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Athleisure is an increasingly popular clothing trend, both in American and other parts of the world. The term obviously combines “athletic” and “leisure,” referring to a new style of clothing that is designed to mimic the look,comfort, and flexibility of modern workout clothes while still being appropriate for everyday activities on http://www.mysubscriptionaddiction.com/category/fabletics-review.

Athleisure style clothing is appealing to consumers because it creates an outward aesthetic of fitness, health, and athleticism while offering the wearer extreme comfort. The combination is not so unrealistic as one might think. While most people associate athletic clothing with strenuous exercise and sweat, the truth is that such clothing from Fabletics is designed using materials that can stretch without tearing and breathe well, keeping the wearer cool and preventing their shirt from turning into an oven on those steamy summer days.

Celebrity endorsement certainly hasn’t hurt this trend popularity. Many female stars can be seen embracing the trend. Some have even gone so far as to start up their own clothing lines, modeling their unique outfits on magazine covers and talk shows to build up interest and demand among consumers.
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Fabletics is one of the many companies that have sprung up to fulfill this new demand for casual wear athletic clothing. The business operates primarily online and specializes in crafting unique outfits and sets of clothing to meet customer demand. For customer convenience, they offer a variety of subscription and membership plans, keeping their client base up to date on the newest fashions as well as the newest bargains. Racked products come in a wide range of styles, from slimming black outfits to brightly colored patterns. In typical Athleisure style, clients can purchase anything from a stylish set of running clothes to comfortable, loose fitting summer tops. Each offers the unique visual combination of style and sportiness that has made these new videos, and other Athleisure lines, so popular recently.

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