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Fabletics is branching out from being solely an online subscription service to providing an in-person sales experience as well. With a growing number of traditional bricks and mortar shops, currently numbering 16, the brand is aiming to provide its customers the option of purchasing either online or in-store. Contrary to many apparel brands, Fabletics does not have a preference on where its customers purchase their items. They two systems are highly integrated with a product showing up in their online shopping cart at the same time as they try on the item at a store or local event.


This ability for customers to browse however they see fit without any sales pressure differs from the sales mentality of many retailers in today’s market. This reverse showroom model makes its customers feel in control and also allows the brand to more closely align with its customers’ wants and needs. Fabletics looks to big data to gain the insight that it needs to tailor its customer’s buying experience to their expectations and preferences.


The brand utilizes both big data analysis along with social media monitoring in order to quickly adapt to its customer base’s requirements. This nimbleness allows Fabletics to stay on top of the pack and has proved successful in customer retention and loyalty.


Kate Hudson has maintained a hands-on approach with the company and continues to be involved to a degree that is not often matched by other celebrity entrepreneurs. Her dedication is evident in the belief that activewear should be stylish and fun and readily available at a reasonable price point. In fact, it was the observation of this gap in the athleisure market segment that inspired her to co-found Fabletics.


The guiding principles that Hudson still follows stem from the inspiration she gains from observing her mother, Goldie Hawn. Their relationship has spurred Kate on to do many wonderful things both in her business and philanthropically. Hudson wants Fabletics to continue and evolve while also sticking to the principle that she has held from the start: the business must reflect her passion and also be fun!


The brand has created an online tool to help customers find the best Fabletics gear to suit their needs. The Lifestyle Quiz is a fun way to engage with the brand while also learning which products best suit your lifestyle and fitness needs. It’s just one more way that Fabletics puts customers first.

Do you spend a lot of time in the gym? Do you not spend enough time in the gym but want to start spending more time in the gym? Have you started shopping for new active wear? If not, here are some things you might not have known until now.


There is a fairly new company on the market who is making a big hit with those people who want to workout. If you want to be fit and active while looking good at the gym, Fabletics is the name you want to shop under. Up until the recent months, many people spent most of their time shopping on sites like Amazon. Because of this, Fabletics knew that they needed to do something to bring more customers over to their store. Because e-commerce is so popular, more stores are doing the online sales rather than individualized stores. Fabletics knew this and went along with the trend, which has worked for them.


Shopping online saves money for the consumer and store owner


By creating online retail space, the consumer is able to save even more money than if they opened an actual store. How you ask? Well its actually simple. The owner does not need to pay for retail space, there are no utility bills and there are less employees which saves on paying someone a salary. For these reasons, more people are using online retailers. Fabletics is one of those retailers.


Offering a variety helps bring more customers


By selecting a wide range of accessories and items, consumers are going to be more apt to look at their store than if they only sold 1 or 2 different items. For this reason, Fabletics has grown their coverage of items to a wide base. Customers can shop for all types of active wear, swim wear, dresses and pants and tops. There is an abundance of items for the consumer to choose from. Some items come in various colors while others do not. The items they sell also are made in a variety of materials.


Membership has its perks


For people who are members of Fabletics, they get to save even more on the items they purchase. You can be a member of the site and purchase items at a much lower cost than those who are not members. Some items will only be available to members while others might be able to shop without the membership it is always best to simply join and receive the discounted rates and be informed of any new and upcoming items as well as to any sales that might be occurring.


Fabletics has made drastic improvements to their retail store since originally opening. They now service a good portion of consumers who are shopping online. They offer comfortable clothing that is perfect for being active which is why more people are using them for their new active gear.

People Magazine applauds Kate Hudson on her exercise line known as Fabletics. She is the co-founder of Fabletics and launched a new line for the fourth of July holiday that modeled the colors of the flag! She debuted her fourth of July themed outfit on Instagram with her 4.7 million Instagram followers. She launched the new outfit with the caption, “from my airbrushed ass to yours’ Happy fourth!!!” The top of that bathing suit goes for $34.95 and even has a built-in bra for added support. The bottom goes for $29.95 and offers a silky, comfortable seat no matter where you decide to sit down. Read more at

The Krazy Coupon Lady’s killer review was founded in 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson. The amount of fitness wear that is obtainable is extraordinary, and it has an exceptional price to go along with it for every item. They recently released their swimwear line, just in time for summer. Their swimsuits are made for anyone who uses swimming as a form of exercise, or for those who just like to lay on the beach and catch that summer glow.

