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The George W. Bushi Presidential Center has become a top attraction in Houston, Texas. They host many events have become part of the national discussion when it comes to government policies. The museum section details the Bush Presidency and contains many artifacts such as a piece taken from the World Trade Center. There is also an interactive theater called Decision Points Theater where guests are exposed to what it is like to have to make very weighty real-time decisions during an unfolding crisis. Read more about Highland Capital at

The other big part of the George W. Bush Presidential Center is their Engage series. This series is sponsored by a local investment firm, Highland Capital Management. The executives of Highland Capital kicked off 2018 by endowing $10 million that will be used to grow the Engage series of events. This was in addition to the $5 million they have given this center since 2012. President Jim Dondero of Highland Capital Management said that he and the other executives of his company recognize the importance of people engaging in discussions about policy issues and he is happy his company is part of the effort to expand this. Visit to know more.

Highland Capital Management’s endowment is already being put to great use. An event coming up on May 9th is called “Engage at the Bush Center, Presented by Highland Capital Management – The Lazarus Effect, 15 Years Later”. The tickets to this event, which will be held at 6:30 pm, is priced at $40 each. This event will cover the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) that Bush had signed into law when serving as president.

PEPFAR is credited with helping 13.3 million people, many in Africa, who receive antiretroviral therapies which keep them alive. When writing about this program Bush wrote that it brought people back from the dead and made them healthy and productive people once again.

There were a number of panelists at this Highland Capital Management event. This included Dr. Agnes Binagwhao who is the Rwandan Minister of Health. Dr. Mark Dybul, an Ambassador, was also a panelist as well as other such as Dr. Paul Farmer of Partner in Health.


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