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Serge Belamant is a former Executive Officer and President of the organisation Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc. since 2000. He has skills in the operations, research, security, biometrics, neural network and online compact processing systems. He worked at Control Data Corporation as a computer scientist for ten years, where he won several awards. Later he worked in one of the largest ATM at Saswitch ATM network in South Africa as a designer, implementor and an operator.H e has also worked in fields of biometrics and sports. His skills and knowledge in technology have been the inspiration behind goods and services in most industries.

In 2017, during the Q1 results, Serge Belamant talked of the influence challenges that come due to a colleague’s agenda, he also spoke on the status of SASSA. For Q1 results the revenue was approximately $148 million. The factors that contributed to the revenue result that year were granted airtime sales, the changes in shares in Korea, the low essential EPS, and merge of the higher share count.

During Q1 Net 1 recovered more shares more than usual hence making an unplanned debt payment in Korea. Technology adjusts very rapidly, and as a result, the ability to maintain global inclination and improve the high tech solution is the greatest strength of the business.

During the Q1 results, Serge Belament said that a particular country level of advancement accord to any technological product and business model, hence specific technologies should be implemented in certain countries. An M-Pesa in Kenya did a good job and built a network of individuals and agents who act as a mechanical computer system such as ATM, unlike in SouthAfrica the national payment failed since it’s of fundamental nature and more authorised.

In 2017, Serge Belamant retired but became the director and chief executive officer of Net 1, leading to developing recognition of U.S public companies. The division of the leader’s role in the same year was the best collective governance model for the company at that time. Serge Belamant continued providing cogitating services to the company for two years. He has made the company the top best in payment systems and mobile technologies.

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When Ray Kroc met Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky in 1955, there were seven McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S., and not even a hint of the possibility of going global. Arthur and Harry were the principals in Otto and Sons, a successful local wholesaler of quality meat products in the greater Chicago area. Little did Kroc or the Kolshowsky’s realize that by 2018, McDonalds would be operating 36,000 restaurants in 110 countries, and Otto and Sons, re-branded as OSI Group, would be the 9th largest meat and poultry processors in the U.S. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership helped to shape two worldwide market leaders in the food industry.

According to OSI Group McDonalds relationship has been and still is pivotal to the development of both companies into the global juggernauts they are today. As McDonald’s grew and expanded its reach, Otto and Sons, soon to become OSI Group, continued to partner with Kroc as he assumed ownership of the rapidly growing leading food company. The OSI Group McDonalds pairing that started as a handshake agreement to provide ground beef for a local hamburger establishment grew into a friendship between like-minded entrepreneurs, culminating in the partnership we see today, that now spans continents.

How did they do it? OSI Group stayed on the cutting edge of the technology that allowed them to provide the consistent quality food that Kroc demanded. When you grab lunch at your local McDonald’s, or at a location while on vacation miles away, it is a given that your Quarter Pounder with cheese is going to taste the same that day as it did the last time and will again the next time. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership between local butcher and erstwhile entrepreneur is one of the main reasons you can rely on your culinary experience being exactly what you expect – every single time.Even though OSI Group is far removed from its humble beginnings, the guiding principles that led to such growth can apply to any size enterprise today. Relationships are still essential, along with mutual commitment to high quality brand and consistency. That blueprint for success that worked in 1955 is just as valid today.


Matthew Fleeger is an internationally recognized business guru for his entrepreneurial skills and success in managing partnerships and strategic planning. He held an executive post in Medsolutions inc., for thirteen years. Medsolutions central role was the treatment, transportation, and disposal of medical wastes originating from companies specializing in the healthcare.

He later sold his company to Stericycle Inc. and moved on with entrepreneurship in the tanning industry. He helped in the foundation of Palm Beach Tan, an indoor tanning company, and oversaw its growth from humble beginning to one of the most excellent operators countrywide. Matthew also assisted in the formation of Mystic Tan, a spray tanning company that is recognized globally.

Matthew Fleeger’s skills in team building and contract negotiation has enabled Gulf Coast Western to expand its operation through the creation of partnerships. The primary objective of the Gulf Coast Western company is researching, discovering, developing and exploiting domestic oil and gas reserves situated in the Gulf Coast region in America. The knowledge in oil and gas has enabled Matthew Fleeger and his team to select enterprises with minimal assessed risks and with high potential returns, to work with them as participating partners. The mutual trust and respect among the company and its partners have been pointed out as a significant factor that has contributed to its success.

