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Consumers today that go to the grocery store, truly do not realize where their food comes from or what company works to provide it. The fact is that it is consumers that are the driving force behind companies like OSI Industries. OSI Industries is a company that works to make food more convenient and to make it easier for consumers to get the food. By working with different food suppliers and food service providers, OSI Industries has become a formidable force in the food market industry around the globe.

OSI Industries constantly makes decisions that allows the company to expand. This is how they have been able to expand to have operations in more than 17 countries. Most recently the company has acquired a controlling stake in the company Baho Food. Baho Food already had a large group of consumers who were purchasing the prepackaged snack foods and convenient deli meats that Baho was marketing. Now that OSI Industries has acquired Baho Food they are able to secure the European food market even more.

OSI continues to put its mark on the food industry by making decisions that allows the company to expand, while still preserving its core values of providing safe, quality ingredients that are catered to the needs of consumers. They have solidified their place in global market, all while continuing to ensure safety for their employees in the facilities that provides the food as well as safety for the consumer.

OSI is a remarkable company that is taking the vision of consumers which is fast and delicious food and making it a reality. They are making all the right choices and providing the food market with what is currently in demand and that is great tasting food, that is fast and safe. It is no wonder that they are able to continue to acquire major stakes in companies to continue their growth.

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Southridge Capital is a company that is dedicated to finding solutions for other companies that need funding. Many companies either do not do proper research, or they don’t know where to go in regards to finding capital. Many will go to banks or to family, some will even go to crowdfunding services. However many of these services just will not do if you need higher amounts of capital or you don’t have large amounts of collateral or liquidity. Southridge Capital is placing themselves in the position to be the service for companies who have trouble finding funds for their operations.

Since the year 1996, Southridge Capital has put 1.8 billion dollars of its own money into the growth of companies. In addition to using their own money to fund business projects, Southridge also gives consultation and advisory services for the companies that they fund. As of right now, Southridge has funded at least 250 companies that are presently public, and each one was given specialized and specific instructions unique to their industry and business model.

Southridge Capital of specializes in advisory services for their companies as well. If you are a client of Southridge, they will offer you financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy advice, and legal settlement services. They have their clients covered on all aspects of major financial transactions those clients may encounter while running their business.

Not only does Southridge Capital take good care of its clients, but it also assumes social responsibility for local and national charities. Southridge encourages volunteer work donating and taking pivotal roles formally and informally in philanthropy. The founder and CEO Stephen Hicks, along with his wife Mary, started the Daystar Foundation in order to use it as a vehicle to donate to other charities. Through this charity, they desire to provide their community with the things they need. You can visit their website

The Daystar Foundation in collaboration with Southridge Capital have given funds to several charities including the Ridgefield Fountain Landmark, the Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Walnut Community Hill Church, the Bridgeport Rescue Mission and many others.

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OSI Industries is one of the top Food companies that specialize in value addition and custom food services. OSI Industries has been around for several decades. The company has developed its management strategies to enable it to monitor the food supply chain right from the point of supply to the outlet where the customers access the food products. OSI Industries has over 65 outlets in 17 countries across the globe. It has recently embarked on an expansion mission that has seen it purchase some of the main food companies in Europe. It has invested vast resources in increasing its capacity by putting up several processing plants.

Notable Developments at OSI

Prior to purchasing Flagship Europe, OSI Industries had bought the Tyson Foods plant located in Chicago. The Chicago plant is strategically located near another of OSI’s outlets. It is located on a vast expanse of land covering over 20, 000 square kilometers. OSI Industries’s management says that the Tyson Foods Plant will enable it to increase its production capacity for both local customers and for overseas orders. The group also recently put up a 17 million Euros chicken processing plant in Toledo.

