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As a youngster coming up on a farm in Iowa, David McDonald loved agriculture and biology. When he enrolled at Iowa State University, he combined those interests and earned a degree in animal science in 1987. McDonald was then hired by the food processing company the OSI Group. The company had just begun its transition from focusing on providing meat for supermarkets in Illinois where it had been based since its founding in the early 20th Century to becoming a company with dreams and aspirations of becoming involved in the global food services industry. David McDonald would help to make that dream a reality.

At Iowa State University, David McDonald had been an excellent student. He won the prestigious Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award at the school. When he moved on to the OSI Group, McDonald used his knowledge, training and natural intelligence to help the company to grow. He helped to design new food products to meet the dietary needs of people of diverse cultures in the countries into which the OSI Group expanded. He was able to skillfully work with government officials and agencies as well as local producers to ensure the company had everything it needed to succeed and grow.

Even when issues with infrastructure, worker relations, technology or local consumers came up, David McDonald was able to quickly address them and help keep the company flowing smoothly. Over the course of 20 years, McDonald helped the OSI Group build 10 food processing facilities in China, grow their customer base into tens of millions of people and secure an arrangement to provide Western fast food companies in China with meat, dough and vegetable products. David McDonald also played an important role in helping the company get an increased presence in Europe through the acquisition of Baho Foods and Flagship Europe.

When David McDonald first joined the OSI Group, he was a project manager. Over the years, he has received promotions that gave him increased levels of responsibility. McDonald has handled each succeeding position so well that he worked his way all the up to become president and Chief Operating Officer. He now plays a vital role in the company’s continued growth. David McDonald is a perfect example of what is possible when a person focuses their time, talent and energy on doing their best. He has gone from an entry-level position to become a company leader.

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