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When Ray Kroc met Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky in 1955, there were seven McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S., and not even a hint of the possibility of going global. Arthur and Harry were the principals in Otto and Sons, a successful local wholesaler of quality meat products in the greater Chicago area. Little did Kroc or the Kolshowsky’s realize that by 2018, McDonalds would be operating 36,000 restaurants in 110 countries, and Otto and Sons, re-branded as OSI Group, would be the 9th largest meat and poultry processors in the U.S. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership helped to shape two worldwide market leaders in the food industry.

According to OSI Group McDonalds relationship has been and still is pivotal to the development of both companies into the global juggernauts they are today. As McDonald’s grew and expanded its reach, Otto and Sons, soon to become OSI Group, continued to partner with Kroc as he assumed ownership of the rapidly growing leading food company. The OSI Group McDonalds pairing that started as a handshake agreement to provide ground beef for a local hamburger establishment grew into a friendship between like-minded entrepreneurs, culminating in the partnership we see today, that now spans continents.

How did they do it? OSI Group stayed on the cutting edge of the technology that allowed them to provide the consistent quality food that Kroc demanded. When you grab lunch at your local McDonald’s, or at a location while on vacation miles away, it is a given that your Quarter Pounder with cheese is going to taste the same that day as it did the last time and will again the next time. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership between local butcher and erstwhile entrepreneur is one of the main reasons you can rely on your culinary experience being exactly what you expect – every single time.Even though OSI Group is far removed from its humble beginnings, the guiding principles that led to such growth can apply to any size enterprise today. Relationships are still essential, along with mutual commitment to high quality brand and consistency. That blueprint for success that worked in 1955 is just as valid today.


OSI Food Solutions began as a small family owned butcher shop in Chicago. When it opened in 1909 in Oak Park the founder Otto Kolschowsky had no idea where his company would eventually expand to. Otto had a dream; as a German immigrant he just wanted to own his own business and support his family. The neighborhood was very welcoming and his butcher shop thrived. He expanded to nearby Maywood and renamed his business Otto & Sons. His new family business began the next phase of expansion when he met Ray Kroc in 1955. Ray was the first franchise owner for McDonald’s and entered a verbal agreement with Otto. Otto & Sons was to supply all of the meat for McDonald’s hamburgers.According to OSI Food Solutions ,Over the years it expanded to West Chicago and Aurora.

The plant advanced with technological advancements in food storage solutions. Eventually OSI expanded into other parts of North America and Europe. Throughout the years OSI Food Solutions has acquired many companies in the European market to give them a better customer base. They specialize in production of sauces, dressings, mayonnaise, side dishes and chicken meals. Baho Food was one of the European acquisitions that gave them firm footing in the European market. These easy to prepare meals are a staple in many people’s homes across the business world. OSI Food Solutions saw a much needed expansion need in their Toledo Spain location.

This expansion was able to more than double the amount of quality chicken product at that particular plant.The expansion of the plant also meant there was an expansion in the employment opportunities at that facility. Both general and management positions were available.OSI Food believes in providing quality service and quality products for their customers. They also strive to achieve top notch work environments for all of their employees. Recently they won the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. This is a prestigious award to win and they continue to strive to meet those standards every day at all of their facilities.

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From humble beginnings to grand success is what OSI Food Solutions truly represent. This company has come a very long way over the course of 100 years, and it has even changed its name multiple times during its ascent to the top. From Otto & Sons to OSI Food Solutions. The company first started by being known as Otto & Sons, but it is often referred to as OSI Group or OSI Industries. You are looking at over a century’s worth of history and heritage right here. This dream came into fruition back in the early 1900s. The company offered tasty meats to the Midwest region of America.

As word began to spread, OSI started to take on more and more customers. This tiny company was the quintessential meat locker of the post economic era. From Oak Park to Maywood. OSI Food Solutions decided to go into food wholesale thanks to its success. Its butt was basically getting too big for its britches. Of course, this was the best direction for the company to go. During the 1960s, cryogenics played a huge role in boosting OSI’s capability.

The foods could now travel to farther distances without ever spoiling. Cryogenics is basically an innovative way of keeping foods refrigerated and fresh via flash-freeze technology. From Maywood to Aurora. OSI Food Solutions has reached its final destination by settling in the municipality of Aurora, Illinois. This is the base location as well as the control center. As time went on, OSI Food Solutions has been engaged in numerous acquisitions and mergers. Each acquisition and merger has allowed the company to grow and to expand its reach. As of today, this popular food provider serves people who reside on just about every continent that’s known to man.

