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The First Congressional Seat of Wisconsin has been a safe seat for Republicans after recently being held by House Speaker Paul Ryan. However, Ryan has made the decision to retire from politics following his naming to the “Big MOney 20” list published by the End Citizens United PAC. As far back as September 2017, the race in Wisconsin was shaken up by the arrival of Randy Brice as the Democrat candidate who could not be more of a contrast to the special interest funding and conservatism of Ryan. Follow the group on

Randy Brice has not yet received the national attention of another End Citizens United backed candidate, Beto O’Rourke in Texas as he takes on former Presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Ironworker Bryce shocked the world of U.S. politics when he made the decision to take on House Speaker Paul Ryan in the Midterms before Ryan decided to pull out of the race. One of the most important figures on the right stated he hoped to spend more time with his family but many believe the shifting public opinion of politicians with ties to special interest groups played a role in the decision to retire from Washington for Ryan.

Randy Bryce has already declared his wish to win the First Congressional Seat in Wisconsin using a grassroots funding campaign which had average donations of $25 by September 2018. The decision of Ryan to retire from politics after 20 years of holding the Congressional Seat in Wisconsin resulted in Bryce and many on the left believing his chances of achieving an unlikely victory had been improved. The “iron stache” persona of Bryce is polling favorably against Paul Ryan’s protege and former driver, Bryan Steil and giving those on the left hope Bryce will become the highlight of an election night Democrats hope to win.

End Citizens United share the beliefs of Randy Bryce in hoping for a reversal of the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision which allowed special interest groups and corporate PACs to enter U.S. politics. The arrival of End Citizens United is allowing candidates like Randy Bryce to use their campaign experience earned in 2016 to bring success in the Midterms.

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