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OSI Food Solutions began as a small family owned butcher shop in Chicago. When it opened in 1909 in Oak Park the founder Otto Kolschowsky had no idea where his company would eventually expand to. Otto had a dream; as a German immigrant he just wanted to own his own business and support his family. The neighborhood was very welcoming and his butcher shop thrived. He expanded to nearby Maywood and renamed his business Otto & Sons. His new family business began the next phase of expansion when he met Ray Kroc in 1955. Ray was the first franchise owner for McDonald’s and entered a verbal agreement with Otto. Otto & Sons was to supply all of the meat for McDonald’s hamburgers.According to OSI Food Solutions ,Over the years it expanded to West Chicago and Aurora.

The plant advanced with technological advancements in food storage solutions. Eventually OSI expanded into other parts of North America and Europe. Throughout the years OSI Food Solutions has acquired many companies in the European market to give them a better customer base. They specialize in production of sauces, dressings, mayonnaise, side dishes and chicken meals. Baho Food was one of the European acquisitions that gave them firm footing in the European market. These easy to prepare meals are a staple in many people’s homes across the business world. OSI Food Solutions saw a much needed expansion need in their Toledo Spain location.

This expansion was able to more than double the amount of quality chicken product at that particular plant.The expansion of the plant also meant there was an expansion in the employment opportunities at that facility. Both general and management positions were available.OSI Food believes in providing quality service and quality products for their customers. They also strive to achieve top notch work environments for all of their employees. Recently they won the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. This is a prestigious award to win and they continue to strive to meet those standards every day at all of their facilities.

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Fortress Investment Group offers you an array of products for those interested in making it big in life. This a financial institution that identifies the market need and somehow works around that to provide a timely solution. Fortress Investment Group specializes in many areas of finance all geared towards making their customers make it gainfully from the market.

Asset-based investment is an ultimate product by Fortress Investment Group. It helps their customers manage business capital, assets of all nature including real estate and properties and the financial wheel that catalyze cash-flow. This partner walks with you the journey of soliciting for finances, pricing, acquisitions and management of all types of assets. The FIG similarly has an operations management department that seeks to align activities in such a way that it is efficient and extracts value from the investment. Ideally, it all about managing the entire investment from scratch until it yields returns.

Businesses if well managed to expand and grow. One stunt is through mergers and acquisitions that help a business expand its market base easily. Fortress helps organizations manage this relationship and treaties as to each party. Elsewhere it also guides investors into making a sound capital market decision. It is a resourceful center to anybody desiring to invest in Capital, equity or stock market or even securing financing using these products. Finally, the Fortress Investment Group generally is a lead administrative and business manager. In the past, it has managed many companies, helping them have a better understanding of the market, run their asset and optimize utility. It has become a global face thanks to its effectiveness in operation and helping other business entities stabiles. See more at

About Fortress Investment Group

This is an investment firm based in New York City. It was founded in 1998 by Randal Nardone who is the interim Chief Executive Officer, Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman who has a deep interest in becoming a leading financial consultant in the world. Today, it is a global investment manager affiliated with established hedge funds and managing private equity. It prides in being the first Investment firm to be listed and traded publicly in the New York Stock Exchange.

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Dr. Saad Saad, one of the most well-known pediatric surgeons in history, retired from the Hovnanian Children’s Hospital. Prior to his retirement, he was also working as the Co-Medical Director. Although his career was beyond successful, his early life is to credit for much of his success in life.

Born into a family of eight children, Dr. Saad Saad would learn just how important it was to provide for your family. He was born in Palestine, but was raised in Kuwait with his siblings, shortly after the region had discovered that they struck oil. The weather was hot, and the only option at this time for work for he and his brother was to work in the heat outside. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

It was by working in the hot sun for long hours that he suffered a heat stroke. He knew that his only hope for working in air condition was to become a surgeon, thus giving him an opportunity to work in the one place that offered air condition in Kuwait; an operating room. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

He was determined to become a surgeon, and it was through his hard work and dedication as a student that he graduated with a medical degree from the University of Cairo. Dr. Saad Saad graduated with honors, and he went on to study in London, then shortly after he moved to the United States as an immigrant.

