful video reviews spotlights a company called Contour. The Contour people are the brilliant designers mentioned at the beginning of this article. NewsWatch TV highlighted Contour’s cutting edge keyboard designs. These gorgeous keyboards are specifically sculpted to combat the tedium of typing all day, every day. The keyboards are the result of a concerted effort to relieve the strain we all experience when typing on a classic keyboard layout. They have succeeded, and NewsWatch TV saw fit to bring to light this wonderful, creative product. We should thank them both. NewsWatch TV is providing a wonderful service to us all, and all the great stories they produce are nothing short of beneficial to everyone.

This year, Sightsavers was named by GiveWell as one of the top nine organizations to donate to. GiveWell is a charity, assessment organization. This organization takes many different factors into consideration when putting a charitable organization on their list. Sightsavers works with the poor and disadvantaged, in any part of the world. They have deworming programs and assist with vision loss.


Sightsavers was given a high rating in using money cost-effectively by GiveWell. The organization was started by Sir John Wilson. He lost his sight in childhood due to chemistry accident. Later in life, he started this organization because he did not believe the needs of the blind were being addressed adequately, by other non-profits.


He and his wife started Sightsavers to address the needs of blind people in the British territories and, to dispel common beliefs about blind people. He sent seven blind climbers up the side of Mount Kilimanjaro, to prove they could do the same things as those with sight.


Sightsavers spends $437 million for river blindness and has helped to fund cataract operations for patients that cannot see. They have governing boards in different countries to oversee how their money is spent.


“What is river blindness?” River blindness is a parasitic infection that can, over time, cause irreversible blindness. The disease is spread by the bite of infected black flies that breed near fast-flowing rivers. 120 million people are at risk worldwide. River blindness can lead to severe skin irritation, pain and sight loss. 500,000 people are blind because of it. 37 million are infected by the disease. Medication can stop it spreading. Fly catchers work to eradicate the flies that carry river blindness. Together, we can eliminate the disease. Learn more: (or click link in our bio!) #Sightsavers #riverblindness #ntds #blindness #eyes #eyehealth #vision #sight #sightloss #visionloss #eyecare #eyehealth #beatNTDs #nomoreNTDs #blindnessawareness #endavoidableblindness #avoidableblindness #river #rivers #riversides #didyouknow #dyk #factoftheday #interesting #interestingfacts

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Sightsavers in India has managed to bring down the blindness rate to 0.7 percent in the Sunderbans regions. The blindness rate before was 1.9 percent. This change occurred after five years of having the Eye Health Project. They have 17 vision centers that provide residents with affordable eye care.


Sightsavers in America will fund 26 students with assistive technology. They will be buying each student an Onyx Electronic Video Magnifier. All students met the eligibility requirements for this equipment. Students from the Rio Grande Valley will receive these services. It is hosted by Region One Education Center in Edinburg, TX.


This equipment helps a student with visual disabilities. It magnifies objects up to 118 times allowing them to read, do homework, see family and friends, and complete tasks for themselves.

Ted Bauman has played an important role in transforming many government agencies, corporations, and the Banyan Hill Publishing. He acts as the chief-editor of Banyan Publishing which offers financial and investment insights to its readers. He joined the organization in 2013 after the resignation of his father. Ted Bauman has overseen the introduction of new services and products such as the Bauman Letter, ETF-trading a platform, Alpha-stock alert, and other smart money services. The organization has also registered an increase in the number of readers and subscribers. Most of its publications are done either on a weekly and monthly basis. The growth in the number of readers indicates that the services have been valuable to investors.

Under the Banyan Hill Publishing, he is in charge of assets and wealth protection portfolio. It advises the readers on some of the low-risk investments. Ted Bauman also uses the Bauman Letter to educate people on some of the ways they can accumulate and better manage their wealth through legal means. He is credited with coming up with many innovative products and services. Through the services offered by the publications, the economist is of the idea that marginalized people can attain an improved quality of life. His other contributions have been in financial areas such as housing and urban planning, low-cost housing projects, and fund management. The financial analyst has further worked with non-governmental organizations, the United Nations and government agencies.

Ted Bauman Early Life, Education, and Career

The economist was born in Maryland and spent his early years in America before moving to South Africa. He attended the Cape Town University and studied political science, history, and economics. The three fields have been instrumental in the creation and implementation of economic policies. While in South Africa, he took an active role of shaping the economic structures during the post-apartheid period. He further oversaw housing projects in Asia, United Kingdom, and other European countries. After moving back in the USA in 2006, he worked with local NGOs before moving to the Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. He took over from his father and now serves as the Chief-Editor. His past contribution depicts him as an innovative, passionate and transformative individual.


Fortress Investment Group is a well-known private equity firm that has been in business for over two decades and was founded in 1998. Currently, Peter Briger is the serving co-chairman of Fortress Investment Group and has helped the company manage it’s over $70 billion in assets. As the member of Fortress Investment Group’s management committee and advisory board, Peter has helped the company take some essential steps that are result-oriented. It has helped the company to grow business exponentially in the last few years, especially in the market of financial turmoil.

Peter Briger has tremendous experience in the field of finance and equity and has worked with Goldman Sachs for nearly two decades. Working at Goldman Sachs has helped him given him a good understanding of the financial markets and it is what has helped him take over such responsible position at Fortress Investment Group. One of the specialties of Peter Briger is to be able to convert the distressed assets into cash and has converted the considerable size of distressed assets into cash for the firm. Peter Briger Jr: Fortress Investment Group’s King of Debt.

