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What compels a person to want to go to a certain church?

More often than not, it is a direct need related to suffering in some way. They may have heard about the church from a friend; or they may have heard a sermon on the internet, or the radio, or watched it on TV—and a word called to a deep hope within them.

Whatever the case, it is the absolute truth that God calls people through the words of men like Bishop Thomas R. Williams, active in ministry for more than 30 years.

When Bishop and First Lady Sabrina founded Mighty Fortress International Ministries in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, they began with a vision. Visit to know more.

They wanted to create an climate, pregnant with the word of God, where people could mature and become a useful part of the Body.

Mighty Fortress International has grown from its small beginnings to one of the most desirable places to worship in the Minneapolis, MN area.

It has grown because they welcome people—regardless of how they look or dress, their ethnicity, or their status.

Bishop Tom and Lady Sabrina have created an atmosphere that calls to the hope in people who have a desperate need to see their hopes realized.

The uncompromising word of God taught in the pulpit and in the various ministries the church offers, provides sustenance to participants who not only keep coming back for more—they bring their neighbors and friends with them. Watch this video on Youtube.

Each day, seeds planted by Mighty Fortress International ripen, and harvests in the form of new opportunities to reach out to the greater Minneapolis area and beyond happen—because of Bishop and Lady Williams’ commitment.

Furthermore, as the Mighty Fortress Church continues to grow and prosper— its members are growing and prospering too.

They, along with the Williams’ have a brave commitment to nurturing the faith in each other and in their community at large.

Life is not vital without a connection to the vine. That connection is essential to realizing hope. Please accept our invitation to come to Mighty Fortress International this week and get connected! You will never be the same.