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Sometimes working for Traveling Vineyard feels like a vacation unto itself. I mean, who gets to get together with friends over wine and gets paid for the privilege? I’ll answer that question for you — wine guides from Traveling Vineyard, that’s who.

Sometimes it can be so fun that you don’t realize that you are working. This can actually become quite a problem because your job is to make commission off of wine sales. That is why I set aside a little bit of a workspace for myself. It’s just a little corner of my house where I can go to remind myself that I am working and not playing.

My Traveling Vineyard wine parties turn out all the better for it. I find that when I really planned every little detail of an upcoming party that it turns out a lot better. When I just wing it to have fun it can go off the rails a little bit. I sort of miss the mark of trying to sell all of my wines for a commission.

That’s why I have to have my own little corner where I can clear my head and get serious about my work. Of course, the seriousness of working for Traveling Vineyard is welcomed. It really feels like a family working for this company based in Ipswich, Massachusetts. And all of my friends really love it, too. Traveling Vineyard has working relationships and deals with winemakers all over the country. These winemakers send wine directly in order to get a reduction in price. This keeps all of the bottles that Traveling Vineyard and I sell under $25 apiece.

This is all not to say that I don’t have fun. Of course I have fun orchestrating wine parties and tastings for people because wine is one of my favorite things in the world. I really love the feeling of educating somebody on a new variety of wine and even giving them a little nibble of food that pairs well with it. And, of course, I love it when they order that wine through me or my website.

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