He has served as the partner at one of the leading global banks before leaving that position to become the co-CEO of Fortress Investment Group in 2002.He is also a highly qualified individual and has done masters in business administration from the reputed Wharton School of Business. The experience of Peter Briger in the investment banking sector is undisputed and it is this experience that has helped him take Fortress Investment Group to new heights of success.

Peter Briger not only fulfills his duties at Fortress Investment Group but also takes out time to help nonprofit organizations and many educational and entrepreneur programs. He is part of the entrepreneurship program at the Princeton University from where he passed out. He also financial and resource support to entrepreneurs with excellent ideas so that they do not have to suffer and drop their ideas because of lack of support. He believes that the young people are the future of the country and should be offered all the help they need to make the world a better place.

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Support Tools and Data

Robert Ivy has been the American Institute of Architects CEO and Vice President since 2011 and knows the importance of being surrounded by professional personnel to sustain the professional standards needed as an architect. That is probably one of the reasons by the has such essential support tools and data available on its website. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

The thing that sets aside a trade association from a professional association is several qualities. First, there is the quality of professional support over attracting numbers. Secondly, there is the difference between a sustained effort to provide qualified expert knowledge over passing tips and freebies. Lastly, a professional organization prides itself on having a well-established support team that interacts with its members on a regular basis during training camps, seminars, chapter meetings, and yearly conferences. The importance of sharing professional knowledge and trends cannot be underestimated for a professional organization that is concerned with being #1 in its industry.

A Winning Philosophy

A quality highly desired among professionals is to be associated with a winning philosophy as well as interacting with others who are noted as successful among their peers. Just as difficult it is to hire the #1 Rock and ROll act for a birthday party, so it is just as difficult to attract the most professional practitioners in a professional field into a group that again and again shows no advances in their common profession. Having a common goal is essential for a professional organization, and it seeks to make the best knowledge and performance practices for its members. For example, Robert Ivy has been most instrumental for increasing the number of members of AIA since he took over the role as CEO in 2011. Today AIA has over 90,000 members worldwide.


Support Thru Association

According to Robert Ivy, one of the reasons for joining a professional organization is the support received as an associate with others professionals who have the same goals of service and trained in a like-minded manner. While having many members is critical professional organizations rely upon the increased growth in their abilities as professionals. Under the leadership of Robert Ivy, AIA offers courses throughout the year to its member thru affiliate universities and professional schools, to advance in the field of architecture. Learn more about Robert Ivy at

Looking at how the music world is today, one can just conclude it has been growing, improving, changing, and transforming. If you doubt it, The Chainsmokers will confirm it to you in simpler words. For the several years the band has been in the music career, it has experienced music in various aspects. The band is comprised of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The duo says music is their world and that they can go to any height with it. When you know what you can do best, you don’t compete with others. You, instead, channel your energy and attention to its growth. The two artists didn’t know music would carry their names high since they initially took it as an ordinary hobby.

The duo has smashed the airwaves in the best way possible. Forbes has it that the band intends to transform their brand even though they had become a mainstream artist. Alex and Andrew say they intend to “darken” their music and become edgy. They don’t intend to stop at anything else other than the anticipated new phase. The Chainsmokers has known what success is in different versions. With the stellar growth the band has gained, some people can’t understand why it should still pursue more growth. Success has been the usual path of this great band since they got into the music industry.

Every single the band has released has been darker and with inestimable excitement from its fans. Forbes had an interview with these two American artists, and it discovered the expected new phase had some challenges the duo had to overcome to make it real. Nothing great comes easily. Andrew said their fans have always delighted in their music genre, and that deviating to something different would be a challenge.

The American dynamic duo has always had powerful songs with practical life lessons to enlighten and educate the community. Many of the billboards feature the duo as part of Top 50 Lists in the country. Besides knowing how to gain success, the duo has special skills it uses to hit the charts. The duo produced a song “Selfie” in 2014 that brought an incredible breakthrough in their music career. The list of Billboards couldn’t help having this song for months because of how sensational it had become. iHeartRadio Music Awards and two American Music Awards are some of the awards The Chainsmokers has received.

“A Glimpse into What Drives Atlanta Entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna” seeks to look at some of the factors that drive the success of the Atlanta-based aesthetics physician. Dr. Mark McKenna has been working in the field of medicine for some time but before he started the unique brand of integration that he is well known for he was more dedicated to a real estate venture. Unfortunately, his company McKenna Ventures did not survive Hurricane Katrina as it was based in New Orleans. After this devastating loss, Dr. Mark McKenna realized that he had a love of medicine. He had obtained a medical degree and an MBA from Tulane University. From an early age, he knew that he wanted the best of both worlds. This was when he started to seriously contemplate integrating both worlds into a way that patients could truly benefit from.

If you fast-forward in time to today, you see that Dr. Mark McKenna has done exactly that with his medical aesthetic company OVME. It is no secret that more people are electing to engage in aesthetic procedures. The problem is that when they need to take time out of their busy lives to go in for a consultation it can stop them right in their tracks. Dr. Mark McKenna wants to take away the frustrating experience of getting in for an office visit. While he prides himself on providing top-notch care, he knows that there is some displeasure associated with changing your entire day around to visit the doctor. He is hoping to harness the use of current video technology and smartphone applications to help doctors make visits with their clients through video chats. He believes that doctors can talk to patients in a consultation meeting and allow patients to set up the next steps after that. Once they have made a decision about their care they can come into the office for something that has already been arranged. It takes all of the stress out of the process. In order to understand what drives Dr. Mark McKenna, you need to first look at the fantastic things that are possible because of technology. He wants to be at the cost of such discoveries.