Flagship Europe

Now, OSI has closed in on Flagship Europe. Officials on both sides say that the deal has been sealed and that it is for the common good of both entities. OSI has also built a name in Europe. In 2015, the group was awarded the prestigious Globe of Honour by the British authorities for its efforts in environmental conservation. It was one of the only 13 companies across the globe to have qualified for the award. Flagship Europe is the main supplier of frozen poultry, pies; sous vide products, mayonnaise dressings and sauces in the UK. The purchase of Flagship Europe complements the main business areas that OSI is preoccupied with. The acquisition comes after Flagship Europe had also sealed a deal in which it purchased Calder Foods. Calder Foods specializes in the supply of fillings for sandwiches, sauces mayonnaise, dips, and marinades. According to Russel Maddock, the Chief Executive Officer of Flagship Europe, the deal has opened vast doors to expand business for the two companies. He notes that Flagship Europe can now access a lot more resources to boost its operations. He observes that the deal has also allowed them access to new clients in new markets. He concludes that the business deal is within the efforts to improve customer services and experiences. On its part, OSI management through David McDonald is quick to confirm that acquiring Flagship Europe has increased its market presence in Europe.

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As a youngster coming up on a farm in Iowa, David McDonald loved agriculture and biology. When he enrolled at Iowa State University, he combined those interests and earned a degree in animal science in 1987. McDonald was then hired by the food processing company the OSI Group. The company had just begun its transition from focusing on providing meat for supermarkets in Illinois where it had been based since its founding in the early 20th Century to becoming a company with dreams and aspirations of becoming involved in the global food services industry. David McDonald would help to make that dream a reality.

At Iowa State University, David McDonald had been an excellent student. He won the prestigious Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award at the school. When he moved on to the OSI Group, McDonald used his knowledge, training and natural intelligence to help the company to grow. He helped to design new food products to meet the dietary needs of people of diverse cultures in the countries into which the OSI Group expanded. He was able to skillfully work with government officials and agencies as well as local producers to ensure the company had everything it needed to succeed and grow.

Even when issues with infrastructure, worker relations, technology or local consumers came up, David McDonald was able to quickly address them and help keep the company flowing smoothly. Over the course of 20 years, McDonald helped the OSI Group build 10 food processing facilities in China, grow their customer base into tens of millions of people and secure an arrangement to provide Western fast food companies in China with meat, dough and vegetable products. David McDonald also played an important role in helping the company get an increased presence in Europe through the acquisition of Baho Foods and Flagship Europe.

When David McDonald first joined the OSI Group, he was a project manager. Over the years, he has received promotions that gave him increased levels of responsibility. McDonald has handled each succeeding position so well that he worked his way all the up to become president and Chief Operating Officer. He now plays a vital role in the company’s continued growth. David McDonald is a perfect example of what is possible when a person focuses their time, talent and energy on doing their best. He has gone from an entry-level position to become a company leader.

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Internet entrepeneur Jason Hope is one of the people who has invested the most in the concept of anti-aging technology. With an initial grant of $500,000, he helped jump-start an organization called SENS, which is a medical research organization focused on addressing the root causes of aging. They believe that, through their research, they can greatly extend the length and quality of human life, to which I can say….it’s about time!

If human beings spent half as much time working on this issue as we spend working on new ways to kill each other, we would all live to be a thousand. Just a thought. Apparently, Jason Hope has a similar attitude, as he says that he considers this work to be essential to the advancement of medicine. He went on to state that they are not just important: they are the future. Assuming that SENS is able to meet their goals, this would literally be true. Jason Hope Helps Push Anti-Aging Efforts Forward

The organization has been working on ways to stop or reverse the hardening of arteries often seen in aging. To put it in simple terms, the arteries are made up of cells, and those cells are held in place by proteins. These proteins are themselves held together by molecular bonds. As a person ages, those molecular bonds often multiply and cause the arteries to become hard and brittle. This degradation of the arteries is one of the most critical factors of the aging process. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things

Growing up in Tempe, Arizona, Jason Hope attended Arizona State University, where he received a degree in finance. He also attended the W.P. Carey School Of Business (Also at ASU), from which he received an MBA. He has made his living as a successful investor, and also described himself as a “futurist”. When you look at the kinds of things he has invested in, you can see why. The technology of the future is obviously where this man puts his money, and that doesn’t seem like a bad bet to make. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

We can only hope that such research will continue, and that there will continue to be people of vision to support it. Apart from his support of SENS, Jason Hope also runs a grant program that literally anyone can apply for. All you need is a good business idea. He has helped a lot of startup entrepeneurs to get their ideas off the ground, offering grants anywhere from $500 to $5000. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

Peter Briger got hitched with Fortress Investment Group in 2002, after a fruitful career of fifteen years at Goldman Sachs and Co. Since Fortress Investment Group had plans to expand from the private equity venture, Peter Briger is accountable in heading the debt securities and real estate businesses team of Fortress. Currently, he is the company’s principal and a Co-Chairman of the board.