Gulf Coast Western partnered with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy partners in its effort to expand its operations in Southwestern Louisiana. Gulf Coast Westen benefited by obtaining property rights and working interests in thirteen oil producing wells and acquired access to 140 oil locations with about one hundred and thirty million barrels of oil. In Southeastern Louisiana, it partnered with Northcote Energy Limited and obtained working interests and assets, thereby, increasing its operation in Shoats Creek Field, an area with multiple oil wells. Gulf Coast Western company also plans to expand operation outside the borders of the United States.

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After working in the media industry, Victoria Doramus has gained prominence almost globally. She currently works as a Volunteer and a philanthropist. She has recently dedicated her self to charity. Victoria Doramus was born in a small town of Address in the year 1985. In 2002, she enrolled for a Bachelor of Arts in mass communication and Journalism at the University of Colorado.

Apart from the educational knowledge, She was able to organize and manage events in the University. This was coupled with a high level of professionalism and ethical conducts. This taught her the importance of ensuring high working standards in an organization.

So far Victoria Doramus has held major positions in the print media industry. She first began at Mindshare where she worked in the capacity of an Assistant Media Planner. She gained massive experience in print media, advertising, branding, and digital media from Mindshare. This helped her expand her skill set in marketing and trend market analysis.

Victoria Doramus felt it was time to move. She joined Creative Arts in 2007 where she worked as a Group Coordinator for three years. In the same year, she was working as a creative consultant at Stiles Styles LLC where she spends a single year.

Later in 2010, she joined Trendera where she worked as the Western Coast Coordinator. Her role was to acquire and generate sells. She was also assigned a role of sourcing new clients, and before departing from Trendera, it’s customer based have grown tremendously.

In 2011, Victoria Doramus began working as a research assistant and freelance writer at Various. She then in 2012 decided to further her education. She joined Sotheby’s Institute of Art and pursued a Foundation for Western Art course. In 2013, she was done with the course and again in early 2014, she began working with Film Director and Producer Mr. Peter Berg as her Personal Assistant.

Her role was to coordinate as well as manage contractors. She was also responsible for sending and receiving errands and overall general cleaning. This granted her tremendous experience on how to go about the Film and the Television industry.

Victoria Doramus decided enough was enough and in 2016, she started a volunteer job. She put full commitment to charities. This was always her desire and passion. She has worked for Women’s Prison, Best Friends Society for Animals, Amy Winehouse and many more. Though she juggles between her philanthropic role and charity, she has ensured she improve her passion for humankind.

Cosmetology is big business now days, and it has been this way for quite some time. There are a number of high-profile brands on the market today, including L’Oreal, Aveda, Garnier and Pantene. One of the hottest brands in contemporary society is WEN by Chaz, and this brand is loaded with beneficial ingredients. This includes lavender, almond mint, pomegranate, sweet mint and more. Wen has been proven to relieve dry scalp as well as relieve frizz. This phenomenal brand offers single items, bundles and brushes. Here are some great tips and tricks to keep your hair healthy.

According to Wikipedia, one of the best ways to keep your locks looking lovely is to not wash your hair more than three times per week. Over-washing actually strips the scalp of its natural oil, and when the scalp is stripped, dryness will ensue. This is one of the major offenses that females commit on a regular basis. Did you know that your scalp has its own pH level? Yes, this is correct, and you should definitely try using a more gentle shampoo to keep your hair/scalp in an alkaline state. Stay away from haircare products that are loaded with chemical fillers. Of course, chemical fillers will cause a host of issues if you use them on a consistent basis. Colored hair looks stunning when it’s applied right, but colored hair can make your hair very brittle. Colored hair will also provide instant shine, but the shine could fade in a matter of days.

Wen by Chaz Dean can meet all of your haircare needs. Consumers can choose from a full-range of products such as moisturizers, crèmes and spray. Thanks to its high number of peptides and extracts, Wen by Chaz haircare products can definitely bring your hair back from the brink. For more information, visit the website.