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There’s great, and then there’s everything else. The OSI Group knows exactly what’s it takes to be great, ranking as one of America’s Top 100 food companies and solutions. Starting in 1909, from humble beginnings as a local meat store, to claiming its destiny and forming an industry-changing relationship with a young, emerging McDonald’s franchise, serving as their primary meat supplier, to now being a multi-billion food company; the OSI Group has developed into a mega-franchise food company that services food vendors worldwide.

Why are they so successful you might ask? Of course hard work, dedication and a commitment to excellence, but to be more specific, here are the top 3 reasons why the OSI Group is America’s top 100 Food companies.

  1. High Quality Products and Standards

The OSI Group is known for offering the best products from the best suppliers in the food industry. Offering the best products means having high standards, something the OSI Group is also known for. OSI is about providing the best products, which means that their sources and vennders are constantly challenged to meet OSI’s top-shelf expectations. Having the highest of quality standards, safety procedures and an environmentally-conscious approach, have helped OSI revolutionize the meat processing field. These standards are met in every 65 OSI Food Solutions facility, which are located in 17 counties around the world.

  1. OSI Food Solutions

Aside from being the world leader in providing exceptional food products,

The OSI Group is highly innovative and flexible with their operations in every OSI Food Solutions facility. Here are a few highlights of how OSI operates:

-OSI can process meats, fruits and vegetables, as well as other proteins such as pizza, bread and breaded snacks; whether raw, fully cooked, baked, fried, fresh or frozen.

-OSI can grind and form meats for pre-ordered shapes and designs. Also capable of providing many packaging food options for retailers and restaurants such as single portion packs or bulk packs.

-OSI also provides vacuum packaging. The OSI staff is highly responsive and proactive in providing solutions that suite whatever the clients’ packaging needs are.

-Most recently, the OSI facility in Spain, OSI Food Solutions Spain, doubled their chicken processing capacity, from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons a year.

-Each OSI Food Solutions facility have state-of-the-art equipment that’s not only powerful, but also energy efficient.

  1. Still Continuing To Expand

The OSI Group remains a leader in the food products industry because of how they continue to expand. They recently acquired Flagship Europe, BAHO Foods and a Tyson Food Plant located in the south side area of Chicago. The latest Tyson Foods acquisition has OSI very excited about the future, as they feel that their meat processing and food packaging production will greatly increase, as well as have a positive impact on the surrounding community and Chicago area.

These acquisitions not only help the OSI Group expand, they also allow for OSI to offer more opportunities for employment and better careers. Currently, OSI already employs 200,000 people worldwide.

For more than a 100 years, OSI has consistently worked towards being the best in the food industry, by putting the customer first and accepting the challenge of providing high-quality food products with innovation and a firm commitment to excellence.

Yanni Hufnagel has built an impressive career as a basketball coach. He has experience working with a number of major college basketball programs and conferences. Yanni Hufnagel is a native of Scarsdale, New York. It was here he first gained a love for basketball. Hufnagel played on the Scarsdale High School’s varsity basketball team before being cut as a junior. He later became interested in commentating before entering the coaching world.

Yanni Hufnagel is well known for his time serving as a basketball coach at Vanderbilt University. Previously he coached at Harvard University for four years. He has developed a reputation as being an excellent recruiter. He helped the Crimson to multiple twenty win seasons. During this time Hufnagel also helped the team to reach multiple NCAA tournaments while coaching the team’s perimeter players. Hufnagel gained valuable experience working under former Duke star Tommy Amaker.

Yanni Hufnagel’s success continued once he arrived at Vanderbilt. Working under Kevin stallings, Hufnagel helped to recurit one of the nations top recruiting classes his first year. His nationally ranked 2014 class included Wade Baldwin IV and Matthew Fisher-Davis. Hufnagel did such a great job he was invited to a conference sponsored by Nike that brought together some of the best assistant basketball coaches and athletic directors that were potential future leaders.

