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The Academy of Art University in bustling San Francisco, California possesses various striking vehicles from the past. It’s making them part of a auction that’s organized by Mecum, too. This auction is referred to as “The Daytime Sale.” People can check it out between the dates of August 23rd and 25th in sun-kissed Monterey. Richard S. Stephens masterminded the existence of the Academy of Art University in the twenties. Car design is a big focal point for the educational institution. The restoration of vehicles is yet another one.

The Academy of Art University wasn’t always called its present name. It previously was Academy of Art College. Its debut name was actually the Academy of Advertising Art. That’s precisely what the aforementioned Stephens called it upon its introduction in 1929. It started out as an advertising art school. Many noteworthy individuals have studied at the Academy of Art University. These people in many cases went on to enjoy many achievements in the world of the arts. Chris Milk is a director who focuses on music video clips. Rich Baker is a hairstylist and makeup artist who works on movies and who has even been honored with an Academy Award. Rodrigo Prieto, last but certainly not least, is a cinematographer.

There have been many remarkable individuals who have been at the Academy of Art University as pupils. There have also been an abundance of memorable people who have been part of its staff throughout the years. Diane Baker is an actress who has served at the West Coast college. Jan Yanehiro is a journalist who works on television. She’s been on its team. Richard Hart is an acclaimed journalist who has worked for the Academy of Art University.

The Academy of Art University Automobile Museum is a major part of the school’s pride. It’s composed of 200 vehicles that are vintage. These are among the planet’s hardest to locate cars. They’re also among its most precious, fascinatingly enough. Forbes predicts that it has a worth that exceeds a whopping $70 million. The Tucker 48 is a prized car that’s accessible at the museum.

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