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The career and life of Bruce Levenson have seen the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks take on a number of challenges over the course of recent years he hopes will make positive changes to the world around us all. Levenson has sought a new way of exploring the World War II Holocaust through his funding of the U.S. Holocaust Museum that he took the Hawks to soon after the Museum opened.

Bruce Levenson and his fellow members of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC sold the franchise and the rights to operate Phillips Arena in June 2015 just days after the contract of General Manager Danny ferry had been mutually terminated; Levenson’s legal team had already discussed making a claim against a workplace based insurance policy with AIG in the buildup to the termination of Ferry’s contract. Since the claim was made Levenson’s attorney’s claim they have had no contact from AIG and have now brought the case to the Superior Court of Fulton County.

Lawyers from Barnes & Thornburg are acting on behalf of Bruce Levenson’s group in this case and believe AIG should complete the agreed financial settlement plus a 50 percent penalty and all legal fees; Bruce Levenson and his lawyers believe the claims made by Danny Ferry prior to the sale of the Hawks can be classed as constructive dismissal and triggered the policy.

There is much to admire in the life and work of Bruce Levenson, including his willingness to place his own reputation on the line as he searches for a brighter future around the world. Levenson joined a group of prominent business leaders of the Jewish faith who have been working to influence Israeli government officials to work towards a peaceful end to land disputes across the Middle East he believes are threatening the future of the planet as a whole.

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AIG and Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC are currently embroiled in a lawsuit that claims that New Hampshire Insurance Company failed to fulfill contractual obligations that were outlined in an insurance policy that was to cover termination of employment claims. Bruce Levenson was the controlling partner for the company that formerly owned the Hawks basketball team at the time the coach was terminated. Danny Ferry’s termination was though to be covered according to the policies guidelines.

An agreement was reached between Danny Ferry and the ownership of the Hawks. The amount of the settlement was undisclosed but the company was sold ( two days later to the group that now owns the Hawks and whose principle is Tony Ressler. Danny Ferry’s original contract was for six years and salary of $18 million.

He is also a board member of IT Industry and TechTarget. In regards to UCG, they provide information in the oil and gas industry such as the Oil Price Information Service which offers up to the minute oil prices and Gas Buddy which is an app that assists truck drivers in finding the very best gas prices in an area.

He later attended Washington University in St. Louis. He then attended American University where he graduated from law school. While still in college at American University, he was writing for the Washington Star. According to Time Magazine – Bruce Levenson is not only a seasoned businessman, but he is also an active philanthropist that has contributed to a variety of organizations throughout his long career. Some of those organizations include the I Have A Dream Foundation and the Hoops And Dreams Foundation. Read more on PR