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Africa is well known for the abundant natural resources it provides to the rest of the world. Its rapid growth in population is translating to considerable economic growth that will make it a force to reckon with shortly. Professor Kamil Idris believes that much of what is going on today will profoundly impact how the future plays out.

Looking at the current state of affairs, Northern Africa is doing considerably well compared to Sub Saharan Africa. A steady rise in the GDP of the Southern part is a testament of a general increase in workers in the informal sector. More investors are flocking to the market, and Professor Kamil Idris believes that this spells better things for the continent.

The downside of the growth is the political instability that has rocked many African countries. This instability coupled with the nosediving oil prices has hindered growth in other nations. Professor Kamil Idris also mentioned lack of enough intra-regional trade as a factor that is keeping them from achieving their full potential.

He, however, looks to the rise in urbanization as a positive step towards achieving high economic growth. The young generation is also counted upon to make the difference. Professor Kamil Idris is proud of the technological advancements witnessed in Africa. Empowerment of the population is guaranteed resulting in solutions to the problems plaguing the continent.

African still needs to put it more funds in their infrastructure to support economic growth. Professor Kamil Idris implores African nations to diversify their exports if they hope to increase revenue from the same. Governments should also consider making changes on trading tariffs to encourage trading between them.

While speaking about the World Intellectual Property Day, Professor Kamil Idris mentioned how it was important in the pertinent issues of life. He emphasized how human creativity drives the society and why it is necessary to protect it. Having served as the director of World Intellectual Property Rights Organization for more than ten years, he has a full understanding of what they are all about.

Professor Kamil Idris has a BA from Cairo University and an LLB from Khartoum University. He is a masters and doctorate holder in International Law from Ohio University and the University of Geneva respectively. The 64-year-old joined WIPO in 1982 and served in different capacities until 2008 when he stepped down.