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OSI Industries is growing and becoming more and more of an industry leader on a daily basis. One look at their earnings from last year shows their steady growth as they continue to align themselves with companies that help them excel in the food service industry. OSI Industries is finding new expansion opportunities both home and abroad that help them to not only be a leader, but to find new ways of innovating the food industry. These innovations are what OSI Industries is hoping will lead them into the future.

Their biggest and most bold move was that of expansion into the European market. It was a move that they felt was a gamble, but one that did in the end pay off in a big way for OSI Industries. This move into the European market was due in a large part to the acquisition of Flagship Europe. This was the move that they needed to position themselves in a market that they were already present. When the process was finished, the end result was a solid stand in the European market that helped them to be the bar for all other companies in European market.

Another factor in the OSI Industries success story is the fact that while they are a global company, they tend to keep things local. The way that this works is that they keep local management in order to make sure that OSI Industries caters to local taste to give the locals what they are really looking for. This has been a formula for success that OSI Industries has used over the years to help solidify their position in the food industry.

OSI Industries hopes that the future is as bright as their history has been. Given their overall business model, there is no reason to think that the future of OSI Industries will not be as good as they hope it will be.

All of these factors go into helping OSI industries to be the beacon in the food industry and the light that will continue to shine on new innovations and ways to deliver exactly the customer expects. They have a strong history of being able to tap into that vision and know what to give customers in hopes of bringing them in on a regular basis. OSI Industries is expected to grow even bigger in the 2018 year as they have a number of innovations and plans already in place.

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Brown Modeling Agency of Austin, Texas, has been on a tear in recent years. This company has produced some of the best talent that has helped put the modeling agency on the map. Brown Agency is actually a combination of Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South. This merger was the perfect idea, and it ended up being a huge success. On the other hand, Brown Agency represents both models and actors. This is also a full-services talent agency, which does business in a wide variety of field. The fields include print, runway, corporate events, industrial videos, television, commercial, catalogue, film, promotion and voiceover. This only scratches the surface of what the agency can reach.

Founder Justin Brown had a vision, and he has certainly turned that vision into a reality. Justin has been in the industry for many years. He was once a model himself who made around an estimated $100 an hour. Justin was a “fit model,” but not a fitness model. There’s a slight difference, but he would model the “rocker jean” types. Justin Brown is an entrepreneur in a sense. Instead of posing in front of the camera, he would eventually begin to work from behind the camera. Justin studied business management while in college, and business management has definitely helped him succeed. Development and placement was is area of expertise as he has trained many of the models. On the other hand, this agency has helped put the city of Austin, Texas, on the map. Its top models and actors have been publicly displayed for companies such as Toyota, Louis Vuitton, Landshark Beer, Dell, Dodge, Bing, Holiday-Inn, HBO, L’Oréal, TNT and numerous others. The agency is definitely on its way up.

Being so successful and gaining so much clout, Brown Agency has been able to network with others throughout industry. The agency has direct ties to the Los Angeles modeling scene. Its official website is loaded with informative material, photos and casting information. This agency is pro-active, and it’s always looking for new talent. In conclusion, Brown Modeling Agency has set the tone for what a modern day talent agency should be. Check out blog.brownagency.co


The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund was established by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin after an illegal arrest resulted in a settlement for $375 million.

Their arrest was the result of actions taken by Sherriff Joe Arpaio, involving both men being grabbed from their homes late in the evening. They were placed in jail due to a story they wrote for the Phoenix New Times. The unethical practices of the Sheriff were revealed, and the men were released.

They won their case, defended their first amendment rights, and established the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund. The truth about the injustice of their arrest became public knowledge, and they proved the validity of the first amendment. Migrant rights organizations all over Arizona receive funding from the Frontera Fund to protect the migrants from injustice, and fight for their rights. Groups who advocate for human, civil, and migrant rights, and freedom of speech are also supported by the fund. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

The Advocates for Human Rights

This organization fights for the freedom, justice, dignity, peace, equality, and human rights of individuals all over the world. Their goals include the promotion of immigration laws that are human, and just. Providing representation to individuals detained for immigration, and suffering from persecution.

