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Sometimes working for Traveling Vineyard feels like a vacation unto itself. I mean, who gets to get together with friends over wine and gets paid for the privilege? I’ll answer that question for you — wine guides from Traveling Vineyard, that’s who.

Sometimes it can be so fun that you don’t realize that you are working. This can actually become quite a problem because your job is to make commission off of wine sales. That is why I set aside a little bit of a workspace for myself. It’s just a little corner of my house where I can go to remind myself that I am working and not playing.

My Traveling Vineyard wine parties turn out all the better for it. I find that when I really planned every little detail of an upcoming party that it turns out a lot better. When I just wing it to have fun it can go off the rails a little bit. I sort of miss the mark of trying to sell all of my wines for a commission.

That’s why I have to have my own little corner where I can clear my head and get serious about my work. Of course, the seriousness of working for Traveling Vineyard is welcomed. It really feels like a family working for this company based in Ipswich, Massachusetts. And all of my friends really love it, too. Traveling Vineyard has working relationships and deals with winemakers all over the country. These winemakers send wine directly in order to get a reduction in price. This keeps all of the bottles that Traveling Vineyard and I sell under $25 apiece.

This is all not to say that I don’t have fun. Of course I have fun orchestrating wine parties and tastings for people because wine is one of my favorite things in the world. I really love the feeling of educating somebody on a new variety of wine and even giving them a little nibble of food that pairs well with it. And, of course, I love it when they order that wine through me or my website.

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Glassdoor reveals that Brian Torchin is a very successful chiropractor. He’s also the founder and president of HCRC Staffing. After graduating from the University of Delaware with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, Brian Torchin went on to earn a degree in chiropractic as well. He then went on to have a very successful career as a chiropractor.

Even today, patients continue to rave about the quality of care they receive at the capable hands of Torchin and his staff. This has helped his practice to grow by leaps and bounds each year as a growing number of satisfied patients spread the word about his chiropractic services.

But as Brian Torchin met and developed relationships with other healthcare professionals, he became aware of the problem they were having finding trained, competent healthcare staff. That led him to use his contacts in the healthcare industry to start HCRC Staffing. At HCRC Staffing they recruit staff, provides career counseling and maintain an extensive database of highly skilled, experienced medical professionals.

These people have the knowledge and experience to step in at a moment’s notice and perform even the most technical tasks in a medical facility. The high quality of the staff Torchin has placed in medical facilities throughout Philadelphia and elsewhere in Pennsylvania has helped HCRC Staffing to grow quickly.

As physicians and others in the healthcare industry continue to have problems finding quality individuals to fill their job openings, a growing number of them have turned to HCRC Staffing. The company is now a valuable resource in Philadelphia and nationwide for companies looking to hire experienced healthcare professionals.

The ability of HCRC Staffing to provide reliable, credentialed, professional staff at a moments notice has helped them to become one of the largest staffing agencies in the United States when it comes to providing workers for the healthcare industry.

HCRC Staffing provides doctors, nurses, medical technicians and all manner of support staff for hospitals, clinics and private medical facilities large and small. Clients say the medical workers provided by Brian Torchin and HCRC Staffing significantly improves the quality of care they provide at their medical facilities.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by CEO Bob Reina to establish the fact that they help businesses market themselves online. Talk Fusion is unique in that it markets person-to-person all while paying commissions immediately. Talk Fusion is user-friendly in addition. This company specializes in products such as video email, video newsletters, live meetings, video chat, and sign-up forms. The Talk Fusion opportunity offers extra money each week with results. Talk Fusion operates under the premise that online video helps make more sales due to a quick conversion time for all size companies. With Talk Fusion’s package, you do not need to incur costs of traveling. Talk Fusion is dedicated to helping businesses stand apart with marketing that encourages mutual participation. Talk Fusion takes a personal approach to marketing which demands face-to-face participation. They also offer thirty-day free trials of what they call the all-in-one Video Marketing Solution that does not require a credit card be used. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/talk-fusion

