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What is carpel tunnel syndrome anyway? What is a syndrome for that matter? How about ergonomics, what are they, or what is it, such as the case may be? The dictionary says: “a symptom, characteristic, or set of symptoms or characteristics indicating the existence of a condition, problem, etc.”, and so the infamous “Carpel Tunnel Syndrome” came into the mainstream with the advent of personal computers. With a vast percentage of the population suddenly using the quintessential “Qwerty” keyboard, common symptoms started coming to light. Well, creative genius stepped in to do what modern medicine could not; cure what ails you! Now, in the interest of full disclosure, there is no “cure” for carpel tunnel syndrome. The phrase “cure what ails you” is a simple facetious quip used to focus attention. However, the “Creative Genius” is for real! Brilliant designers have fashioned a device designed for comfort. Aiming for physical comfort is a brilliant tactic that serves to prevent the dreaded syndrome to begin with.

NewsWatch TV has the unparalleled capacity to seek out and reveal brilliant innovations in the world today. One of the wonderful video reviews spotlights a company called Contour. The Contour people are the brilliant designers mentioned at the beginning of this article. NewsWatch TV highlighted Contour’s cutting edge keyboard designs. These gorgeous keyboards are specifically sculpted to combat the tedium of typing all day, every day. The keyboards are the result of a concerted effort to relieve the strain we all experience when typing on a classic keyboard layout. They have succeeded, and NewsWatch TV saw fit to bring to light this wonderful, creative product. We should thank them both. NewsWatch TV is providing a wonderful service to us all, and all the great stories they produce are nothing short of beneficial to everyone.

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