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Mark Beer is a godsend for those who suffer from pelvic floor issues. He is pioneering efforts to help people who suffer from pelvic-floor relative issues. Recently, his company, Renovia, has raised about $42 million dollars in an effort to get up funds for more research. They plan on using the money for the development of four life-changing products that will help people in their lives. It took a lot of heads to come together to raise this money.


It is not surprising that Marc Beer has been able to raise all of that money. He has entrepreneurial skills that are hard to match. His skills come from more than two decades of experience as a leader of biomedical companies. The biomedical companies that he has led have taken on a variety of health issues. One of the companies that he led dealt with stem cells. Stem cells have a reputation of coming from fetuses. However, we must not believe the propaganderous claims that ultra-pro-lifers impose on everyone. In reality, stem cells can come from a variety of body parts. They can even be found in the bodies of adult humans. The company that Marc Beer led took stem cells from umbilical chords. Stem cells have shown so much potential, and any company that has dealt with them has really been onto something. Learn more:


Marc Beer does not just have a vast resume of work experience, he also has a college degree. His bachelor’s of science was received from Miami University. When people hear the name of the college, they may think of someplace with palm trees. However, the location of his college was quite the contrary. In fact, it was in Ohio—a place that is known for its cold, Midwestern winters.


Mark Beer is proud to know that he is helping people in specific niches, as well as broader categories. He strives to put an end to the problems that his companies are trying to solve. The vast amounts of knowledge that he has gained in his pursuits has aided in achieving his goals. Hopefully, someday, the world will see an end to incontinence and other problems that haunt the pelvic floor.


Looking at how the music world is today, one can just conclude it has been growing, improving, changing, and transforming. If you doubt it, The Chainsmokers will confirm it to you in simpler words. For the several years the band has been in the music career, it has experienced music in various aspects. The band is comprised of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The duo says music is their world and that they can go to any height with it. When you know what you can do best, you don’t compete with others. You, instead, channel your energy and attention to its growth. The two artists didn’t know music would carry their names high since they initially took it as an ordinary hobby.

The duo has smashed the airwaves in the best way possible. Forbes has it that the band intends to transform their brand even though they had become a mainstream artist. Alex and Andrew say they intend to “darken” their music and become edgy. They don’t intend to stop at anything else other than the anticipated new phase. The Chainsmokers has known what success is in different versions. With the stellar growth the band has gained, some people can’t understand why it should still pursue more growth. Success has been the usual path of this great band since they got into the music industry.

Every single the band has released has been darker and with inestimable excitement from its fans. Forbes had an interview with these two American artists, and it discovered the expected new phase had some challenges the duo had to overcome to make it real. Nothing great comes easily. Andrew said their fans have always delighted in their music genre, and that deviating to something different would be a challenge.

The American dynamic duo has always had powerful songs with practical life lessons to enlighten and educate the community. Many of the billboards feature the duo as part of Top 50 Lists in the country. Besides knowing how to gain success, the duo has special skills it uses to hit the charts. The duo produced a song “Selfie” in 2014 that brought an incredible breakthrough in their music career. The list of Billboards couldn’t help having this song for months because of how sensational it had become. iHeartRadio Music Awards and two American Music Awards are some of the awards The Chainsmokers has received.

Rodrigo Terpins has a life full of success from being a passionate sports person to becoming an admirable businessman. He carries his father mantle of triumphing in everything he touches. Rodrigo is the most talented rally rivers in Brazil, and when young he admired and emulated his older brother Terpins Michel, a high achieving rally driver. His father is a famous basketball player making the family who motivated him to achieve his goals and his sporting family supported him in winning and becoming a household name as the most admired rally driver.


Rodrigo Terpins has completed over five Sertoes Rally and carrying the day’s trophy, and he has also participated in different off-road competition emerging the winner. According to Rodrigo, the winning power is a routine interconnected with his DNA. Rodrigo Terpins together with his brother Michel Terpins founded the Tea Bull Sertoes Squad team. The team with the mandate of winning and helping other young and talented rally driver get the grip of comfort, safety and winning power behind the wheel. You can visit Terra for more.


The brothers have also raced against each other and embracing the winner with an equal measure of love and the pilot the T-Rex car manufactured by the MEM Motorsport of Brazil. The vehicle was specially designed and built for the Terpins brothers. Additionally, Rodrigo Terpins has a stunning taste for the T1 prototypes of the racing category, and at 44 years he states this grouping keeps his mind adrenaline racing high. He also indicates the T1 type of racing is what keeps him actively involved in competitions and rally racing. The latest Sertoes Rally saw Terpins winning the race, and it was the 22nd edition that covered 2,600 km, and it took the racers through seven difficult and exciting courses that diverged through two Brazilian states.


Rodrigo Terpins states that the courses were uniquely designed to test the rally driver’s attitude and their energy to competition and also their mental and physical agility. Rodrigo Terpins is the T5 Partipacoes senior director, and his core duty is managing the most robust rally competitions in Brazil. He studied at Saint Hillarie for his management and corporate governance skills, and he remains the most admired international and national Brazilian car racer.



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Clay Hutson isn’t what people think of when they think of the Music Industry. He is the person who considers the Artist’s thoughts and Feelings when they put a production together. He is well known inside the industry for the beautiful and unique experiences he brings to the Audiences.

Mr. Hutson has a background in Theatre Design and Technical Production, which he earned a Bachelor Degree in from Central Michigan University and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Michigan. Since 1999 He has been a Production Manager working with Getagrip Touring and a VP of Production with Ronin Event Creative. He started his own Production Company when he saw an opportunity as the Company he was working for had difficulties during the Recession. He has worked with various artists like Prince, Jennifer Nettles, Kanye West, Guns N’ Rose, Pink, Garbage, and Kid Rock.

When he is working on productions he likes to have his day planned out to keep his focus, especially when on the road. He is known to work from Sun-rise to Sun-set on productions. Being productive is a key for him and his crew. This extends beyond when he is Managing a Shows Stage, but when he is working out ideas for an Artist’s event. For him it isn’t only about what spectacles he can achieve, but all the details both on and off stage.

To create some of the experiences he draws on his experience and looks to new advances in live venue technology. He comments that the lights are still big and bright, but now they weigh half as much. So he is able to move and put them in places like never before. He is excited about how video is becoming a new exciting field when it comes to the events. Something that was so limited to only certain venues is rapidly becoming a new tool in his expansive skill it.

Mr. Hutson is definitely a behind the scenes influencer in the Music Industry. He is not an Artist, Writer, or a Producer, but his effect on the industry doesn’t go without notice. He may not get a lot of recognition by the public, but they know when he is here. If you want to know more about him, check out his interview with Business Advice at the link below. Learn more:

An Interview with Music Producer, Clay Hutson