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After working in the media industry, Victoria Doramus has gained prominence almost globally. She currently works as a Volunteer and a philanthropist. She has recently dedicated her self to charity. Victoria Doramus was born in a small town of Address in the year 1985. In 2002, she enrolled for a Bachelor of Arts in mass communication and Journalism at the University of Colorado.

Apart from the educational knowledge, She was able to organize and manage events in the University. This was coupled with a high level of professionalism and ethical conducts. This taught her the importance of ensuring high working standards in an organization.

So far Victoria Doramus has held major positions in the print media industry. She first began at Mindshare where she worked in the capacity of an Assistant Media Planner. She gained massive experience in print media, advertising, branding, and digital media from Mindshare. This helped her expand her skill set in marketing and trend market analysis.

Victoria Doramus felt it was time to move. She joined Creative Arts in 2007 where she worked as a Group Coordinator for three years. In the same year, she was working as a creative consultant at Stiles Styles LLC where she spends a single year.

Later in 2010, she joined Trendera where she worked as the Western Coast Coordinator. Her role was to acquire and generate sells. She was also assigned a role of sourcing new clients, and before departing from Trendera, it’s customer based have grown tremendously.

In 2011, Victoria Doramus began working as a research assistant and freelance writer at Various. She then in 2012 decided to further her education. She joined Sotheby’s Institute of Art and pursued a Foundation for Western Art course. In 2013, she was done with the course and again in early 2014, she began working with Film Director and Producer Mr. Peter Berg as her Personal Assistant.

Her role was to coordinate as well as manage contractors. She was also responsible for sending and receiving errands and overall general cleaning. This granted her tremendous experience on how to go about the Film and the Television industry.

Victoria Doramus decided enough was enough and in 2016, she started a volunteer job. She put full commitment to charities. This was always her desire and passion. She has worked for Women’s Prison, Best Friends Society for Animals, Amy Winehouse and many more. Though she juggles between her philanthropic role and charity, she has ensured she improve her passion for humankind.

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