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GoBuyside of New York City has adapted to the evolving employment landscape. They are an executive search firm. The days of calling and using local talent recruitment agencies to fill positions are now viewed as old fashioned and inefficient ways of recruiting in the new digital age. GoBuyside watches trends within the financial industry to come up with methods that are most efficient to acquire new talent. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

The recruiters at GoBuyside of NYC uses industry-specific recruiters instead of general recruiters. Industry-specific recruiters are specialized in finding quality talent for a position in the investment management sector. There are three major advantages to using industry-specific recruiters. Such as reduced opportunity costs, increased niche expertise and access to a large pool of top-tier investment management talent.

Investment management firms are constantly looking for ways to reduce the time it takes to bring on board a new hire. Unfilled positions are a burden on the company. Taking up valuable time and costing more revenue. A successful employee should manifest 5-10 times more than their annual compensation in revenue for the company. Follow GoBuyside on

Arjun Kapur is the founder and current CEO of GoBuyside of New York City. He has attended John Hopkins University and graduated with a Masters in Business Administration from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Arjun has complied years of successful recruiting experience for businesses, spanning over 40 cities in the United States and 10 cities overseas.

One trend that excites Arjun Kapur, is the increasing research and development of artificial intelligence or AI. While still in the early stages its potential value to enrich lives is intriguing. Arjun states that he hopes there are major breakthroughs in the future that have effective real-world applications. In a recent interview Mr. Kapur was asked “What is one strategy that helped you grow your business?”. He responded by saying that it was great customer service. He also states that customers have a choice when choosing to buy products or services. The customer can tell 8 out of 10 times when you are genuinely interested in helping them versus just trying to get revenue.


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