Once he moved to the United States, he completed his residency in surgery as well as in pediatric surgery. Dr. Saad Saad was the only US Board Certified Pediatric Surgeon that could speak Arabic and English fluently, thus ranking him among the top choices for positions within pediatric surgery.

Additionally, Dr. Saad Saad was also chosen to be the personal physician to the Royal Saudi Family. Bringing his family to Saudi Arabia to live during this time was beneficial, giving him the opportunity to learn more skills and make valuable connections among the Saudi people.

The legacy that he leaves as a man, father, and pediatric surgeon are beyond exceptional. During his long career, he patented two inventions that would improve surgery for his patients on many levels, including giving them the ability to reduce pain and shorten the time in surgery.

Just prior to his final retirement, Dr. Saad Saad was the Surgeon-in-Chief, and the Co-Medical Director for K Hovanian Children’s Hospitals in Hackensack, New Jersey.

GreenSky Credit is a financial technology (FinTech) company based in Atlanta, which reported a successful IPO and strong Q2 earnings . One of the largest FinTech companies in the United States, it is known as a “unicom” company, a term used by Wall Street and Silicon Valley insiders that refers to start-ups with a valuation of $1 billion dollars or more.

David Malik, the current billionaire CEO, founded the company in 2006 at the age of 44. He remains the majority owner of the company, and Forbes estimates his personal fortune to be approximately $2.5 billion dollars. GreenSky’s most recent valuation was $4.5 billion dollars.

GreenSky arranges loans for home improvement projects and prides itself on being different from other technology start-ups. The main difference is that it provides a point-of-sale lending platform, acts like a “middleman” between the borrowers and a variety of merchants numbering approximately 12,000, has 17,000 contractors ready to do much of the actual work, had an $800 million IPO in mid-2018, and made an alliance to secure lending from 14 financial institutions.

The company’s “magic” is not being on the hook for defaults because it transfers the risk to the banks that hold the loans on their balance sheets. GreenSky is also paid an average six percent of the loan amount and an estimated one percent of the balance every year for generating and servicing the loans.

Another recent alliance is with the credit card giant American Express, which will market the lending services to its massive merchant customer base. The merchants offer instant financing to their customers, and thus the merchants are able to close more higher ticket sales and the customers have access to quick financing by applying for a loan on their smartphones and getting a decision within seconds!

Between 2012 and 2016, GreenSky Credit loaned out more than $5 billion dollars. Forbes estimated revenue at $250 million in 2017, and Moody’s projected annual revenue for 2018 is more than $400 million.

Professional societies serve as the perfect hub for aspiring professionals to work on their craft, develop important connections, and utilize tools provided by the overarching membership. Robert Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects and he is one of the foremost leaders in the world of architecture today. With decades of experience in the field to go along with his mantle filled with industry awards, Ivy is in a unique position to impart wisdom upon people following into his path. Let’s take a moment in order to learn about Robert Ivy and his perspective on the role of the professional society.

The AIA, or American Institute of Architects as we stated above, is a professional society that seeks to serve architects of all ages and professional levels with the kind of important information and connections that they need in order to succeed in such a specialized field. Right now, and in the past as well, there has not been a large body of worker organization for architects to fall behind such as the prominent trade unions and professional organizations that span a wide array of other industries. As a result, the work that Robert Ivy is doing with the AIA is more important than ever.


Many aspiring architects probably envision a career path that entails going to school, serving as an intern, and then working their way up the corporate ladder and into an architectural firm. While this path is relatively straightforward and easy to understand, it, unfortunately, isn’t the truth of the industry. Instead, professional societies like the AIA are serving as the bridge that is filling in the gaps between education and professional placement.

