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A mortgage service provider has made a partnership with Nexbank in a bid to improve home ownership in the Dallas area. The non-profit group known as Dallas Neighborhood Homes, aims to provide more than one hundred loans every year for the next one year, and is targeting low income areas in southern parts of the city.

The group will be getting the financing to offer these loans from NexBank SSB. The bank has committed itself to provide over $50million in loans to support various projects around the country. The project involves more than just getting the clients and offering the mortgages. They will be first counseling the low income earners and preparing them for the responsibility of owning homes and having to pay a mortgage. The financial counseling services will be provided by a third partner in the project, the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. The bank is also paying title fees for closings as long as they are closed through their affiliates.

NexBank was thanked immensely for their efforts to make home ownership a possibility to people that need it. When these families are put in their own homes, they will be in a better position to provide for their children, and the possibility of their future improving will increase.

Matt Siekielski, the COO at NexBank said that they were glad to help the community achieve better housing. He expressed gratitude for the partnership between both companies and stated that they would be looking for other ways to help the less fortunate in the community as it has always been their priority.

NexBank received their charter close to a century ago and has been providing commercial, institutional and mortgage banking over the years. Their clientele includes individuals, co-operations and organizations.