Their unique approach to network marketing is about following the same business system the company has implemented. Success is about establishing relationships with others. Talk Fusion offers a video-based auto-responder for email marketing. This year marks the 10th anniversary for the company, which was celebrated in Maui, Hawaii. Fusion has an app called Fusion On the Go in addition to everything else. Talk Fusion offers many packages to choose from ranging in price from $125 to the Pro pak at $1,499. Other packs include the Elite at $750 and the Executive at $250. Talk Fusion has won the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award and the Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award. Talk Fusion is about people talking to each other, having a conversation. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/TalkFusion/

Life Line Screening is a preventative healthcare screening that provides an accurate result aimed at detecting many different types of health issues. Their headquarters currently reside in Austin, Texas. Depending on your health issue and your location, healthcare advisors can help you locate the nearest office to suit your needs. Life Line screening is dedicated to providing services to the surrounding communities in efforts to prevent certain disease.

Early detection is the key to a healthy lifestyle, and they believe everyone should consider a screening in efforts to supplement and follow through with their plan of well-being. They are educated to believe that every case and each individual different health issues; therefore, different scans will need to be completed depending on their specialized scenario. They are committed to ensure that proper testing is completed depending upon each person’s health care risks, family history and personal preference.

Life Line Screening provides three different valuable tests that can detect certain healthcare issues that may arise or already have. Ultrasound screenings is one of the tests that they offer. Most ultrasounds are used to detect different aneurysms within the abdomen and the heart. They also look for several different types of artery diseases along with peripheral arterial disease. Their ultrasound unit will also look for certain risks of osteoporosis and test for bone density.

They also offer finger stick screenings that will detect heart disease and different types of diabetes. They will provide a complete lipid panel along with glucose screening, depending upon your health background and arising issues. They use highly advanced and top of the line machines that are used within major hospitals, insurance companies and other advanced medical offices. The finger-stick result is provided within 10 minutes of the procedure.

This makes it quick and easy to find a resolution to your healthcare needs. They also use an EKG instrument to detect atrial fibrillation which is also known as an irregular heartbeat. They use the EKG to look for signs of a possible stroke and other heart conditions. It’s a quick, non-invasive procedure that provides results in a very timely, accurate fashion.

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The role of community banking in changing the personal lives of local populations is profound and touching. From offering tailor made financial services and engaging deeply with the community they operate in, Community banks have become a popular financial Good Samaritan to a million of families.

The revolution in the banking sectors implies that community banks must also move with the emerging trends and technology to grow. Community banks, therefore, are also members of the banking association, like the Texas banking association, which congregate yearly to discuss and share perspectives on challenges as well as opportunities facing the financial sector.

On November 10 2016Mr. John Holt, the president, and CEO of Nexbank capital, Inc., a community bank operating in Dallas had the good opportunity of addressing the banking panelist whereby he touched on the issues of innovation in banking and the way they have reshaped competition in the banking sector. It was the Texas bankers association 5th annual conference, and it was held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The opportunity was called for owing to the community bank rising portfolio. As per March 31’st, the company assets had grown to a record 5.3 billion$, enabling the bank to offer competitive mortgage services, commercial banking solutions, and institution based financial loans services.

All this can be attributed to sound and competent leadership and executive management team as well as unwavering loyalty from Dallas residence. The current chairman James Dondero is a man of renowned executive banking experience and sums this up with a strong leadership personality as well as a commitment to a success oriented strategy in management.

Some of the leading mortgage services provided by Nexbank are jumbo mortgage as well as mortgage purchase and refinance services. They also have online banking service with a 24-hour response and support.

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund has shown everyone that the law profession is better in a world where everyone helps each other.

The Frontera Fund was created by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, who are best known as the creators of the company Phoenix New Times. They are also owners of the brand Village Voice Media network corporation. The duo created their fund to support civil rights, human rights, and migrants’ rights attorneys and help them grow as individual and independent firms.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were once victims of injustice from a man named Joe Arpaio, a Sheriff in a small county in the interior of the U.S.

Joe Arpaio imprisoned the duo in 2007 because of their involvement in an investigation regarding the past of the sheriff. Because of their leading participation and their keen understanding of the laws of the country and the guidelines of civil rights, Joe Arpaio saw no other choice than to arrest the two investigators in order to get away with his files.

Michael Lacey and his partner, however, used the settlement money from their detention to create the Frontera Fund, which would invest in dozens of firms that support the same goals of the duo. Civil Rights are guidelines that should defend all citizens, and the funding of the institution has made possible for many firms that develop themselves without having to lose their autonomy.