OSI Industries is celebrating 100 years of excellence in food packaging and handling and OSI has worked with the largest manufactures of food on the planet. The growth of OSI Industries kicked into high gear in 1975 when Otto Kolschowsky and his two sons (the company was then called Otto & Sons) when the company was rebranded to move into a new technological journey as OSI Industries. OSI has witnessed in the last decade to a new range of products owing to its branching into more foreign territories. China and Europe both have seen extensive extension by OSI Solutions. OSI Industries now has 8 processing plants in China: Shandong province (1), Heibei province (2), Henan province (2), Fujian province (2) and Hong Kong (1), with a total of 364K sq. ft of factory space. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group.

OSI Industries employs over 120,000 employees in 17 countries and 65 locations. OSI continues its expansion into India, UK, Germany, Japan, Poland, Taiwan and Ukraine. In each country, OSI has been able to forge itself with companies that find its partnerships of great value and long-lasting business relationships.

After opening facilities in Japan in 2010 OSI entered into Asia-Pacific territories where it opened facilities in Bangalore and Punjab in 2012. Presently OSI has 7 processing plants in India with a total of 7497 sq ft. of processing space.

OSI Influence

In 2011 OSI was listed by Forbes as 136th largest privately owned companies in the world with a net worth of $3 Billion. OSI was rooted in the German immigrant community of Chicago, Illinois when Otto Kolchovsky and his sons started and expanded his meat packing business among the German immigrants on Chicago. After a few years, thru Ray Kroc’s instrumental influence and business savvy the Kolchovsky family won the contract to be the sole provider of the McDonald’s hamburger chain. With McDonald’s and Ray Kroc on their side Otto & Sons expanded quickly.

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Consumers today that go to the grocery store, truly do not realize where their food comes from or what company works to provide it. The fact is that it is consumers that are the driving force behind companies like OSI Industries. OSI Industries is a company that works to make food more convenient and to make it easier for consumers to get the food. By working with different food suppliers and food service providers, OSI Industries has become a formidable force in the food market industry around the globe.

OSI Industries constantly makes decisions that allows the company to expand. This is how they have been able to expand to have operations in more than 17 countries. Most recently the company has acquired a controlling stake in the company Baho Food. Baho Food already had a large group of consumers who were purchasing the prepackaged snack foods and convenient deli meats that Baho was marketing. Now that OSI Industries has acquired Baho Food they are able to secure the European food market even more.

OSI continues to put its mark on the food industry by making decisions that allows the company to expand, while still preserving its core values of providing safe, quality ingredients that are catered to the needs of consumers. They have solidified their place in global market, all while continuing to ensure safety for their employees in the facilities that provides the food as well as safety for the consumer.

OSI is a remarkable company that is taking the vision of consumers which is fast and delicious food and making it a reality. They are making all the right choices and providing the food market with what is currently in demand and that is great tasting food, that is fast and safe. It is no wonder that they are able to continue to acquire major stakes in companies to continue their growth.

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OSI Industries is one of the top Food companies that specialize in value addition and custom food services. OSI Industries has been around for several decades. The company has developed its management strategies to enable it to monitor the food supply chain right from the point of supply to the outlet where the customers access the food products. OSI Industries has over 65 outlets in 17 countries across the globe. It has recently embarked on an expansion mission that has seen it purchase some of the main food companies in Europe. It has invested vast resources in increasing its capacity by putting up several processing plants.

Notable Developments at OSI

Prior to purchasing Flagship Europe, OSI Industries had bought the Tyson Foods plant located in Chicago. The Chicago plant is strategically located near another of OSI’s outlets. It is located on a vast expanse of land covering over 20, 000 square kilometers. OSI Industries’s management says that the Tyson Foods Plant will enable it to increase its production capacity for both local customers and for overseas orders. The group also recently put up a 17 million Euros chicken processing plant in Toledo.

Flagship Europe

Now, OSI has closed in on Flagship Europe. Officials on both sides say that the deal has been sealed and that it is for the common good of both entities. OSI has also built a name in Europe. In 2015, the group was awarded the prestigious Globe of Honour by the British authorities for its efforts in environmental conservation. It was one of the only 13 companies across the globe to have qualified for the award. Flagship Europe is the main supplier of frozen poultry, pies; sous vide products, mayonnaise dressings and sauces in the UK. The purchase of Flagship Europe complements the main business areas that OSI is preoccupied with. The acquisition comes after Flagship Europe had also sealed a deal in which it purchased Calder Foods. Calder Foods specializes in the supply of fillings for sandwiches, sauces mayonnaise, dips, and marinades. According to Russel Maddock, the Chief Executive Officer of Flagship Europe, the deal has opened vast doors to expand business for the two companies. He notes that Flagship Europe can now access a lot more resources to boost its operations. He observes that the deal has also allowed them access to new clients in new markets. He concludes that the business deal is within the efforts to improve customer services and experiences. On its part, OSI management through David McDonald is quick to confirm that acquiring Flagship Europe has increased its market presence in Europe.

