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Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod are big investors of the healthcare industry, and they have been investing together since Merlin BioMed Group.

Stuart Weisbrod co-founded the Merlin BioMed Group in 1998 as an investment and financial management company specialized in the healthcare industry. The company was focused in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors of the healthcare industry, and Stuart’s group soon became a successful investment management firm of many healthcare professionals.

At Merlin, Weisbrod started to become very successful with his healthcare investments, and he had a lot of experience in the industry, having worked with the Oracle Partners, Harpel partners, and Merrill Lynch, harnessing decades of experience.

Jacob Gottlieb, another expert in the healthcare world, became a part of the Merlin BioMed Group after working as a portfolio manager for Weisbrod in 2000. Jacob, just like Stuart Weisbrod, is an experienced professional in the biotechnology sector, and has contributed to the company with a high percentage of profit.

Jake Gottlieb and Weisbrod worked together for a couple of years before Gottlieb used his experience to inaugurate his own financial management firm: Visium Asset Management. He invested $300 million at the birth of the company, which he quickly recovered with the firm’s profit in a couple of months.

Being the investor and entrepreneur that he is, it wouldn’t take too long for Jake Gottlieb to create another hedge fund management company: Altium Capital.

Altium Capital was founded in 2006, and Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc, which had a first investment stake of 5.61% of the firm, was influencing the healthcare industry with their technology and advanced treatments. One such example is Oracle’s oral insulin capsule, used in patients that require insulin intake without having to inject it. This technique was the first of its kind, and Oracle holds the title of the first company to discover a method of ingesting insulin in a successful way.

Gottlieb, an investment expert, decided to invest in Oramed because of its potential to change the pharmaceutical industry with its advanced techniques and solutions for the healthcare industry. He is interested in finding new resolutions for typical problems of healthcare.

Life Line Screening is a preventative healthcare screening that provides an accurate result aimed at detecting many different types of health issues. Their headquarters currently reside in Austin, Texas. Depending on your health issue and your location, healthcare advisors can help you locate the nearest office to suit your needs. Life Line screening is dedicated to providing services to the surrounding communities in efforts to prevent certain disease.

Early detection is the key to a healthy lifestyle, and they believe everyone should consider a screening in efforts to supplement and follow through with their plan of well-being. They are educated to believe that every case and each individual different health issues; therefore, different scans will need to be completed depending on their specialized scenario. They are committed to ensure that proper testing is completed depending upon each person’s health care risks, family history and personal preference.

Life Line Screening provides three different valuable tests that can detect certain healthcare issues that may arise or already have. Ultrasound screenings is one of the tests that they offer. Most ultrasounds are used to detect different aneurysms within the abdomen and the heart. They also look for several different types of artery diseases along with peripheral arterial disease. Their ultrasound unit will also look for certain risks of osteoporosis and test for bone density.

They also offer finger stick screenings that will detect heart disease and different types of diabetes. They will provide a complete lipid panel along with glucose screening, depending upon your health background and arising issues. They use highly advanced and top of the line machines that are used within major hospitals, insurance companies and other advanced medical offices. The finger-stick result is provided within 10 minutes of the procedure.

This makes it quick and easy to find a resolution to your healthcare needs. They also use an EKG instrument to detect atrial fibrillation which is also known as an irregular heartbeat. They use the EKG to look for signs of a possible stroke and other heart conditions. It’s a quick, non-invasive procedure that provides results in a very timely, accurate fashion.

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