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The Real Real app is one of the most unique places to get high end clothing at up to 90% off. And believe me, I have tried them all. That’s right! It’s unbelievable. The pictures describes middle class people being able to afford to live a lavish life without having to pay those extremely high prices. People like me really appreciates that. I saw a commercial about the RealReal and immediately downloaded the app to start shopping. A good app helps you the the best out of your smart phone. It is very user friendly and allows you to shop anywhere and at any time. I give this app a 10. It is truly the Real Deal. It’s like I’ve been waiting all of my life for this app.

Another great aspect is being able to sell some of your own items through the app. It’s a way to give other people the same opportunity that I have when purchasing items on The RealReal. Online consignment was a genius idea. Most of the time we have items that are too nice to just be given away. Why not make some money on them and use that same money to buy something from the site.

I cannot believe how simple and fast it is to from fake to fashionable. In a matter of minutes your order can be on its way to you. No need to rush. There are thousands of items to choose from and quite a few high end brands to choose from as well.

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