At the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy touts a plethora of positive benefits that members can enjoy. From a unified lobbying voice looking out for architects everywhere to key networking events and data analytics, professional societies serve as an ideal way to vault your career upward and to the place that you’d always envisioned it. Some professional societies even serve as a badge of honor to go on your resume as you seek work.

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China’s largest e-commerce and retail service provider has announced that they will be receiving the 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Award. The award is rightfully earned due to the companies push for not only innovation in their manufacturing process but also an urge to bring environmentally friendly techniques to the manner that they transport their products.’s CSR team has been hard at work bringing changes to all aspects of the company, these have included how they execute their sales and delivery and even down to the packaging.’s primary goal is to minimize the carbon footprint that it leaves on China and the world alike. So, it was to no one’s surprise that the SEAL Business Sustainability award committee chose to as their 2018 recipient. now joins other global environmental global company leaders such as Apple, Samsung and Seventh Generation to name a few. Recently,’s head of corporate social responsibility, Libo Ma stated that they are honored to accept the award. It’s a great feeling to know that the companies hard work and push for environmentally sustainable products and innovation are being recognized. He further comments that for, a sense of commitment to improving society has always been their number one priority.

Matt Harney, Founder of the SEAL Awards stated that has been named the highest scoring company in the history of the award. The numbers are “extraordinary”, says Matt Harney, the incredible amount of products being recycled throughout 47 cities is what caught the attention of the award committee and we applaud the efforts being made by to sustain our environment. As China’s Largest retailer, has contributed to the sustainability of their own country as well as other areas of business. They continue to fund projects in not only their own organization but throughout their communities as well. The goal, to bring the best quality service to its consumers as well as contributing to a cleaner world.

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Chris Burch is a man who carries out the visions he sees for hotels and luxury resorts to the finest detail. His track record is unmatched when it comes to finding diamonds in the rough. He is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. It seems that any project that Chris Burch takes part, it turns out to be a gold mine. One of those projects that he is most proud of is his resort on Sumba Island in Indonesia. It is called Nihi Sumba Island. Chris Burch talked to ( about his extensive project.

He says that he has been through ups and downs in his life and went to Sumba Island at the request of some friends of his, see When he got to the island he was hooked immediately and took the time to get to know the locals of the island. He got the vision in his head but needed help to carry it out. Chris Burch enlisted the help of hotelier James McBride to carry it out.


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Thousand thanks to @worthmag for their feature on @nihiwatu. I happen to love it too. ☺️

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Once the project began Chris Burch wasn’t going to look back. He is a man who takes everything into consideration when he took on the project. He wanted to be able to give back to the community so he made sure to hire as many local people on the island to boost the local economy. This is the way that Chris Burch makes a positive difference on everyone around him. This is why he had the Midas touch.

Chris Burch has always relied on gut instinct when it comes to a huge project like this one. His instincts were right on the money and Nihi Sumba Island has become the best hotel in the world multiple times. That is why Chris Burch has the Midas touch of business.

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Real estate developer Hussain Sajwani of DAMAC Properties says that his country, the United Arab Emirates, always benefits from news in the Middle East whether it’s good or bad. When a crisis hits a country in the Middle East wealthy people will usually flee to the UAE, he says. The UAE has established a reputation for stability and safety which other people in the region really appreciate.

His company builds luxury residential properties so he says DAMAC Properties also benefits when high-net-worth end up in the United Arab Emirates as they become potential customers of his. Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties is the UAE’s leading high-end property development firm. He started this company in 2002 and continues to lead it as the chairman.

