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With the numerous democratic victories in the wake of the 2016 presidential elections, Democrats now seem poised to take back the House, Senate and Congress in the midterms. However, to do so, they’ll need to know how to run a successful campaign and NGP VAN has all the tips you need to ensure your campaign is a rousing success. For starters, while you don’t have to have your entire platform finalized, it is important to clearly convey your message and stance on the issues. The next important step is to assert your online presence. In this day and age, if something doesn’t have an internet presence, it’s not even real. So make sure your website is up and running and that it looks presentable and devoid of glitches.

Also, NGP Van says your campaign should be like a sports team in the sense that you should have your own color scheme and logo. Make sure it’s something you really like because changing your logo in the middle of the race will not reflect well on you or your campaign. Another important aspect of running a campaign is maintaining a good social media presence. This will enable you to connect with your constituents and help you demonstrate how down to earth you are. It also helps to have a bio and a good picture of you to post on your account as well as a unique hashtag. One of the best ways to reach prospective voters and supporters is through digital advertising.


The best way to go about this, according to NGP VAN, is to run Google display ads and Facebook ads for at least two weeks though it may be more effective to run them for a month. This way, when people search for you online, it will be easier for them to find information about your campaign. Finally, one of the most important things to do is to make calls asking donors for support. You could also go door to door but calling is quicker and more efficient. So if you follow the instructions of NGP VAN and your campaign is sure to be an overwhelming success.