Hufnagel has earned a reputation as a tireless worker and excellent basketball recruiter. During the seasons from 2011- 2013, Hufnagel gained national attention from some of the biggest names in college basketball including ESPN and CBS sports. During each of these seasons he was responsible for recruiting top major top 100 players, many which have gone on to play in the NBA. These recruits include Jaylen Brown, Ivan Rabb and Blake Griffin. Yanni is committed to working hard and has proven he can land the best players.

Matt Badiali is a financial investor in the field of natural resources. He looks for opportunities in fields such as mining agriculture. These are some lucrative fields, but some people tend to ignore such opportunities. There are excellent opportunities that people can take advantage of in this field, but lack of information is still a key factor that ails the industry. Many people do not understand which mineral deposits are doing well or which are likely to drop. All this information may be hard to decipher especially for people who do not have knowledge of the mining industry.

Matt Badiali has been in the industry for a long time. He understands the mining dynamics than many people. From his time in the university, he has been dealing with mining operations. For his undergraduate, he studied a degree in Earth Science at the Penn State University. He then moved to Florida Atlantic University where he gained his master’s degree in Geology.

After his degree, Matt Badiali embarked on a journey of going around the world focusing on the mining operations. He has visited many countries which control the mining operations in the world. He has studied the mining sectors in these countries and now understands them very well. He can tell when there are good opportunities in the global market and when there are none. He has personally benefited from knowledge a lot. When the world was going through the 2008 financial crunch, Matt Badiali was still making some correct investments. When others thought that some of the minerals he was investing in would crash, he proved them wrong by earning huge returns through them.

Matt Badiali today works with the Banyan Hill Publishing, a publishing house for investment materials in the country. They have a number of senior editors dealing with various faculties. For Badiali, he is in the natural resources and agriculture sector. He is the author of the Real Wealth Strategist, one of the best investment newsletter in circulation currently. By reading the various releases of this newsletter, you will be left aware of some of some of the opportunities available in the sector. A good example is the Freedom Checks opportunity.

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On April 16, 2018, veteran journalists from Arizona were arrested by the FBI. The two were arrested on allegations of running illegal activities through one of the sites they use to own known as The FBI also seized the site during the raid. A visit to the site will confirm that indeed this took place. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

There is banner by the FBI stating that the site is under investigations. Although Lacey and Larkin have been arrested on these allegations, they were not the owners of the site at the time of arrest. They had sold it two years later to an owner who has been left out in the whole fiasco. Only Lacey and Larkin plus a few other executives of the site have been accused of committing illegalities.

According to the charge sheet that was released by the prosecution, they will be facing 93-count charges of engaging in illegal activities. Some of the accusations involve money laundering. It was highly anticipated by the foes of the two that they would be charged with sex trafficking, but this never appeared don the charge sheet. have faced criticism from different quarters with some influential people such as Cindy McCain calling it an online brothel. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The genesis of the arrest seems to have been the actions taken by the two to expose and condemn influential figures in leadership who have engaged in unbecoming conduct that befits their offices. Cindy McCain seems to be angered by the way the two covered his husband when he was seeking a position of the President of the United States.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin also face challenges posed by the political figures they have been condemning through a new site they recently introduced known as the Front Page Confidential. This is a site that addresses matters of the First Amendment and nothing else.

The site seems to be a cause of alarm for many politicians in the country who feel the heat from the work of Lacey and Larkin. It is interesting to know that they were arrested shortly after launching the site.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have a long history of standing up to the powerful in the society. In 2007, they were arrested by the then Sheriff of Maricopa County Joe Arpaio for exposing the atrocities he was committing in the county. He arrested them illegally a matter that ended up with the two receiving $3.75 million in compensation from the state.

Ara Chackerian has made a name for himself in the world of business and Philanthropy. In a recent interview that he had with, Ara Chackerian was able to discuss some issues including his latest ventures, entrepreneurship and more. On his latest venture TMS Health Solutions, Chackerian said that the idea came when Ara and a long time business partner wanted to extend their experience in building a center for outpatient diagnostic radiology to other areas in the healthcare sector. It is after a long-term providing partner gave them the insight to look at the outpatient psychiatry space and in particular the treatment of depression using a new device called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TSM).


