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Malcolm CassSelle was appointed as the president of WAX in 2017. WAX, which stands for Worldwide Assets eXchange is a blockchain platform dedicated to facilitating the trading of virtual assets. While holding the CEO position at WAX, Malcolm CassSelle is also the CIO of OPSkins. Before joining WAX, Malcolm CassSelle served at various positions in different companies. This includes Xfire, a global network for core video game players. He also served as CEO at MediaPass.

OPSkins, for which Malcolm CassSelle also serves as the CIO is the global leader in terms of in-game virtual assets sales. Also, OPSkins a leading firm in bitcoin trade in the world. With the growing number of people who make transactions across borders, OPSkins is facing the challenge in terms of technological capabilities since it’s the leading centralized market place for virtual gaming assets. The intense pressure from huge numbers of customers forces the company to opt for the decentralization of the market in order to survive.

As a way of decentralizing the market platform, OPSkins launched WAX. The biggest problems targeted by WAX are fragmentation and fraud. This has been achieved by the platform giving users a chance to buy and sell virtual products while still having their game on. With WAX, the users are able to tokenize their gaming assets and instantaneously trade assets with other players without logging their out. WAX has broken the geographical burrier to trade between users through the introduction of the WAX Token. Users transact directly without using middlemen since the WAX Token is a globally recognized exchange item unlike sometimes back when the users had to seek the help of middlemen when transacting between countries that use different currencies.

WAX blockchain runs on its DPOS. DPOS refers to Delegated Proof of Stake, this is the fastest, most decentralized, flexible and efficient consensus algorithm. The DPOS utilizes confirming nodes which makes WAX a democratic platform by allowing users to vote for the proposed delegates. The WAX Tokens can be stored and used as smart contacts when purchasing, renting or trading in-game-items. According to Malcolm CassSelle, WAX is going to spark the involvement of the gaming industry into the world of cryptocurrency.

“A Glimpse into What Drives Atlanta Entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna” seeks to look at some of the factors that drive the success of the Atlanta-based aesthetics physician. Dr. Mark McKenna has been working in the field of medicine for some time but before he started the unique brand of integration that he is well known for he was more dedicated to a real estate venture. Unfortunately, his company McKenna Ventures did not survive Hurricane Katrina as it was based in New Orleans. After this devastating loss, Dr. Mark McKenna realized that he had a love of medicine. He had obtained a medical degree and an MBA from Tulane University. From an early age, he knew that he wanted the best of both worlds. This was when he started to seriously contemplate integrating both worlds into a way that patients could truly benefit from.

If you fast-forward in time to today, you see that Dr. Mark McKenna has done exactly that with his medical aesthetic company OVME. It is no secret that more people are electing to engage in aesthetic procedures. The problem is that when they need to take time out of their busy lives to go in for a consultation it can stop them right in their tracks. Dr. Mark McKenna wants to take away the frustrating experience of getting in for an office visit. While he prides himself on providing top-notch care, he knows that there is some displeasure associated with changing your entire day around to visit the doctor. He is hoping to harness the use of current video technology and smartphone applications to help doctors make visits with their clients through video chats. He believes that doctors can talk to patients in a consultation meeting and allow patients to set up the next steps after that. Once they have made a decision about their care they can come into the office for something that has already been arranged. It takes all of the stress out of the process. In order to understand what drives Dr. Mark McKenna, you need to first look at the fantastic things that are possible because of technology. He wants to be at the cost of such discoveries.

It was in September 2014 that Whitney Wolfe Herd launched Bumble. Her app, where women make the first move, and since gone on to become the second most used dating app. She leads this Austin, Texas-based firm as the chief executive officer and sets the overall agenda of where the company goes with this app. Since launching as strictly a dating app it is now able to help users find new friends and establish business contacts as well. Read this article of Whitney Wolfe at Deadline

A recent feature that she had added to Bumble is “Snooze“. As Whitney Wolfe Herd knows herself many smartphones are an endless cacophony of noise from notifications and alerts. You can put Bumble into “Snooze” mode and it will stop alerting you to matches until you turn this feature off. She says that this tool also includes ways to prioritize wellbeing and go on a digital detox holiday. She said that she wanted to give users a way to disconnect by their own choosing. She thinks spending too much time on social media is harmful to people, especially younger women.

