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Ted Bauman has played an important role in transforming many government agencies, corporations, and the Banyan Hill Publishing. He acts as the chief-editor of Banyan Publishing which offers financial and investment insights to its readers. He joined the organization in 2013 after the resignation of his father. Ted Bauman has overseen the introduction of new services and products such as the Bauman Letter, ETF-trading a platform, Alpha-stock alert, and other smart money services. The organization has also registered an increase in the number of readers and subscribers. Most of its publications are done either on a weekly and monthly basis. The growth in the number of readers indicates that the services have been valuable to investors.

Under the Banyan Hill Publishing, he is in charge of assets and wealth protection portfolio. It advises the readers on some of the low-risk investments. Ted Bauman also uses the Bauman Letter to educate people on some of the ways they can accumulate and better manage their wealth through legal means. He is credited with coming up with many innovative products and services. Through the services offered by the publications, the economist is of the idea that marginalized people can attain an improved quality of life. His other contributions have been in financial areas such as housing and urban planning, low-cost housing projects, and fund management. The financial analyst has further worked with non-governmental organizations, the United Nations and government agencies.

Ted Bauman Early Life, Education, and Career

The economist was born in Maryland and spent his early years in America before moving to South Africa. He attended the Cape Town University and studied political science, history, and economics. The three fields have been instrumental in the creation and implementation of economic policies. While in South Africa, he took an active role of shaping the economic structures during the post-apartheid period. He further oversaw housing projects in Asia, United Kingdom, and other European countries. After moving back in the USA in 2006, he worked with local NGOs before moving to the Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. He took over from his father and now serves as the Chief-Editor. His past contribution depicts him as an innovative, passionate and transformative individual.


Equities First Holdings (EFH) opened an office in the United Kingdom in 2012. At that time, they begin to offer financial advice and equity loans. The office in United Kingdom has produced over 700 transactions. The transactions in the new market was enough to have EFH has pushed into markets in Australia and China. An equity loan is an alternative method to a traditional loan. Equity loans allows stocks to be used as collateral upon approval by EFH. Some people are rejected by traditional banks before they turn an equity loan because equity loan has better approval rate than some traditional lending institutions.

And equity loan can be utilized by both business, or individual. An example of an equity loan is Chief Executive Officer of PaySafe Group PLC(PSG) Joel Leonoff used his shares to secure a 3-year loan. Once he repaid the loan, EFH gave him over 9 million shares. It was over 2 percent of his company’s shares.

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James Dondero is a leading finance entrepreneur who is the president and co founder of the Dallas based investment firm Highland Capital Management. Over the course of his career, Dondero has built up one of the top financial services companies in the world. While James is one of the most successful finance entrepreneurs around, he is also one of the best known philanthropists as well. James regularly donates to a number of charitable causes. These include causes such as healthcare, education and community development. With his contributions, he is able to help various organizations come up with funds to operate as well as make a positive impact on his community. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

One of the causes that James provides funds to is healthcare. On a regular basis, James gives some of his funds to organizations such as the American Heart Association. With contributions to organizations such as this, James is able to help people overcome major health conditions as well as help the organization come up with the resources to help others. Therefore, James’ donations to healthcare causes have allowed him to establish himself as a top philanthropist.

Another main cause that James donates to is education. James Dondero provides funds to help finance scholarships and academic programs. Recently, James donated to a local Texas business school in order to help students finance their education as well as get involved in programs that will lead to job placement. The contributions to the business school have helped a number of people get started in their careers more easily. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

Along with making contributions to healthcare and education, James has been known to make a number of donations to community development. At a recent luncheon, James organized an event where he challenged individuals to come up with $1 million to finance a grant. This grant will be used to help finance a local Dallas charity that provides support for those who suffer from family violence. With the funds, the charitable organization will have the means to help people regroup and overcome the effects of being victims of events such as domestic violence and child abuse. Fortunately for James, the people who attended the luncheon were able to come up with the $1 million worth of donations and help finance this latest project.


There are quite a few customers who come to Equities First every year, and they may acquire loans that will serve them with the proper amount of money. This article explains how Equities First offers loans to high-value clients and businesses who need infusions of cash that are not to be used for specific purposes. Anyone who is looking for a new loan product will find all they need when they are using this firm for each lending product.