So if you are ready to get some new swimwear or exercise wear, Fabletics is a great place to start. There is no way to be disappointed with the amount of clothing they offer, for an affordable price. And the best part is, their swim line is delivered right to your door so you do not even have to leave your house. Well at least until you get your cute new outfit, then you can leave the house and show it off! It will not only save you money, but it will save you time and effort not having to go to the store to buy new clothes. Ordering online is a huge fashion trend in today’s society so you want to make sure you keep up with this hot new trend!

There are a lot of different makeup companies that are available today. You may be wondering how Lime Crime can be the best for you and your needs. That is why it’s so important to know what you want with your makeup.

Picking Colors

The biggest part of getting the right makeup is to find the right colors. You may need to look at different colors that go together. This way you will be able to have more than one look at your disposal. If you want to have something that is going to look good on you, then you will need to look at the different colors and stick with ones that you are used to wearing.

Glitter and More

A lot of the options from Lime Crime that you may be looking at are going to be fun and have glitter and other things in them. You can get this and add it to your makeup bag.

Take your time and find the colors that are going to work the best for you. This way you will be happy with what you get and how you look. You can find the best colors with Lime Crime and you will be able to be happy with the colors you have as well as to have something from a company that knows what you are looking for and what you will have to work with.  Check them out on Facebook, and see pictures of the newest lipsticks on @limecrimemakeup.

Athleisure is an increasingly popular clothing trend, both in American and other parts of the world. The term obviously combines “athletic” and “leisure,” referring to a new style of clothing that is designed to mimic the look,comfort, and flexibility of modern workout clothes while still being appropriate for everyday activities on

Athleisure style clothing is appealing to consumers because it creates an outward aesthetic of fitness, health, and athleticism while offering the wearer extreme comfort. The combination is not so unrealistic as one might think. While most people associate athletic clothing with strenuous exercise and sweat, the truth is that such clothing from Fabletics is designed using materials that can stretch without tearing and breathe well, keeping the wearer cool and preventing their shirt from turning into an oven on those steamy summer days.

Celebrity endorsement certainly hasn’t hurt this trend popularity. Many female stars can be seen embracing the trend. Some have even gone so far as to start up their own clothing lines, modeling their unique outfits on magazine covers and talk shows to build up interest and demand among consumers.
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Fabletics is one of the many companies that have sprung up to fulfill this new demand for casual wear athletic clothing. The business operates primarily online and specializes in crafting unique outfits and sets of clothing to meet customer demand. For customer convenience, they offer a variety of subscription and membership plans, keeping their client base up to date on the newest fashions as well as the newest bargains. Racked products come in a wide range of styles, from slimming black outfits to brightly colored patterns. In typical Athleisure style, clients can purchase anything from a stylish set of running clothes to comfortable, loose fitting summer tops. Each offers the unique visual combination of style and sportiness that has made these new videos, and other Athleisure lines, so popular recently.

After what has seemed like an incredibly long winter Spring has finally arrived. The weather around the country is getting fairly temperate which means that women everywhere can toss out their sweaters and scarves and start planning outfits that are vibrant and fun.

One Spring trend that is continuing to catch on like wildfire is athleisure. Female shoppers are looking to fitness wear companies to create looks for them that are as comfortable as their favorite pair of grey sweatpants but much, much more stylish than them many times over. On the last day of March global mega-star Beyonce announced her foray into the world of athleisure with her athleisure brand Ivy Park. The pop star’s clothing line on Facebook got everyone talking about just how influential the athleisure trend is becoming.

This April, actress and entrepreneur Kate Hudson told Marie Claire Magazine that she would be expanding the offerings of her athleisure brand Fabletics on elitedaily. Hudson founded the brand with the heavyweights behind the fashion subscription and e commerce conglomerate JustFab Inc. While Fabletics arrived in the world of fashion as a versatile fitness wear brand that offered functional workout clothes with sophisticated design elements, it will soon be offering much more than workout clothes. Their pinterest team is rolling out a line of athleisure dresses and “performance” swimsuits this Spring.

One of the themes of Hudson’s interview with Marie Claire was the versatility that Fabletics on twitter athleisure clothing offers its customers. With Hudson and her partners adding dresses and swimsuits to the line, they seem to be moving toward an idea that could potentially change fashion. That concept involves creating clothes that are able to be worn and transitioned into being appropriate for any occasion. The athleisure dresses seem to be garments that can easily straddle the world of the athletics and socializing.

According to Fabletics’ website, the athleisure brand will also be releasing a colorful, design-conscious collection in April. The line will include at least one little black athleisure dress, palm tree printed pants, and fun sports bras that come in aqua blue, peach and black and white.