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The 2018 Midterms are going to be one of the most important political events in the history of the United States. The United States government is unabashedly in shambles now as both parties try to survive the wave of dangerous populism and ineptitude that is Donald Trump. As such, more and more political activists are looking to the 2018 Midterms as a chance to win over seats in order to help their party.

End Citizens United operates as a political action committee that was established in order to be a grassroots PAC for the average American voter. The team at ECU has been single-minded in their focus of supporting candidates who are willing to thumb their nose at corporate money in order to fight for campaign finance reform. End Citizens United has highlighted several key figures in the coming races that they seem to have immense belief in.

End Citizens United was founded by President Tiffany Muller in order to help create a political environment that was conducive to repealing the 2010 Supreme Court Decision regarding Citizens United, a conservative think-tank that was focused on introducing legislation that would help corporate lobbyists flood Washington D.C. with dark money used to pay off legislators. Since the 2010 SCOTUS decision, there has been a remarkable decline in the quality of discourse between all major political parties and it is, in large part, to blame for the election of Donald Trump.

Fortunately, progressive candidates are getting on board to fight off dark money by first refusing to accept any during their election campaigns. As it stands right now, a recent FEC report revealed that 16 politicians endorsed by End Citizens United have out-earned their corporate-owned, Republican rivals. Tiffany Muller was quick to put out a statement that championed the hard work that their teams have been doing in terms of spreading the word regarding campaign finance reform. Muller went on to say that her political endorsements represented a new era of candidates who are willing to push Big Money out of the political door and instead listen to the will of the American voter instead.

One of End Citizens United’s most striking victories was with Conor Lamb who won Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional Seat. Lamb appealed to voters on both sides of the political aisle due to his willingness to refuse all corporate donations during his campaigning. Hopefully, this outlines a new form of progress for politics in general.

Reports coming from Robert Mueller investigation that has implicated Kremlin with meddling with the 2016 U.S election indicate that there was indeed corporate interference. At this point, any forthcoming report about the influence brought by the company through Facebook ads is no-longer news to the American citizens. As days go by, the special counsel keeps unearthing more and more evidence. While the direct connection is yet to be established, it is evident that some of the elected officials have a hand in the degradation of the electoral process.

Influence of Foreign Money on the Election

The U.S constitution is clear on the laws governing foreign contributions to political campaigns. Financing any political campaign is prohibited. However, there are challenges when enforcing the rules. Additionally, if it does happen, there is not enough knowledge on how to address the issue. Preventing foreign intervention is achievable by having strict campaign finance laws. Lawmakers from the right wing dismantled the bills that sought to curb political financing. As a result, a small wealthy group of individuals has control in the political process.

The truth is that the Facebook ad campaign is just a tip of the iceberg. However, information released showed that Russians were not the only foreign entities influencing the election. Chinese nationals exploited a cooperate law and donated $1.3 million to a super PAC. The donation was made through American Pacific International Capital. Shell corporations were used by a wealthy Mexican to fund the election of some candidates. Additionally, 15 potential cases are investigating foreign involvement in the 2016 election.

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End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee. It was formed in March 2015. The organization seeks to counter the disastrous effects brought by the Citizen United. They have one mission; ending big money in politics. According to ECU, fixing the rigged system requires the election of leaders who are ready to champion for campaign reforms. A joint effort with the elected lawmakers will go further to push for campaign finance reforms and consequently, end undisclosed funding.

The End Citizens United says that the root of the problem is the Supreme Court 2010 decision that allowed billionaires to spend unlimited money in the elections. As a result, there is little or no accountability and transparency. Therefore, corporations and wealthy individuals are tipping the balance of power in their favor. The ECU has vowed to back Democrats who intend to take the war against Citizen United to the Congress.

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