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Many people seem to look at investing the wrong way. They view the markets like they are a lottery office. That is why most investors should learn to be more of a long term value and wealth building. Having a commitment to the long term value of an investment is going to allow for the investment to pay off and allow for success. That is the philosophy of successful Brazilian wealthy investor Igor Cornelsen. He and others like him continually harpoon the perception that investing in stocks has anything even remotely to do with gambling. They are well thought out, long term investment opportunity.

In order to create profits that will last a lifetime investing is viewed as a career by Igor Cornelsen and that is why his investments are lasting him a lifetime. In order to create a lifetime flow of capital, you have to do your homework. Investments can be predicted by the use of intense research and understanding of industries, markets and economic opportunities that exist in the world. He sees the chance to gain returns of up to 500% on your original investment, when you dedicate yourself to the life time investment in wealth building.

Cornelsen teaches a first lessonĀ  on by giving new investors the idea to change their view of the stock market. No longer should it be viewed as a playground to turn a quick dollar. The instant wealth philosophy will lead to rash decisions and a loss of capital as high risk options are funded. The stock market is a place for patience and sound investments that will reward their investors with solid and significant financial returns in long term investments. Many investors think that to make a lot of money, you have to invest a large sum of money. Igor Cornelsen said on disqus he follows a different idea by investing in a small number of small investments.

With that thought in mind, it is easy to see another big mistake Cornelsen never makes and that is to over committing your financial support behind one stock in order to get a huge return on your investment. This limits your diversity and makes you vulnerable to the peaks and valleys that a market will naturally provide. Make many investments at a smaller level and your odds of building wealth are significantly increased. That is because in diversity there is a safety and ability to stay away from the lowest points that the market place is going to provide. Successful investors generally build a diverse portfolio and that is the method that Igor Cornelsen used to build his wealth.

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