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The New Hampshire Insurance Company faces new legal challenges following settlement claims filed by former Atlanta Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry. Bruce Levenson, formerly with Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, the team’s controlling group, is spearheading this lawsuit, not the current leadership.

Filed with Fulton County’s Supreme Court, the insurance company is being sued for breach of contract and insurance bad faith. According to Levenson’s group, the policy they were under covered basic work related engagements but also more specific occurrences like workplace termination and torts. The settlement given to Ferry, Levenson alleges ought to have been covered by their policy.

In June of 2015 according to a Forbes report, Ferry reached a settlement with the ownership of the team to break the six-year contract he entered into in 2012. It was finalized only a couple days before Levenson’s group relinquished ownership of the team.

While the court claims no legal authority to release the amount being sought, the suit alleges that the policy does merit Levenson’s claim of a lapse in policy fulfillment. The group alleges that the insurance company neglected to acknowledge the claim was made under its policy and refused to cover costs it should have.

The lawsuit goes on to state that portions of Ferry’s settlement were clearly covered by the policy they had for employees of the team, including the former general manager. And to deny coverage now is a breach in the policy they’d agreed to.

About Bruce Levenson:

Though starting out his professional life as a writer for the Washington Star, followed by a stint at Observer Publishing, Bruce Levenson soon made a turn towards the world of business. He is the Co-Founder of United Communications Group,, which he has run from the position of Partner for nearly 20 years alongside Ed Peskowitz. This is in addition to his duties as Director of Tech Target since early 2015.

Beyond his professional life, Bruce Levenson is active in philanthropic efforts across the country, including the “I Have a Dream Foundation” where he’s served as President.