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Why is it that even though FreedomPop is doing so well with their business model of giving away free cell phone and Internet services that many other companies aren’t following behind them? The fact is, many of these tech giants can be very greedy, and they don’t want to share the wealth, and they definitely don’t want to follow someone who is a trendsetter. Most companies don’t see how it’s lucrative to give away free cell phone service unless they have some way of getting the money back, so a FreedomPop review seems to show them as the only company willing to give absolutely free cell phone service.

Unlike a lot of the other companies that are offering free cell phone service through some government program, FreedomPop is not a government program that requires information to prove that the person has very low income. FreedomPop has a free phone service that is available to anyone that feels the need for cell phone service, even if they are unable to pay for the service. The free service that FreedomPop is offering started back in 2011 when they first opened up as a company. FreedomPop used to only be with Sprint but have recently expanded their services.

When FreedomPop used Sprint’s towers only, they were only able to connect CDMA phones that didn’t require a sim card, and even the best smartphones could be used on the network. Those who wanted the free service would get 200 minutes of talk time, 500 text messages, and data would vary between 200-700 MB, depending on if the person added FreedomPop friends or not. Anyone who was creative could find great ways to expand on their text message, phone calls, and data usage with the free plan, without having to pay any more money to FreedomPop.

Now, FreedomPop has expanded to using T-Mobile and AT&T towers, which allows them to bring free cell phone service to those who have a GSM phone that takes a sim card, which means everyone can now get free cell phone service if they want it. Since many have the need for more data, phone calls, and text messages, they may choose to upgrade to a paid plan or to the FreedomPop unlimited plan instead. Those who choose to get on the unlimited plan will have no trouble with any overages, and the starting cost for these plans is only $19.99 per month.

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