#1: The Loans Are For Any Purpose

The loans may be requested by any client at any time, and each client will note how simple it is to obtain a loan that is not tied up in an explanation. The staff at the office will look into each loan application, and they will ensure there is nothing getting in the way of get loan. The loans may be funded at any time, and the clients may ask for whatever they need. The businesses that need loans will find an infusion of cash, and the clients who need extra money may borrow it today.

#2: The Loan Applications Are Simple

The loan applications taken at Equities First are done to ensure there is enough information about the client without causing too much pain. Clients may complete applications in moments, and they may have a talk with the staff about how their loan looks. The closing may occur not long after the loan application is completed, and they will have money coming in that is needed by the client.

#3: The Funding Occurs At Once

Anyone who is at the closing table with the staff will have their money come in quickly, and the transfer of money may happen quickly to ensure the client has what they need. There is no reason for them to wait, and they may plan to ensure their money is in the proper places at the proper times. Equities First ensures the client has what they need, and they do not slow down the process in any way.Someone who wishes to get a new loan from Equities First must ask for an application today, and they may speak to the office about how they will fund the newest loan. Each borrower has a high value that may be used to acquire each loan, and the loans may be used for any purpose the borrower has in mind.

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Investment banking is a special branch of banking that plays a very major role in the world of investment. Various entities that include governments, companies, financial institutions among others turn to investment banks when they need some form of capital investment. However, investment banks do not take customer deposits or provide their clients with commercial loans.

Apart from their role in providing capital, investment banks provide assistance and guidance in merger and acquisition transactions, the sale of securities, underwriting new debt and equity securities and the issue and placement of stock.

To work in the investment banking sector, one needs to have adequate training as an investment banker. An investment banker should be well versed with the latest on the current investment climate. They should be in a position to offer their clients the right kind of advice and provide them with recommendations that accurately fit the current state of economic affairs.

More people are training to become investment bankers as the career is considered very prestigious in today’s world. However, it is not as simple as many people think. The career is heavily dependent on various virtues such as patience, and skills that include observation, communication, problem-solving and interpersonal skills. These skills go a long way in ensuring the success of an investment banker.

Among the most successful bankers is Martin Lustgarten. Lustgarten is a Florida-based investment banker and entrepreneur. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of a successful investment banking firm, Lustgarten Martin. His leadership skills have helped propel the company to the top of the list of the best investment banking firms in the country.

Martin has a wealth of experience in the industry and has come to be one of the most trusted investment bankers. Apart from his role as a leader, Lustgarten is a lover and collector of vintage items. He collects items such as watches and cars, which he later sells.

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Many people seem to look at investing the wrong way. They view the markets like they are a lottery office. That is why most investors should learn to be more of a long term value and wealth building. Having a commitment to the long term value of an investment is going to allow for the investment to pay off and allow for success. That is the philosophy of successful Brazilian wealthy investor Igor Cornelsen. He and others like him continually harpoon the perception that investing in stocks has anything even remotely to do with gambling. They are well thought out, long term investment opportunity.

In order to create profits that will last a lifetime investing is viewed as a career by Igor Cornelsen and that is why his investments are lasting him a lifetime. In order to create a lifetime flow of capital, you have to do your homework. Investments can be predicted by the use of intense research and understanding of industries, markets and economic opportunities that exist in the world. He sees the chance to gain returns of up to 500% on your original investment, when you dedicate yourself to the life time investment in wealth building.

Cornelsen teaches a first lesson  on by giving new investors the idea to change their view of the stock market. No longer should it be viewed as a playground to turn a quick dollar. The instant wealth philosophy will lead to rash decisions and a loss of capital as high risk options are funded. The stock market is a place for patience and sound investments that will reward their investors with solid and significant financial returns in long term investments. Many investors think that to make a lot of money, you have to invest a large sum of money. Igor Cornelsen said on disqus he follows a different idea by investing in a small number of small investments.

With that thought in mind, it is easy to see another big mistake Cornelsen never makes and that is to over committing your financial support behind one stock in order to get a huge return on your investment. This limits your diversity and makes you vulnerable to the peaks and valleys that a market will naturally provide. Make many investments at a smaller level and your odds of building wealth are significantly increased. That is because in diversity there is a safety and ability to stay away from the lowest points that the market place is going to provide. Successful investors generally build a diverse portfolio and that is the method that Igor Cornelsen used to build his wealth.