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A story was recently reported in RCR Wireless about FreedomPop’s expansion plans. FreedomPop is the mobile network that provides free services to customers. Stephen Stokols is the co-founder and CEO of FreedomPop. He revealed interesting news that will probably stir up a lot of interest in consumers that are looking for a way to lower their mobile expenditures. The good news shared is that FreedomPop received millions of dollars in funds. The funding has led to the mobile company creating expansion domestically and internationally. Fortunately, for FreedomPop the funds also end speculation, rumors concerning a takeover.

About FreedomPop
If you read this review, FreedomPop is a mobile service that is changing the way that mobile companies operate. Their business model is unique in a world that is filled with heavy competition from major mobile phone companies that operate exactly the opposite way. They are one of the first mobile companies to offer the consumer absolutely free mobile service along with free Internet. One of the top advantages is that the customer does not have to sign a long contract with the mobile company. Check availability in your area today to get started with free mobile service that is provided by FreedomPop.


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  1. Some might think that you have to sacrifice good mobile service or that the company does not provide the latest mobile phones. FreedomPop offers top quality mobile service along with the latest smart-phones. It is as good as what rushessay services has done and that is why people are clamouring for them to bring in the bang with them.

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