The settlement money of their arrest has reached a maximum peak of $3.75 million, which has already funded many lawyers and partners. The Frontera Fund is directly related to matters that support human rights and following them, as the institution believes that rooting for a just system is the next step for a better future of the nation.

This support can be seen in the example where Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin became part of a community who believes the DACA program is a big solution for some of the problems the United States’ facing right now, like the hoard of illegal immigrants from Mexico and other borders.

As Donald Trump wanted to close the DACA Program, many attorneys and experts like Lacey and Larkin have stated that there are better solutions than just shutting down the entire project. A slower and steady decrease of those who are able to benefit from the DACA program would be a better way to close the DACA program while also not hurting the families that are currently under the protection of the system.

The Frontera Fund is constantly updating their website with news regarding important legal issues like the closure of the DACA program and some of the statements and actions of Donald Trump. Any major even regarding civil and human rights in the United States is covered in their news section, and the Frontera Fund is constantly sharing their support for those who are fighting for justice and legality.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the co-founders of the fund, advise those who want to know more about the recent news regarding the political system to stay in touch with their website at http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/category/frontera-fund-news/

In this day and age, the struggle for human rights remains more important than ever. To expound further, the fight for human rights continues to remain a global risk. In spite of recent advances afforded to minority ethnic groups and women, certain groups of people have yet to receive their basic human rights and dignity.

To expound further, groups such as illegal immigrants and other minority groups in America continue to have their civility ignored. In particular, nations such as the United States hold a greater responsibility to ensure human rights than other nations. This remains attributed to America marketing itself as the land of opportunity and a land of immigrants. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Larcey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/ and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/

To expound further, the United States of America has modeled itself as a safe haven for humanity. However, numerous atrocities have occurred in the country since its conception. To name a few, these include the mass murders of the Native Americans for their land, slavery, racial segregation, etc. In recent times, the nation has witnessed an uptick in anti-immigration sentiments.

This remains noteworthy due to the nation itself being founded by immigrants. In particular, Latino immigrants have remained subjected to discrimination and disenfranchisement far greater than other immigrant groups.

To expound further, immigrant groups from Mexico have remained targeted by the police due to their heritage. To make matters worse, a sizable segment of the United States population believes that the nation should ban groups of people from entering the United States.

Not only does this violate the nation’s constitution, it also violates the opportunity to improve one’s standard of living. In spite of such hurdles, many Americans affirm their support for Americans who hail from different creeds, nationalities, and backgrounds. In particular, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin remain a perfect example. For those unaware, Michael and Jim remain deeply rooted in supporting equal rights for migrant works. For years, the team has fought vigorously to secure the rights of these people.

Moreover, both of these men founded organizations aimed at bringing justice to migrant workers and their fight for freedom. Unfortunately, everyone did not concur with their brilliant ideology. On numerous occasions, both men face the same injustices that they fight against on a daily basis. While in Arizona, both men remained unlawfully incarcerated by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

After being taken out of their homes in the middle of the night, both men got jailed for exposing the corrupt grand jury proceedings. Moreover, the grand jury proceedings demanded reporter’s notes that pertained to the Sheriff.

In addition, the grand jury proceedings requested the identity of citizens who read Lacey and Larkin’s stories online involving the lawman. This remained noteworthy due to both men basing their activism on their First Amendment right.

Fortunately, these men won the case when the case made its way to the United States Court of Appeals for the ninth circuit. To expound further, these men won $3.75 million dollars in their settlement. However, they ended up giving it to migrant rights organizations.

Todd Lubar as the president and of TDL Global Ventures and as well the senior vice president of Legendary Investment ensures that he offers efficient homes to the community. Apart from being a successful businessman he also is a well-known philanthropist who helps the needy. Real estate finances in the main sector where he specializes. Through his expertise in the real estate business was able to help those poor individuals who have no homes through constructing more low prices so they can be able to afford them. His education background is he got Bachelors in speech communication from Syracuse University.

According to GC Report, when he began at Crestar Mortgage organization as a loan originator he was able to explore and meet more prominent people who are able to make more creative techniques that will improve the real estate sector. The famous professional who he deals with includes insurance agents, financial organizers, and real estate agents. Todd Lubar also with Mortgage Banking proficiency was able to accomplish more in their lives. Check out Inspirery to know more.

