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Mark Beer is a godsend for those who suffer from pelvic floor issues. He is pioneering efforts to help people who suffer from pelvic-floor relative issues. Recently, his company, Renovia, has raised about $42 million dollars in an effort to get up funds for more research. They plan on using the money for the development of four life-changing products that will help people in their lives. It took a lot of heads to come together to raise this money.


It is not surprising that Marc Beer has been able to raise all of that money. He has entrepreneurial skills that are hard to match. His skills come from more than two decades of experience as a leader of biomedical companies. The biomedical companies that he has led have taken on a variety of health issues. One of the companies that he led dealt with stem cells. Stem cells have a reputation of coming from fetuses. However, we must not believe the propaganderous claims that ultra-pro-lifers impose on everyone. In reality, stem cells can come from a variety of body parts. They can even be found in the bodies of adult humans. The company that Marc Beer led took stem cells from umbilical chords. Stem cells have shown so much potential, and any company that has dealt with them has really been onto something. Learn more:


Marc Beer does not just have a vast resume of work experience, he also has a college degree. His bachelor’s of science was received from Miami University. When people hear the name of the college, they may think of someplace with palm trees. However, the location of his college was quite the contrary. In fact, it was in Ohio—a place that is known for its cold, Midwestern winters.


Mark Beer is proud to know that he is helping people in specific niches, as well as broader categories. He strives to put an end to the problems that his companies are trying to solve. The vast amounts of knowledge that he has gained in his pursuits has aided in achieving his goals. Hopefully, someday, the world will see an end to incontinence and other problems that haunt the pelvic floor.