The personal prosperity Peter Briger enjoys are the fruits of his labor and skill in trading assets that nobody is interested in – dealing in distressed debt is his specialty.

During his stint with Goldman Sachs and Co., Briger, Mark McGoldrick and others formed a group called Special Situations Group. The team’s business deals were quite private and guarded, for which they became famous for, since whatever ventures they had at that time were remarkably profitable as it became the major source of profits for Goldman Sachs ever since its inception in 1997 under the tutelage and tenure of Peter Briger and his group.

Peter Briger’s business ability was put in full display during his time with the Special Situations Group of Goldman Sachs. The group engaged in various deals such as procuring a power plant in Britain, acquiring a commercial aircraft, purchasing an alcohol beverage company in South Korea, funding troubled mortgages in Japan, buying and selling cars in Thailand, etc. The tactic was to get the asset that was no longer of interest to the owners because it is no longer a good source of income. And there are various reasons why such assets fall from favor, like because of economic and political issues among others.

What the group will do is that they will maintain the assets they have procured at a bargain price and wait for the right opportunity wherein the markets would become sound and stable; then they would sell the said assets at a higher price yielding a big gain in the process. Basically, it is procuring at a low price and selling at a higher one – while this scheme may sound simple, it takes a high class business sense to be able to pull it off since the transactions are puzzling and secretive at most. However, Peter Briger and his team were able to pull it off.

To prove that Goldman Sachs is really benefitting from the Special Situations Group, Mark McGoldrick another co-founder left Golden Sachs because he claims that the $70 million salary grade he is given annually is a small change to the income he brings in for Goldman.

Still after having profitable career at Goldman Sachs and joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger is still successfully bringing in the big cash into Fortress when he and his team were able to amass $4.7 billion for the Fortress Opportunities Fund IV, which is literally 87% of profits gained by Fortress within the current quarter of the year.

At present, aside from his business at Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger is a Board Member with the Central Park Conservancy, Global Fund for Children, Special Surgery Hospital, and the Investment Company of the Princeton University.

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Investment opportunities help customers make the best choices with their finances. Not many people know how to make the most out of investment opportunities, though. Fortress Investment Group has taken their time to give customers an idea of what they can do to invest their money the right way. They don’t just tell their customers where to invest their money, but they tell them where they need to invest it so they can learn about it. They want to teach customers how to find a great investment opportunity so they can invest on their own in the future instead of relying on someone else to do it.

Fortress Investment Group makes investing a positive experience for all their customers. They want their customers to know there are other opportunities they can use and things will continue to get better for them. It all goes back to the right way to operate as a company. Fortress Investment Group knows how to operate the right way. They do their best job to give positive experiences to all the customers they have. It helps them grow and helps customers grow so they can make more money than what they did in the past.

Social media is a huge part of the Fortress Investment Group brand. They use social media to share information about the company and to connect with all their customers. They are confident in the abilities they have with social media. The company has spent a long time trying to make sure they can help people through social media. Fortress Investment Group has always done their best to give people an idea of who they are through social media. By doing this, they prepare to show people what will happen when they do things the right way.

The brand continues to grow as Fortress Investment Group keeps adding more customers. They know what it will take to give people the best options for investing. There are other ways they can grow, but investing has allowed them the chance to make more money for all their customers. They have always done what they can to show customers there will be more of it if they invest right way. Customers consistently see how Fortress Investment Group is growing portfolios. They want to make sure people realize they are doing a great job no matter what other companies around them are doing.

