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When you are in the middle of a career and you have nothing in your personal mindset that encourages personal fun and freedom, then it can be an unexpected loop when you wake up one day thinking about your personal family and how to grow it larger. However, that is exactly the case that occurred in Dr. Jennifer Walden’s life when out of nowhere she went from being a one hundred percent career minded doctor to thinking about having a family almost overnight.

However, while this may not be the norm, Dr. Jennifer Walden was completely comfortable with the fact that IVF allowed her to have two children despite not having a man act as her spouse or significant other. This process not only was something she considers a scientific miracle, but it is also something that she is able to get that many people may not be able to have. When you consider the pure option and opportunity of just being able to grow your family if and when you choose to do so, then there is more than enough reason for anyone to be optimistic.

On the one hand she did have to make the transition of moving back home to Austin and away from New York City so that her little ones could be around friends and family as they are raised. However, other than the physical move, a surgeon who is ranked as one of the best in the world at her craft truly is able to have it all with both her family and her career.

When you consider the amount of people who would dream to be in the shoes and have the life of Dr. Jennifer Walden, then you should also realize she is definitely living the dream of having it all. The only question is what she will take on next.


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