After doing several pieces of research on technology and treatment, the pair saw an opportunity where TMS could become the third pillar of psychiatric care along with the talk therapy and medication. The treatment at the time as Ara put it showed efficiency especially in the areas of treating those people with the major depressive disorder. The duo had earlier had a meeting with unsurpassed TMS thought leaders Dr. Richard Bermudas where they were able to understand several things they dint about the TMS treatment. Most importantly they firmly believed in Dr. Bermudas belief that the TMS can help a lot of people who suffer from the medication-resistant depression. It is from there that they came up with the TMS Health Solutions. The aim of TMS Healthcare Solutions as Ara Chackerian explains to enable both the patient and the physician to achieve the desired outcome for both in a “patient first” methodology regarding the experience and the treatment that they get. Since its foundation, the partnership has been able to create seven facilities that serve the greater area of San Francisco and Sacramento. For more details visit



Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist who is based in San Francisco. He has a successful career that spans decades of experiences working in the healthcare technology. He has been a founder of several companies that have been successful in the area of diagnostic imaging services. He is the co-founder and the president of Limoapa Teak a Nicaragua based farm specializing in teak.



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GoBuyside of New York City has adapted to the evolving employment landscape. They are an executive search firm. The days of calling and using local talent recruitment agencies to fill positions are now viewed as old fashioned and inefficient ways of recruiting in the new digital age. GoBuyside watches trends within the financial industry to come up with methods that are most efficient to acquire new talent. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

The recruiters at GoBuyside of NYC uses industry-specific recruiters instead of general recruiters. Industry-specific recruiters are specialized in finding quality talent for a position in the investment management sector. There are three major advantages to using industry-specific recruiters. Such as reduced opportunity costs, increased niche expertise and access to a large pool of top-tier investment management talent.

Investment management firms are constantly looking for ways to reduce the time it takes to bring on board a new hire. Unfilled positions are a burden on the company. Taking up valuable time and costing more revenue. A successful employee should manifest 5-10 times more than their annual compensation in revenue for the company. Follow GoBuyside on

Arjun Kapur is the founder and current CEO of GoBuyside of New York City. He has attended John Hopkins University and graduated with a Masters in Business Administration from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Arjun has complied years of successful recruiting experience for businesses, spanning over 40 cities in the United States and 10 cities overseas.

One trend that excites Arjun Kapur, is the increasing research and development of artificial intelligence or AI. While still in the early stages its potential value to enrich lives is intriguing. Arjun states that he hopes there are major breakthroughs in the future that have effective real-world applications. In a recent interview Mr. Kapur was asked “What is one strategy that helped you grow your business?”. He responded by saying that it was great customer service. He also states that customers have a choice when choosing to buy products or services. The customer can tell 8 out of 10 times when you are genuinely interested in helping them versus just trying to get revenue.


JHSF is one of the leading real estate investment companies in Brazil. It was started in 1972 by two siblings, José and Fábio Roberto Auriemo. It was first established in Sao Paulo as a construction company, but over time it evolved to be a real estate development company that was making huge contributions to the community. The founders of the company have a dream of making it the biggest company in the world but this would only happen if they paid close attention to necessary development in the company. They brought other partners who could assist in the development of the company.

Since 2001, the company has been undergoing tremendous growth. It has been taking one big project after another. JHSF is behind the mall revolution which has taken place in Brazil. They were the first company to come up with a mall in Sao Paulo. Known as the Metro Santa Cruz mall, this is one of the famous real estate projects in the country. Since then, JHSF has taken up other projects all of which have ended up being some of the biggest in the country. With the first project, JHSF outdid themselves since they included even a subway station. With this project, customers would visit the mall, purchase and then use a convenient means of transport to leave.

About Jose Auriemo Neto

The change which has been witnessed in the company has not come through sheer luck. It is the efforts of the management of the company which have borne fruits. After the entry of Jose Auriemo, a son of one of the founders, the company took different turn. Jose Auriemo Neto decided to take the company through an unprecedented transformation. Whatever is seen to be happening in the company has mainly been through the efforts of Jose Auriemo Neto. He is determined to see the company take over the real estate industry in business by creating unmatched projects.

