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After what has seemed like an incredibly long winter Spring has finally arrived. The weather around the country is getting fairly temperate which means that women everywhere can toss out their sweaters and scarves and start planning outfits that are vibrant and fun.

One Spring trend that is continuing to catch on like wildfire is athleisure. Female shoppers are looking to fitness wear companies to create looks for them that are as comfortable as their favorite pair of grey sweatpants but much, much more stylish than them many times over. On the last day of March global mega-star Beyonce announced her foray into the world of athleisure with her athleisure brand Ivy Park. The pop star’s clothing line on Facebook got everyone talking about just how influential the athleisure trend is becoming.

This April, actress and entrepreneur Kate Hudson told Marie Claire Magazine that she would be expanding the offerings of her athleisure brand Fabletics on elitedaily. Hudson founded the brand with the heavyweights behind the fashion subscription and e commerce conglomerate JustFab Inc. While Fabletics arrived in the world of fashion as a versatile fitness wear brand that offered functional workout clothes with sophisticated design elements, it will soon be offering much more than workout clothes. Their pinterest team is rolling out a line of athleisure dresses and “performance” swimsuits this Spring.

One of the themes of Hudson’s interview with Marie Claire was the versatility that Fabletics on twitter athleisure clothing offers its customers. With Hudson and her partners adding dresses and swimsuits to the line, they seem to be moving toward an idea that could potentially change fashion. That concept involves creating clothes that are able to be worn and transitioned into being appropriate for any occasion. The athleisure dresses seem to be garments that can easily straddle the world of the athletics and socializing.

According to Fabletics’ website, the athleisure brand will also be releasing a colorful, design-conscious collection in April. The line will include at least one little black athleisure dress, palm tree printed pants, and fun sports bras that come in aqua blue, peach and black and white.

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