Stopping the violence perpetrated against women throughout the world. Holding all authorities responsible for any violations involving human rights. Stopping the death penalty across the globe. Providing documentation for cases involving human rights violations, and abolishing practices that discriminate against any gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or refugee.

The Civil Rights Corps

This organization challenges injustices found within the American legal system. They help people who have been accused, and convicted of committing crimes, their communities, families, and individuals who have been incarcerated in the past.

Lacey and Larkin challenge the right of government officials, judges, organizers, and activists to place human beings in cages. They work towards the creation of a legal system promoting human freedom, and equality.

Lacey and Larkin aim to change the legal system with civil rights litigation, public education, and advocacy. They want to eliminate the brutality present in the criminal system in America.

They provide a human rights education to the community, and promote a world that is peaceful, and just. They maintain Nepal’s Community School so students can receive an education instead of becoming child labor. Without The Civil Rights Corps, these children would be unable to attend school.

Nathaniel Ru and his friends while still at the university had problems in finding a healthy place to eat that was also fun and easy. One of the perfect places they dreamed of was a 560 square foot tavern on M street.

After six good years, their dream turned into a reality when they established an eatery at the exact location they had dreamt of before. The eatery Sweetgreen is a 21-store farm and a table style restaurant.

The landlord of the premises where the Sweetgreen restaurant sits turned out to be the landlord of the apartment where Ru and his friends lived. At first, Ru and his friends tried to reach her and to sell their idea of renting the place, but she ignored them. Ru and his friends kept persisting and finally she agreed to meet them and bought their idea.

After going through the process of finding an architect and some business backers, a deal was finally sealed, and Sweetgreen was born. Sweet green today boasts of having stores in the Northeast’s major cities and their suburbs including Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington. Sweetgreen provides foods that are fresh and healthy with most of their products coming from local farmers and purveyors.

Sweetgreen is not just a place to buy food but is also a social, sexy, smart and local place which also serves great line of juices and throws a music festival every year. According to Dold, the head of digital marketing at Sweetgreen, people do not buy what you do but rather the way that you do it. Sweetgreen has five fundamental core values in which they live up to.

The first value is serving the customer and community because they have a stake in the company. The second value is the idea of sustainability where decisions should be long-term and everything done should last longer.

Another important value is the concept of keeping it real where everything should be authentic. Adding the sweet touch from the company’s name Sweetgreen was also part of the values and finally is to make an impact.

Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder and CEO of Sweetgreen. He attended Georgetown University McDonough School of Business where he graduated with a BS in Finance in the year 2007. Nathaniel and some of his friends from Georgetown University started Sweetgreen in 2007.

‘Sweetgreen is a fast-casual seasonal kitchen that focuses on sustainability and local sourcing. Sweetgreen has grown to more than 27 locations in six states in the US and is still expanding to the west coast.

Karl Heideck portrays the difference when it comes to the role and operation of a litigation attorney. People normally refer to civil cases when instead they should be discussing about civil litigation attorneys. You can find civil litigation attorneys in government and private institutions. There are specific departments in law firms for consultations. In case the law firms are large, they normally create departments that are specifically for litigation attorneys. Corporations that are big enough can also hire their attorneys who are also part of the staff employed by the company. Sometimes, these companies may have a team of attorneys with a leader who guides their actions.

According to Karl Heideck, when a case has been filled in a court, it is the responsibility of the attorney to find all the right information that would assist in the case. Information consists of all witnesses and evidence that would help in the court process. Karl Heideck says that it is during this phase that the attorney may request for a location change for convenience. The lawyers can therefore exchange the information to the court as per the requirements of the law. Attorneys are also allowed to call for help from the experts in case the process needs further understanding.

Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney who assists businesses in understanding the legal process. Before becoming a litigation attorney, he managed to hold various positions in the law practice. Karl Heideck has in the past worked with firms such as O’Brien Advocates and other private law institutions. It is through these positions that Karl acquired the necessary expertise and experience to handle various types of law. Since 2015, Karl Heideck has been a member at the Hire Council. He currently specializes in risk management and company compliance, particularly for the companies that are growing.

Karl Heideck studied at the Swarthmore College where he acquired his undergraduate degree in management. In 2009, he graduated from the Temple University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Law. Karl Heideck has been a legal practitioner for more than ten years and is based in Pennsylvania.

There are quite a few customers who come to Equities First every year, and they may acquire loans that will serve them with the proper amount of money. This article explains how Equities First offers loans to high-value clients and businesses who need infusions of cash that are not to be used for specific purposes. Anyone who is looking for a new loan product will find all they need when they are using this firm for each lending product.

#1: The Loans Are For Any Purpose

The loans may be requested by any client at any time, and each client will note how simple it is to obtain a loan that is not tied up in an explanation. The staff at the office will look into each loan application, and they will ensure there is nothing getting in the way of get loan. The loans may be funded at any time, and the clients may ask for whatever they need. The businesses that need loans will find an infusion of cash, and the clients who need extra money may borrow it today.

#2: The Loan Applications Are Simple

The loan applications taken at Equities First are done to ensure there is enough information about the client without causing too much pain. Clients may complete applications in moments, and they may have a talk with the staff about how their loan looks. The closing may occur not long after the loan application is completed, and they will have money coming in that is needed by the client.

#3: The Funding Occurs At Once

Anyone who is at the closing table with the staff will have their money come in quickly, and the transfer of money may happen quickly to ensure the client has what they need. There is no reason for them to wait, and they may plan to ensure their money is in the proper places at the proper times. Equities First ensures the client has what they need, and they do not slow down the process in any way.Someone who wishes to get a new loan from Equities First must ask for an application today, and they may speak to the office about how they will fund the newest loan. Each borrower has a high value that may be used to acquire each loan, and the loans may be used for any purpose the borrower has in mind.

Source of the article : https://geeksnews.co.uk/equities-first-holdings-remain-the-top-lender-of-stock-based-loans/

SahmAdrangi is the founder of Capital Management and has raised roughly $100 million in investments. The funds were for betting against just one stock. The new fund is called the Kerrisdale co-investment and represents the first of this kind. Money is often raised by hedge fund managers for a specific investment such as residentially mortgaged-back securities or recovering distressed energy companies. Although Kerrisdale is just a small New York company they are planning to use the funds to short the stock of a public company that has not been unveiled yet.

According to SahmAdrangi the capital they raised was a meaningful amount and they did so in a short time. He believes this means a chord was struck with the alternatives community. This was contained in an email written by SahmAdrangi to their investors. He additionally added they took a company with a worth of more than $10 billion and tried to teach their knowledge and insights of the company to everyone. Shane Wilson is one of the analysts with Kerrisdale and has joined SahmAdrangi on upcoming campaign. They are working on a website, video, and report to show others their thesis is viable.

According to an anonymous individual the unveiling of the target company is set for May. Since the information is not ready for public release the individual can’t be identified. Apparently, the fund plans to establish themselves with the unknown company by purchasing stock. There is approximately $500 under the management of Kerrisdale including the recently raised capital. Their history shows they have taken their case public and bet against companies. Their more recent dealings show they held an activist short position with the drug makers Globalstar, Zafgen, and Sage Therapeutics. The main hedge fund of Kerrisdale bets against and for company stocks. Their average annual return for the past five years has been approximately 28 percent. From 2016 through March of 2017 the fund is alleged to be down seven percent.

SahmAdrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital and remains the Chief Investment Officer for the business. His involvement with the firm encompasses all areas of development from when it was founded in 2009. SahmAdrangi attended Yale University where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. For more info about us: http://fortune.com/2016/04/21/sahm-adrangi-kerrisdale-short-sale/ click here.

