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NGP VAN is paving the way in new technologies for the Democratic party and other progressive campaigns; nonprofits included, as they offer clients an integrated platform for fundraising, compliance, and social media networking. Recently MiniVan, NGP VAN’s mobile canvassing app, has been building huge momentum as an effective voter outreach tool. On top of that, NGP VAN made Inc Magazine’s 5000 lists of the fastest growing companies in the United States. In this respect, it’s also a great company to work for.

MiniVAN is an app Democratic volunteer’s use when they are going on the door to door on voter outreach campaigns. Instead of manually writing their results, they use technology, particularly smartphone apps, to log their results. This year alone yielded 218,189 using the app, almost double what it was in 2016. Setting a new single-day record on Saturday the 15th, 18,421 people logged into the app nationwide, beating the previous record of 16,496 set on November 5, 2016. Great progress is being made for the progressive campaign with these innovative new technologies.

NGP VAN has also recently been mentioned as a wonderful place to work. The reason for this centers around the fact that working at NGP is helping further progressive causes, thus providing both balance and meaning in employees professional lives. Reception of NGP VAN’s products has also been outstanding, allowing the company to continue their upward momentum of growth to new heights of success. Since their founding about two and a half years ago, they have grown significantly in size and product development. Employees are challenged to develop new, innovative technologies while furthering some of their shared political ambitions. Even with the stress of developing new innovative technologies, NGP VAN remains a really fun place to work. Holding bi-annual trips to tropical islands, Pi Days with actual pies, and impromptu candy eating contests, NGP VAN practices what it preaches in relation to providing a fun and productive work environment. After all, it is just these types of environments that are known for breeding creativity. For those interested, NGP is currently hiring; if what has already been previously mentioned sounds interesting to you, then visit them on LinkedIn and apply today.

In just under 3 short years NGP VAN has experienced phenomenal growth. This trend is expected to continue moving into the 2020 campaign.