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The Brazilian billionaire has been hard at work since he first began being an entrepreneur in 1972. Guilherme Paulus has had a long and arduous journey in the world of business since he first co-founded the CVC travel agency. He first wanted to become a doctor when he was younger, but his parents couldn’t afford to help him follow that dream.

Guilherme was still able to earn a degree in Business Administration and later worked for IBM. After a little over two years, Guilherme Paulus grew tired of the numbers and calculations and started pursing other career opportunities.

Guilherme Paulus co-founded the CVC travel agency with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari in 1972. Carlos left the business venture only four years after founding the CVC and sold his shares to Guilherme. Guilherme almost had to close down the company in 1979 because of the newly enforced tax laws but was saved by the phone call of one of the executives form Mercedes Benz. Since then, Guilherme has been able to make the CVC travel agency the largest tourist operator in Latin America. He sold part of the company in 2009 to the global investment firm, the Carlyle Group. Guilherme is still a third owner of the company and the CVC generates an annual revenue of more than $5.2 billion.

In 2005, he founded the GJP Hotels and Resorts network. The GJP is now in control of 19 hotels and resorts in the country of Brazil. The GJP network is looking to acquire and build more hotels and resorts near Brazilian airports. The success of the GJP has been possible by continuously being committed to customer satisfaction, says CEO Guilherme Paulus. The GJP network has four types of hotels for each type of customer, from economic to luxury.

Guilherme moved into the aviation industry in 2006. He acquired Webjet in that year and was able to transform it into the third largest airline that operates in Brazil. At the time of its acquisition, Webjet had only one aircraft in its fleet. With the leadership of Guilherme, that number has gone up to 20. He sold the airline to Gol in 2011.

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