The UAE is one of the main hubs in the world which has helped this country be so stable. It’s one of the world’s top free trade centers, is an aviation transport hub, and is a leader in global tourism. Hussain Sajwani wishes the Middle East could be more peaceful but he doesn’t concern himself with the volatility entering his country.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani has partnered with the Trump Organization on two of his latest property developments. DAMAC Properties built and sells the villas and apartments that surround world-class golf courses managed by the Trump Organization. It was because of this relationship that when Hussain Sajwani’s daughter got married that Eric and Donald Jr Trump were in attendance. Also attending was the Crown Prince and other high-level officials. His daughter, Amira Sajwani, is also DAMAC Properties chief financial officer.

He was born in either in 1952 or 1953. His hometown is Sharjah and his father was a spice trader who also sold items like pens and watches that he would import from China. Hussain Sajwani was able to get his college education in the United States paid for by the UAE government. His degrees are in economics and industrial engineering and his alma mater is the University of Washington. Find out more about Sajwani’s property development projects on YouTube.

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The emigrant story of Doe Deere is one that is found to be most intriguing. Her family had to overcome hardships that formed an unformidable bond contributing to their strength and success for the American Dream.

Doe Deere, born as Xenia Vorotova from Izhevsk, Russia loved American culture as a child and would dream of someday living there, and at the age of 17 her dream came true. Her mother moved her and her sister to New York in hopes of attaining a better life. However, they found that starting a new life was not so easy and they faced a number of hardships the first few years. Deere’s mother had a difficult time finding a job as an accountant because of her educational records not transferring from Russia, and no one would allow her any positions before receiving them.

Despite all of their efforts to try and make ends meet, Deere and her family had no choice but to go live in a homeless shelter, and for the next six months they continued to struggle. Their current situation had a deep impact on Deere, and to help cope, she would escape from her reality and daydream of one day becoming a fashion designer. Her thoughts became so vivid that she began putting her ideas to paper and created sketches.

In 1999 her family’s misfortune took a turn for the better when a social worker directed them to a non-profit organization called Sanctuary for Families. Deere’s mother got a job as an accountant, and Deere, using the sketches she created, got help to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology too. By 2000, they were able to leave the homeless shelter.

Later Deere became an Entrepreneur and launched a makeup and hair color brand called Lime Crime in 2008 and Jewelry Boutique called Poppy Angleoff in the fall of 2018. Within a month from her opening, she brought into the world her daughter, Lorelei Elita. Her story represents the true meaning of triumph through hardship and an inspiration for women in the U.S. of both natural birth and immigration.

The story of contemporary EDM is incomplete without mentioning the Chainsmokers. For the last seven years, the group has been consistently working on projects, which by industry standards they are exceptionally great and futuristic. They have collaborated with some of the big names in the pop industry such as Coldplay and other talented and young artists such as Halsey. For Chainsmokers, musical chemistry is important when working with another brand.

They are the pioneers of writing and singing their own songs as opposed to relying on songwriters. This approach has set them aside. The reception to this new musical approach is amazing and they have two songs with over a billion views. They can either write a song or produce it individually or they can collaborate in writing the song with the featured musical group or artist. This approach gives them a deeper connection with the song and with the audience. ‘Something just like this’ for example was an intimate project to them. Currently, the song is 1.3 billion views.

Before they met as a group, each member was pursuing music differently although not commercially. For Alex Pall, he was playing on different occasions even though he has a regular job at an art museum. On the other hand, Andrew Taggart, he was already playing as a DJ too but he also had interests in playing musical instruments. With this musical background, the duo had a musical connection, which is still strong. Due to their musical backgrounds, the duo can play and produce music. Currently, Andrew Taggart is fully in charge of production while Alex Pall is an exceptionally great DJ.

The Chainsmokers point out that technology is their biggest weapon. With Instagram for example, they can monitor their audience reception to their music. They point out that they are receiving good reception even in countries perceived to have less EDM following. Other musical sites such as iTunes and Spotify also give them more inspiration. Since the EDM world is ever changing, new, and fresh sounds are important. Spotify playlists and experimental sounds from other great EDM artists inspire them to create more artistically.