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OSI Food Solutions began as a small family owned butcher shop in Chicago. When it opened in 1909 in Oak Park the founder Otto Kolschowsky had no idea where his company would eventually expand to. Otto had a dream; as a German immigrant he just wanted to own his own business and support his family. The neighborhood was very welcoming and his butcher shop thrived. He expanded to nearby Maywood and renamed his business Otto & Sons. His new family business began the next phase of expansion when he met Ray Kroc in 1955. Ray was the first franchise owner for McDonald’s and entered a verbal agreement with Otto. Otto & Sons was to supply all of the meat for McDonald’s hamburgers.According to OSI Food Solutions ,Over the years it expanded to West Chicago and Aurora.

The plant advanced with technological advancements in food storage solutions. Eventually OSI expanded into other parts of North America and Europe. Throughout the years OSI Food Solutions has acquired many companies in the European market to give them a better customer base. They specialize in production of sauces, dressings, mayonnaise, side dishes and chicken meals. Baho Food was one of the European acquisitions that gave them firm footing in the European market. These easy to prepare meals are a staple in many people’s homes across the business world. OSI Food Solutions saw a much needed expansion need in their Toledo Spain location.

This expansion was able to more than double the amount of quality chicken product at that particular plant.The expansion of the plant also meant there was an expansion in the employment opportunities at that facility. Both general and management positions were available.OSI Food believes in providing quality service and quality products for their customers. They also strive to achieve top notch work environments for all of their employees. Recently they won the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. This is a prestigious award to win and they continue to strive to meet those standards every day at all of their facilities.

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