SahmAdrangi has a reputation for short research activism. He originally established himself by shorting Chinese companies that were fraudulent. His career started at Deutsche Bank in leveraging financial investments. He worked as an analyst for Longacre Management which was a distressed debt hedge fund with a worth of several billion dollars.

As we all know, our four-legged friends often become a very important part of our families. Caring for them and seeing to their every need becomes a priority for us, and we want what is best for them, as we do for our children. Proper and adequate nutrition is one of the best things you can provide for your fur babies, and Beneful dog food by Nestle Purina Petcare is a great way to show them you care. Beneful, meaning “full of goodness”, is packed with tons of essential vitamins and minerals to help keep your pet healthy, and happy.

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Food services are some of the most valuable services in the world. Rather it’s for schools, businesses or grocery stores, many companies receive their food products from food services. One of the most successful food servers of today is OSI Group, and it has revolutionized the food industry with its services. OSI Group is one of the biggest privately held companies in the U.S. The company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, but it first opened up as a family meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, turned his dream into a reality in the early 1900s. By providing such great products and services, Kolschowsky expanded his business into Otto and Sons in 1928.

Otto and Sons provided some of the freshest meats and beef patties in the area. As of today, this company is known as OSI Group, and it specializes in custom value-added foods. It is also a premier global food supplier with more than 20,000 employees that span across 17 different countries. OSI Group is the epitome of the term custom foods. The options are nearly endless for what this company can do as it produces foods such as:

• Beef Patties
• Meatloaf
• Meat Balls
• Cooked Sausage Links
• Bacon Bits
• Roasted Pork
• Chicken Strips
• Chicken Nuggets
• Flat Bread
• Beans
• Pulled Pork
• And many more

This only scratches the surface of what the company can develop and with over 100 years in business, this company has the capability to create unique food products. Being a custom food creator, OSI Group can take your ideas and make them into a reality. The company doesn’t work for you, it works with you.

Food Safety is a top priority here. The company provides quality assurance and unsurpassed food safety thanks to their experts. Some of the most prominent food brands trust, and receive their food products from OSI Group. This includes KFC, McDonald’s, Subway, Papa John’s Pizza and Starbucks. The future looks bright for OSI Group and with continued growth, the company will continue to expand beyond its borders.

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Throughout the past year, people have had many issues with the things that they are able to do and with the opportunities that they previously had. It is something that has made things harder on different people and has made big issues with those who are trying to have the same rights that they did just as recent as a year ago, but it is nearly impossible for them to do that because of the way that the government is currently set up and because of the way that things are going for those who are minorities. It has made a big difference for different people and has been really detrimental for most.

Since Trump became president, there have been so many different issues. Now, immigrants have to go through a long and grueling process just to be considered for citizenship. That doesn’t even guarantee that they will get it so that can make things extremely difficult for them to try and get the best things possible in their lives. Read more: Michael Larcey | Twitter and Michael Larcey | Facebook

It is also something that will make it easier for the people who are in those situations and for the others who are working to make things work in the same situations.

Out of all of the things that he has done, changing immigration has been the worst and has been something that will not work for most people. Since Larkin and Lacey tried to make things better, they have been doing what they can and helping people out with all of the issues that they have.

It is something that would change and something that would make a big difference for others if they are able to make the organization even better in their own lives and for the lives of others.

The Frontera Fund was born out of a human rights case. Larkin and Lacey actually had to deal with their own human rights issue and that was something that was extremely detrimental to them. They tried their best to get through it and they were able to walk away with a settlement.

That is the money that they used to start the Frontera Fund and to begin helping even more people out with the issues that they were having. They knew that it would be a huge difference for people who previously had no help of their own to turn things around and make them better.

Before this happened, Larkin and Lacey knew that they would have to try and do things differently. They also knew that things would get better if they continued pushing toward success. They were journalists but they also knew that they would do so much more for people.

They tried their best to show others what would make a difference, but their journalism did not make a huge difference. They were grateful for the chance to start the Frontera Fund because it gave them the opportunity to actually help people in a way that was actionable and that they could use to make things better.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Jim Larkin