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OSI Industries is celebrating 100 years of excellence in food packaging and handling and OSI has worked with the largest manufactures of food on the planet. The growth of OSI Industries kicked into high gear in 1975 when Otto Kolschowsky and his two sons (the company was then called Otto & Sons) when the company was rebranded to move into a new technological journey as OSI Industries. OSI has witnessed in the last decade to a new range of products owing to its branching into more foreign territories. China and Europe both have seen extensive extension by OSI Solutions. OSI Industries now has 8 processing plants in China: Shandong province (1), Heibei province (2), Henan province (2), Fujian province (2) and Hong Kong (1), with a total of 364K sq. ft of factory space. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group.

OSI Industries employs over 120,000 employees in 17 countries and 65 locations. OSI continues its expansion into India, UK, Germany, Japan, Poland, Taiwan and Ukraine. In each country, OSI has been able to forge itself with companies that find its partnerships of great value and long-lasting business relationships.

After opening facilities in Japan in 2010 OSI entered into Asia-Pacific territories where it opened facilities in Bangalore and Punjab in 2012. Presently OSI has 7 processing plants in India with a total of 7497 sq ft. of processing space.

OSI Influence

In 2011 OSI was listed by Forbes as 136th largest privately owned companies in the world with a net worth of $3 Billion. OSI was rooted in the German immigrant community of Chicago, Illinois when Otto Kolchovsky and his sons started and expanded his meat packing business among the German immigrants on Chicago. After a few years, thru Ray Kroc’s instrumental influence and business savvy the Kolchovsky family won the contract to be the sole provider of the McDonald’s hamburger chain. With McDonald’s and Ray Kroc on their side Otto & Sons expanded quickly.

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