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Equities First Holdings (EFH) opened an office in the United Kingdom in 2012. At that time, they begin to offer financial advice and equity loans. The office in United Kingdom has produced over 700 transactions. The transactions in the new market was enough to have EFH has pushed into markets in Australia and China. An equity loan is an alternative method to a traditional loan. Equity loans allows stocks to be used as collateral upon approval by EFH. Some people are rejected by traditional banks before they turn an equity loan because equity loan has better approval rate than some traditional lending institutions.

And equity loan can be utilized by both business, or individual. An example of an equity loan is Chief Executive Officer of PaySafe Group PLC(PSG) Joel Leonoff used his shares to secure a 3-year loan. Once he repaid the loan, EFH gave him over 9 million shares. It was over 2 percent of his company’s shares.

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The Talos Company is usually located in Houston, Texas. The founders of the company (John Parker, John Harrison, Stephen Heitzman and Timothy Duncan) incorporated the company with the main aim of venturing into the gas and oil industry.

The company prides itself in the great networks that it can create. The relationships that it has created with other companies have been of great help in maintaining its position in the competitive market. For instance, most recently, the company was able to merge with the Stone Energy Corp.

Being just one of the oil and gas companies among the many in the very competitive market, they try to stand out from the other companies by concentrating more on offshore production and exploration of oil. Consequently, they invest in equipment and materials that will help them drill these products from the deep oceans. That way, they can operate without necessarily outsourcing their resources. This consequently improves the profitability of business activities.

The Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast are the regions that the company is currently concentrating on getting assets within. From their analysis, these are the regions that they can manage to carry out full exploitation and maximize on returns because wastage of resources would be likely to be very minimal in specific regions. It also gives the company a platform to concentrate on growth because they will be able to comfortably carry out exploration of the surrounding regions. They have not been considered a potential mining region by other oil and gas companies, yet.

The management of the company has also greatly contributed to success over time. When they were coming together, they had a common objective. Their objectivity has always ensured that the strategies they used in operations are only the best, those that would attract the greatest returns.

The experience that the individuals in the management have had has been of great help as well. The company can avoid the many risks that they would expect in the company. the decision to go technical in their production, for instance, has placed them at a very high competitive level, compared to their peers.

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Africa is well known for the abundant natural resources it provides to the rest of the world. Its rapid growth in population is translating to considerable economic growth that will make it a force to reckon with shortly. Professor Kamil Idris believes that much of what is going on today will profoundly impact how the future plays out.

Looking at the current state of affairs, Northern Africa is doing considerably well compared to Sub Saharan Africa. A steady rise in the GDP of the Southern part is a testament of a general increase in workers in the informal sector. More investors are flocking to the market, and Professor Kamil Idris believes that this spells better things for the continent.

The downside of the growth is the political instability that has rocked many African countries. This instability coupled with the nosediving oil prices has hindered growth in other nations. Professor Kamil Idris also mentioned lack of enough intra-regional trade as a factor that is keeping them from achieving their full potential.

He, however, looks to the rise in urbanization as a positive step towards achieving high economic growth. The young generation is also counted upon to make the difference. Professor Kamil Idris is proud of the technological advancements witnessed in Africa. Empowerment of the population is guaranteed resulting in solutions to the problems plaguing the continent.

African still needs to put it more funds in their infrastructure to support economic growth. Professor Kamil Idris implores African nations to diversify their exports if they hope to increase revenue from the same. Governments should also consider making changes on trading tariffs to encourage trading between them.

While speaking about the World Intellectual Property Day, Professor Kamil Idris mentioned how it was important in the pertinent issues of life. He emphasized how human creativity drives the society and why it is necessary to protect it. Having served as the director of World Intellectual Property Rights Organization for more than ten years, he has a full understanding of what they are all about.

Professor Kamil Idris has a BA from Cairo University and an LLB from Khartoum University. He is a masters and doctorate holder in International Law from Ohio University and the University of Geneva respectively. The 64-year-old joined WIPO in 1982 and served in different capacities until 2008 when he stepped down.