Even though Softbank acquired Fortress Investment Group, customers will not see a lot of changes. In fact, they will see the company stay the same because that is what they focus on doing. Softbank is giving Fortress Investment Group the chance to be independent. Their independence will help them maintain their identity as a brand. Even though they are now backed by Softbank, they want to stay their own company. Fortress Investment Group hopes to continue thriving under the Softbank company and chose this path because they knew it would be a strategic business decision that would help them in the future.

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Home renovation is a multi-billion dollar industry. Just about everywhere you look, there is some form of renovation process that’s taking place. This can be for either homes or businesses. When it comes to a house, renovation services add value to the home as well as makes it more functional. The things that you and your family participates in can cause your dwelling personal harm. This can include not cleaning the gutters, possibly falling into the walls while playing or allowing a leaky faucet to run for months. Though nobody’s home is injury-proof, you must make it a priority to maintain your home’s health.

Aloha Construction is basically general contracting at its finest. The company has been in business for a decade, and it has gained ground on many of the longtime general contractors in the area. As of today, this company finished and completed more than 18,000 projects. Peoria, Pekin, Hoffman Estates, Morton, Mundelein, Libertyville, Vernon Hills, Round Lake, Lake Villa, Round Lake Beach, Tazewell and Grayslake have all benefited from these invaluable services. Aloha Construction is looking to build longer lasting relationships with clients and customers. That can’t be said for other general contractors in the field. The company has been built on strong principles and passion thanks to Dave Farbaky. Farbaky, the 46-year-old Chief Executive Officer, has a game-plan of excellence. Producing the highest quality of work is what he has instilled into the business as well as instilled into the personnel. This guy is a natural philanthropist as he has given back to society through his own foundation.

Aloha Construction’s has garnered rave-reviews from a number of clients, it has an A rating with Better Business Bureau (BBB), and it has two distinct locations in the state of Illinois. What more could anyone ever ask, but Aloha Construction will continue to evolve in this ever-growing industry.

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Founded during the year of 1992, Market America has since grown at an exponential rate, their annual revenue now reaches over half a million dollars. Market America is a product brokerage, internet marketing and privately held company co-founded by Chief Executive Officer J.R. Ridinger and Loren Ridinger. Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, the company now has more than 500 people employed at their international operations located in Australia, Canada, United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Mexico, Singapore, and Malaysia. The company’s products are all manufactured by outside firms and are exclusively marketed by Market America and their affiliates. They refer to independent distributors that are called, “UnFranchise Owners” to sell every last one of their products and services worldwide.

Market America is one today’s largest e-commerce markets for consumers everywhere. There are over 50 million additional products and services, 2,500 exclusive Market America-based products and over 180,000 UnFranchise Owners to distribute them all worldwide. These independent distributors receive commission for each sale they make, there is also a chance for them to get generous bonuses if they can satisfy returning customers or refer others to the marketplace. These UnFranchise Owners can set their own flexible hours and pay a small monthly fee as a member. They have a large category of products and services to distribute such as: automotive care, household cleaning, garden care, pet care, children and infant care, weight management, personal care and cosmetics and so many others.

Market America offers their members a chance to receive valuable training to make smart business decisions during their seminars. These seminars and conferences are held every year at various global locations, they provide thorough interactive training by some of the top experts in the company. In 2016, more than 25,000 business leaders, company supporters and entrepreneurs showed up to their annual world conference. The event’s emcee was the company’s executive senior vice president and co-founder, Loren Ridinger. She gave out motivational speeches throughout the event and unveiled new products that will hit their marketplace.

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Do some research and get to know Equities First Holdings as a company. They are trusted as a great lender that works in the United Kingdom. Their first office was opened back in 2002 in London itself. That gave the team a chance to serve people in the city itself. London is a great place for lenders to work closely with borrowers. Equities First Holdings, LLC is a private company that has enjoyed considerable success.

Their success has allowed the team to expand its vision for international clients. The team now works in both the United States and the United Kingdom. New offices have opened up in Hong Kong and Singapore too. They have even expanded in to Thailand to serve borrowers there as well. That has given the lenders a new perspective on their products. Lending is their focus and will direct the business for the foreseeable future too.

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