Another organization that Todd Lubar made to be successful and attain approximately $100 million in terms of loan returns is named Legacy Financial Group the organization was able to enlarge their businesses to other parts of the world hence a lot of people attained their services. Todd Lubar establishment of his main organization is Legendary Properties LLC. It became prosperous because of the 200 deals that they completed hence enabling the company to improve both financially and offering services.

Todd Lubar as a reliable businessman and he are able to constantly provide better housing to the community and make them feels comfy. His accomplishment is part of the $20 million he made due to the successful contracts he had made. Single and Multifamily properties are some of the properties that First Magnus Financial Corporation supports and are very successful.

In order for the organization that Todd Lubar manages to be prosperous, he ensures that he provides better management so the clients can work more hard with his motivation. Legendary Financial LLC is one of the top mortgage corporations in the United States.


OSI Group is a food production company serving diverse retail brands across the world. They have continually expanded their horizons through acquisition of other brands. In a bid to broaden their appearance in Europe, OSI purchased Baho Food, a firm extending their presence to the Netherlands as well.

Baho Food prides in their manufacturing of Dutch foods, munchies deli meats. According to OSI Group’s C.O.O and president, Baho would substantially boost their input as they have five affiliates with dispensation plants in Germany and the Netherlands.

UK-based OSI Industries Scoop British Safety Council’s 2016 Globe of Credit

In 2016, 18 organizations featured in Globe of Honor and OSI was among them. The award is dedicated to organizations that exhibit excellence in ecological management. For a team to contest for the prize, they must remain consistent throughout the year. Usually, they reward genuine efforts and not things done for the sake of the award. Kelly Grimwood of OSI humbly received the award from the Chief Executive of British Safety Council, Mike Robinson. Kelly Grimwood is an inborn leader serving as Europe’s environmental manager. He urges that to achieve excellence, you must inspire those working under your authority. In fact, OSI had also scooped the awards in 2013 and 2015.

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Principles Under Which OSI Industries Operate

Exceptional performance holds OSI Industries at their top gear. Their core values are interesting and engaging. Usually, they seek external partnerships, something that helps in expansion of their presence. As well, they uphold integrity in all their dealings as they endeavor in exploration of innovative remedies.

Doing whatever deems best for the group also guides their operations, not disregarding valuing teamwork. They boast of their ability to create and maintain sustainable business relationships with individuals, societies and the world as a whole. If there is an organization that values their employees, OSI is such a company. An employee’s safety and wellness come first, which goes a long way in ensuring quality production by happy staff.

Visit osigroup.com for more information about the company.

Vinny Parascandola currently works for the AXA Advisors LLC in New York. He is a senior executive president in charge of sales, management development, recruitment, and retention among other roles for new and experienced professionals in the financial consulting industry.

Education Background

Parascandola graduated from Xaverian School in 1979 to attain his high school education qualification. He proceeded to Pace University in New York, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree graduating in 1983.

Career Background

Immediately after his university education, Parascandola held various temporary positions in New York that were unrelated to the financial sector. It was not until four years after graduation that he joined Prudential Life Assurance in 1987, marking the beginning of an active career spanning more than 25 years in the financial services sector. After two years as an agent, he was employed by MONY Life Insurance Company as a local and field manager. In 2004, he joined AXA Advisors at the New York Metro Branch as a co-president. He was subsequently promoted to become the president of The Advantage Group unit of AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company.

The main achievements in the financial sector and beyond

Parascandola has a highly successful career in the financial sector and has attained several awards that cement his position as a respected authority in the industry. His first award was with Prudential Life Insurance where he was named the National Rookie of the Year. While at AXA Advisors, he has received the GAMA Career Development and the Master Agency Awards. He is a former chairperson of the LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee and a member of the National LAMP Meeting.

The success of Parascandola has alleviated him to a high position to provide important advisory and insights relating to the industry. Consequently, he is a revered speaker on matters of the financial advisory sector as well as in the management industry in general. He has been a speaker at the GAMA National LAMP Meeting as well as at the LIMRA distribution conferences.