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It can be difficult to get started in the world of modeling whether it be print, fashion or something else entirely. That’s because modeling is a very competitive field where lots of hopefuls are entering it daily. Many people think they have a look that’s unique and gorgeous and most of the time they’re right! That’s why it’s crucial to find a modeling agency that will help get your foot in the door and give you a push ahead. Modeling agencies like the Brown Modeling Agency are leaders in the business.

The Brown Agency is centered in the greater Austin, Texas area but people travel from all over the world to be a part of it. That’s because Brown has a track record for getting clients their start in fashion and in print. They have been around for 7 years, allowing thousands of clients make a name for themselves. Brown is an industry leader because it truly helps men and women land modeling jobs with high-end clients. This was something new for the Austin area when they first came on scene.

Brown helps talent work in print brands such as Toyota, Loreal, Louis Vuitton, and other well-known and respected companies! Brown also helps fashion models grace runways not only across Texas but all across the country as well. Those who get their start at Brown have gone on to walk in New York Fashion Week which is a huge deal for anyone!

One of the reasons these models see such success is because Brown is with them every step of the way. Brown makes sure they have all the knowledge, help, and experience that they need to make it! Brown helps models build an expert portfolio that is sure to get them noticed by just about any fashion or print company! Brown chooses the best of the best and preps them on a larger market level. Brown helps clients to reach for the stars because their elegant looks can take them anywhere. Check out to see more

Justin Brown is the owner and operator of Brown Agency and he makes sure all of his models know that they are in good hands. Justin Brown has the experience, he’s been modeling for years and therefore he knows exactly what it takes to make it big. Justin Brown is honest and upfront with all of his models. There’s no room for sugarcoating or lies in this business. That’s exactly why so many of his models have gone onto modeling for print and on the big screen. Justin Brown helps all models to make sure they look right and have the proper photos necessary to land them a high-end modeling gig. At the end of the day, Justin Brown has everyone’s best interests at heart.

OSI Group is a food production company serving diverse retail brands across the world. They have continually expanded their horizons through acquisition of other brands. In a bid to broaden their appearance in Europe, OSI purchased Baho Food, a firm extending their presence to the Netherlands as well.

Baho Food prides in their manufacturing of Dutch foods, munchies deli meats. According to OSI Group’s C.O.O and president, Baho would substantially boost their input as they have five affiliates with dispensation plants in Germany and the Netherlands.

UK-based OSI Industries Scoop British Safety Council’s 2016 Globe of Credit

In 2016, 18 organizations featured in Globe of Honor and OSI was among them. The award is dedicated to organizations that exhibit excellence in ecological management. For a team to contest for the prize, they must remain consistent throughout the year. Usually, they reward genuine efforts and not things done for the sake of the award. Kelly Grimwood of OSI humbly received the award from the Chief Executive of British Safety Council, Mike Robinson. Kelly Grimwood is an inborn leader serving as Europe’s environmental manager. He urges that to achieve excellence, you must inspire those working under your authority. In fact, OSI had also scooped the awards in 2013 and 2015.

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Principles Under Which OSI Industries Operate

Exceptional performance holds OSI Industries at their top gear. Their core values are interesting and engaging. Usually, they seek external partnerships, something that helps in expansion of their presence. As well, they uphold integrity in all their dealings as they endeavor in exploration of innovative remedies.

Doing whatever deems best for the group also guides their operations, not disregarding valuing teamwork. They boast of their ability to create and maintain sustainable business relationships with individuals, societies and the world as a whole. If there is an organization that values their employees, OSI is such a company. An employee’s safety and wellness come first, which goes a long way in ensuring quality production by happy staff.

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IAP Worldwide is a strong, global-scale facilities management team with stellar logistics, program management, and technical support. There are over, 2,000+ brave men and women, employed by IAP. They are up before the sun, every morning, in an attempt to meet the specifications of your contract. They’re the first ones on the job, and the last to leave. In fact, IAP Worldwide is currently hiring men and women that have a passion for helping others, along with great benefits. You can learn more about their career opportunities, by visiting their easy to read and navigate website and searching for current positions.

A recent acquisition with DRS Technologies and Tactical Communications Solutions will allow them to double the amount of people IAP Worldwide send on a mission. However, you control your project, by deciding how many people and what kind of outcome that is expected. Both corporations, will lend additional logistics, advanced communication, and program support. The goal is to improve their response time and improve their long-term growth. IAP is committed to working with other corporations and industry professionals to improve the quality of life around the world.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.
IAP Worldwide Services Division Develops Afghanistan’s Air Traffic Control System

IAP recently, contracted with the U.S. Navy, on a $170 million dollar contract. The project will be based in Dallas, Texas and require IAP, to work closely with the program manager. They will also provide base operating services, during their contract. This will be an indefinite contract, with a high security clearance. IAP Worldwide is professionally trained and qualified to handle highly classified and top secret missions, for the government, around the world. Your privacy is a top priority for IAP, along with their client’s complete customer service satisfaction.

They can be dispatched to any place around the globe, in a moments notice. During Hurricane Matthew, IAP was there with outstanding crisis relief that included power experts, disaster relief, and engineering services. They were able to work with the states that were hit the hardest including Pittsburg, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Massachusetts. Their power experts at IAP, were able to start thousands of generators for customers affected by the hurricane. IAP Worldwide is a name that thousands of professionals, corporations, and government agencies can depend on in a critical crisis situation.

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