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In this day and age, the struggle for human rights remains more important than ever. To expound further, the fight for human rights continues to remain a global risk. In spite of recent advances afforded to minority ethnic groups and women, certain groups of people have yet to receive their basic human rights and dignity.

To expound further, groups such as illegal immigrants and other minority groups in America continue to have their civility ignored. In particular, nations such as the United States hold a greater responsibility to ensure human rights than other nations. This remains attributed to America marketing itself as the land of opportunity and a land of immigrants. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Larcey: and

To expound further, the United States of America has modeled itself as a safe haven for humanity. However, numerous atrocities have occurred in the country since its conception. To name a few, these include the mass murders of the Native Americans for their land, slavery, racial segregation, etc. In recent times, the nation has witnessed an uptick in anti-immigration sentiments.

This remains noteworthy due to the nation itself being founded by immigrants. In particular, Latino immigrants have remained subjected to discrimination and disenfranchisement far greater than other immigrant groups.

To expound further, immigrant groups from Mexico have remained targeted by the police due to their heritage. To make matters worse, a sizable segment of the United States population believes that the nation should ban groups of people from entering the United States.

Not only does this violate the nation’s constitution, it also violates the opportunity to improve one’s standard of living. In spite of such hurdles, many Americans affirm their support for Americans who hail from different creeds, nationalities, and backgrounds. In particular, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin remain a perfect example. For those unaware, Michael and Jim remain deeply rooted in supporting equal rights for migrant works. For years, the team has fought vigorously to secure the rights of these people.

Moreover, both of these men founded organizations aimed at bringing justice to migrant workers and their fight for freedom. Unfortunately, everyone did not concur with their brilliant ideology. On numerous occasions, both men face the same injustices that they fight against on a daily basis. While in Arizona, both men remained unlawfully incarcerated by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

After being taken out of their homes in the middle of the night, both men got jailed for exposing the corrupt grand jury proceedings. Moreover, the grand jury proceedings demanded reporter’s notes that pertained to the Sheriff.

In addition, the grand jury proceedings requested the identity of citizens who read Lacey and Larkin’s stories online involving the lawman. This remained noteworthy due to both men basing their activism on their First Amendment right.

Fortunately, these men won the case when the case made its way to the United States Court of Appeals for the ninth circuit. To expound further, these men won $3.75 million dollars in their settlement. However, they ended up giving it to migrant rights organizations.

Yeonmi Park is a unique individual as she is one of the few individuals who has been able to become a North Korean defector. As a young woman, Ms. Park has shown ample amount of courage and has the current mission of helping those who wish to flee from the border of North Korea. As having to live through this experience, Ms. Park is sympathetic to the horrors and the starvation that can be experienced during this dangerous journey. In recent news, Ms. Park has written a new book called In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom that recounts her life as a North Korean defector and all the sacrifices that she has made over the past ten years to get to where she currently is.
In Ms. Park’s recent published book, she is able to communicate to people all around the world of the horrors that she faced while in North Korea as well as during adventure across the border. Ms. Park was born in 1993 to a North Korean family that was respected within the community. Though her family started well off, the economic collapse in the late 1990s encouraged Yeonmi’s father to become involved in the black market as she admitted on News.Au, in order to feed his family. Ms. Park’s father was eventually thrown into prison as a result of smuggling metals into China.

The starvation and isolation that were experienced by Ms. Park and her mother are what encouraged the two to flee from their former country. Though they were able to cross the border, Ms. Park also talks about her enslavement in human trafficking. This involvement motivated Ms. Park to become passionately involved in making sure individuals who are fleeing from North Korea, make it safely across the border. Ms. Park’s current mission according to her Reason TV statements, is to unite all North Korean defectors in order to educate the world as well as international organizations on the brutality and injustice that the citizens experience in North Korea.