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As a youngster coming up on a farm in Iowa, David McDonald loved agriculture and biology. When he enrolled at Iowa State University, he combined those interests and earned a degree in animal science in 1987. McDonald was then hired by the food processing company the OSI Group. The company had just begun its transition from focusing on providing meat for supermarkets in Illinois where it had been based since its founding in the early 20th Century to becoming a company with dreams and aspirations of becoming involved in the global food services industry. David McDonald would help to make that dream a reality.

At Iowa State University, David McDonald had been an excellent student. He won the prestigious Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award at the school. When he moved on to the OSI Group, McDonald used his knowledge, training and natural intelligence to help the company to grow. He helped to design new food products to meet the dietary needs of people of diverse cultures in the countries into which the OSI Group expanded. He was able to skillfully work with government officials and agencies as well as local producers to ensure the company had everything it needed to succeed and grow.

Even when issues with infrastructure, worker relations, technology or local consumers came up, David McDonald was able to quickly address them and help keep the company flowing smoothly. Over the course of 20 years, McDonald helped the OSI Group build 10 food processing facilities in China, grow their customer base into tens of millions of people and secure an arrangement to provide Western fast food companies in China with meat, dough and vegetable products. David McDonald also played an important role in helping the company get an increased presence in Europe through the acquisition of Baho Foods and Flagship Europe.

When David McDonald first joined the OSI Group, he was a project manager. Over the years, he has received promotions that gave him increased levels of responsibility. McDonald has handled each succeeding position so well that he worked his way all the up to become president and Chief Operating Officer. He now plays a vital role in the company’s continued growth. David McDonald is a perfect example of what is possible when a person focuses their time, talent and energy on doing their best. He has gone from an entry-level position to become a company leader.

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Lots of us have great ideas about starting a restaurant or a deli with specialized food orders to go. But how would you actually serve a community as a small business and then be prepared to expand when the time is right? You would be smart to align yourself with an experienced and versatile food products company. Who knows what off-the-wall idea of yours is going to connect and when that chance presents itself, you need to be ready to use that idea to grow your business.

OSI Food Solutions can connect businesses with the experience and technological know-how needed to thrive in today’s economy. There are so many aspects of food product development that don’t seem obvious until you start considering them in your business plan. This company can be a great help when it comes to new product development. They can even help find ingredients, supply nutritional information and provide a sensory analysis. Historically, their market research and shelf life studies are always apt for the current trends and practices.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions won the Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council for their excellence in the management of environmental risks. In order to qualify for this award, they had to pass a stringent environmental management audit scheme and get the maximum score of five stars. Their constant efforts towards maintaining excellence have enabled OSI Food Solutions to be one of the top companies when it comes to putting environmental protection on the same level as safety and health.

This is why they are one of America’s top 100 food companies. They are at the top of their game as evidenced by their products that can be found at Subway, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, and Starbucks to name a few. If your food service idea involves beef, chicken, pork or seafood, then OSI Food Solutions is the place to start especially when it comes down to cost analysis. Maybe you’re thinking that you’d like to include vegetables in your menu. OSI is currently processing lettuce, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, corn, and fruits. This can really expand the choices you can offer at an affordable cost.

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OSI Group is a food production company serving diverse retail brands across the world. They have continually expanded their horizons through acquisition of other brands. In a bid to broaden their appearance in Europe, OSI purchased Baho Food, a firm extending their presence to the Netherlands as well.

Baho Food prides in their manufacturing of Dutch foods, munchies deli meats. According to OSI Group’s C.O.O and president, Baho would substantially boost their input as they have five affiliates with dispensation plants in Germany and the Netherlands.

UK-based OSI Industries Scoop British Safety Council’s 2016 Globe of Credit

In 2016, 18 organizations featured in Globe of Honor and OSI was among them. The award is dedicated to organizations that exhibit excellence in ecological management. For a team to contest for the prize, they must remain consistent throughout the year. Usually, they reward genuine efforts and not things done for the sake of the award. Kelly Grimwood of OSI humbly received the award from the Chief Executive of British Safety Council, Mike Robinson. Kelly Grimwood is an inborn leader serving as Europe’s environmental manager. He urges that to achieve excellence, you must inspire those working under your authority. In fact, OSI had also scooped the awards in 2013 and 2015.

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Principles Under Which OSI Industries Operate

Exceptional performance holds OSI Industries at their top gear. Their core values are interesting and engaging. Usually, they seek external partnerships, something that helps in expansion of their presence. As well, they uphold integrity in all their dealings as they endeavor in exploration of innovative remedies.

Doing whatever deems best for the group also guides their operations, not disregarding valuing teamwork. They boast of their ability to create and maintain sustainable business relationships with individuals, societies and the world as a whole. If there is an organization that values their employees, OSI is such a company. An employee’s safety and wellness come first, which goes a long way in ensuring quality production by happy staff.

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