Before implementing this feature the team at Bumble conducted a survey of 2,250 people. One of the things they learned was that more than 60% of younger women felt that they were overwhelmed by social media. Dr. Jessica Carbino, who works for Bumble as their sociologist, says that one of the big problems with social media is that it gives people an unrealistic sense of who they are and how others perceive them online.

While Facebook has been moving into the dating scene recently Whitney Wolfe Herd has been increasingly moving Bumble into the general social media space. Most dating apps are very dependent on Facebook and the data they collect. This isn’t the case with Bumble as it collects its own data. Whitney Wolfe Herd has said that her company at one point needed data from Facebook but this is no longer the case. She said that when they introduced a way to log in that wasn’t through Facebook the number of people registering to Bumble shot up by 40% which she found to be quite telling about who is using her app.

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The trend for the past few years has been for people who enjoy drinking water to drink it from a bottle instead of from the tap. People rightfully do not trust what may be contained in their drinking water from the city, so they buy water in bottles, because that water is believed to have been filtered. However, just because your water is bottled does not necessarily mean that the water is the best for you. There are many bottled water companies have lax filtering methods, and they also source their water from questionable places.


Waiakea water is not like all the other water brands, nor is it like all the alkaline water brands. Most companies will put their water through a machine to change it’s pH level so that they can call it “alkaline water”. It is important to keep your body alkaline, because otherwise a highly acidic system will cause problems to your health. It is recommended that you keep your body at a pH level of 7.4. Most people believe that water has a pH of 7, which is neutral, but a lot of waters actually have a pH level in the 3 to 7 range. Waiakea water registers with a pH level of 8.2, which puts it in the range of being highly alkaline when compared to other water.


When Waiakea Water started in 2012, the founder and CEO Ryan Emmons had a desire to use his company to help the environment and seek ways to live sustainably. When he was living in Hawaii with his uncle, there was a water source near a volcano where the household got their water. When Emmons tasted the water, he believes it was the best water he had ever tasted. When he left college, he had a desire to take a risk and build his Hawaiian volcanic water company, known as Waiakea water.


The company is dedicated to both preserving the environment and creating something that advances the world in some way. Waiakea water is the first certified carbon neutral bottled water in the US, so they are already changing the water industry.,18.htm

Louis Chenevert is the most prominent CEO of United Technologies Corporation. No discussion can be held about the growth of this company without mentioning his name. He is one of the corporate executives who have made this company what it is today. His accomplishments speak for themselves and his track record as the CEO of the company is indisputable. He made achievements which improved the company before, during and after his departure from the position of the CEO. After he left the position, his role was taken up by Gregory Hayes, whose main goal has been to maintain the track record left by Louis Chenevert.

Louis worked for the greater good of the company. He ensured that the company performed better under his management than he found it. This is a lesson Hayes tells his employees today. They should learn from the former CEO and work to improve the company before anything else. Louis Chenevert worked for UTC maintaining an innovative approach to work. He intended to improve the company by accomplishing short-term goals and setting up the foundation for long-term goals. He also ensured that he improved the welfare of the employees by creating programs for them to improve their skills.

Louis Chenevert invested mainly in technology and the people. He knew that even if the company had the best technology, it still needed people to run the technologies. He worked knowing that every decision he made was going to have a long-term effect on the company. Louis is used as the reference of good management because everything he did was for the growth of UTC. One of the biggest accomplishments he made at UTC was when he was working as the head of Pratt& Whitney department. He spearheaded the initiative that led to the development of the geared turbofan engine, which is one of the most advanced jet engines in the market today.

Louis Chenevert contributions in UTC inspires the current employees who worked under him and will continue for a long time to come. He set the bar management of the company too high that every other CEO who comes after him will have to work extra hard.