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The role of community banking in changing the personal lives of local populations is profound and touching. From offering tailor made financial services and engaging deeply with the community they operate in, Community banks have become a popular financial Good Samaritan to a million of families.

The revolution in the banking sectors implies that community banks must also move with the emerging trends and technology to grow. Community banks, therefore, are also members of the banking association, like the Texas banking association, which congregate yearly to discuss and share perspectives on challenges as well as opportunities facing the financial sector.

On November 10 2016Mr. John Holt, the president, and CEO of Nexbank capital, Inc., a community bank operating in Dallas had the good opportunity of addressing the banking panelist whereby he touched on the issues of innovation in banking and the way they have reshaped competition in the banking sector. It was the Texas bankers association 5th annual conference, and it was held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The opportunity was called for owing to the community bank rising portfolio. As per March 31’st, the company assets had grown to a record 5.3 billion$, enabling the bank to offer competitive mortgage services, commercial banking solutions, and institution based financial loans services.

All this can be attributed to sound and competent leadership and executive management team as well as unwavering loyalty from Dallas residence. The current chairman James Dondero is a man of renowned executive banking experience and sums this up with a strong leadership personality as well as a commitment to a success oriented strategy in management.

Some of the leading mortgage services provided by Nexbank are jumbo mortgage as well as mortgage purchase and refinance services. They also have online banking service with a 24-hour response and support.